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  1. Nice. My next best time was another solo repair, but I waited for someone to come over and let them get a ride. Took about 2:30 because he had to run from halfway across the map. If I had just left by myself it would have been about the same ~1:30.
  2. So here we go again. It has been months since I started this thread and we await forthcoming news regarding a game balance patch from the developers. I suspect that we are all aware of the current state of affairs and eagerly hope in the next week Shifty will be providing some patch notes. I wrote my address to the Devs back in October in the wake of a patch that got the ball rolling towards where we find ourselves sitting now. What has happened since October has fundamentally altered the gaming landscape in F13. To our Devs, It appears that your established course of action has met with some "resistance". To quote from Murphy's Laws of Combat, "no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy." The enemy in this case, is a fundamental misstep regarding the nature of how the game mechanics interact with each other and the impact of those mechanics on the players. I'm not going to rehash my original assessment, but I will quote myself for brevity: Your inability to forecast outcomes to developmental changes based on the comprehensive understanding of a game you have designed and coded really needs to be addressed. These shortsighted stumbles are resulting in a more hostile player-base and undermining your goals as a business (product longevity and popularity). This is resulting in a lot of "friendly fire" from the community. From my days in the Army, I'll offer this summation of that: "friendly fire isn't." Any business can expect to deal with the occasional PR mishap or fight to save face when an unpredictable situation arises that reflects badly on them from a public standpoint. The problem with this situation is that it was predictable and rudimentary communication has left the dumpster fire to burn. I sincerely hope that this upcoming patch discussion addresses the community concerns and the new changes were made with a bit of forethought into how it will impact gameplay. If not, I suspect I'll have to make another post directing you to free downloadable classes on trends analysis and game theory. J/K ( well...a little bit). I'm not saying this to be mean, so please don't think of it that way, but I really am concerned that these analytical breakdowns are leading to bad decisions regarding design. Take it for what you will. TL;DR Your problems (game balance and community satisfaction) are correctable. Respectfully, ~Alk
  3. I’d like to take a moment to address the Devs directly. @Gertz@GunMedia_Ben@[IllFonic]Courier For those who are not aware, I have spent the better part of 20 years working in various fields in some form of analytical role or as a developer for training related materials for the military. I have spent, literally, days at a time doing trends analysis, statistical assessments, and developing courses of action based on changes made within a given “system”. I provide feedback, suggest changes, and develop workable changes to improve performance. I’m going keep this brief, but I’d like to suggest a couple things: 1. If you are working with a system that has a ton of consequential interplay between mechanics, don’t change too much at one time. Before you make any changes, assess what implication that change will bring. Figure out what other factors within the system will be affected and forecast the most likely outcomes. Make the change and observe. Keep the change modest. 2. Adjust that single change as needed until you get the desired result. (the extremes on both sides of the coin quit being the only voices that ring loudest) 3. Make the next change. I will say I generally don’t have much issue with this last patch in regards to the changes, though I’m still developing an opinion on the grab mechanics as they are now. There has been a lot of negative and positive feedback regarding the implementation of grab reach/area changes, traps changes, Jason’s melee hit detection, and posting icons on the map. The one mistake that I think you have made is that you are tweaking too many things in a single instance without finding that “sweet spot” with your players. It is much easier to do this kind of work when you are not beholden to pleasing a rabid fan base. For that, you have my sympathy, because it is a battle you cannot win…completely. I would suggest the changes you should focus on are those that were complained about most. I get that is why you tackled the grab reach debate. That is fine. You should have singled that mechanic out and fully sorted it before addressing anything else. Using the method of tossing enough stuff at a wall and finding out what will stick will end up costing you more time than just methodically fixing one key issue, then moving on to the next. As it is now, you are creating tons of different feedback trains, with each one focusing on a different change. Plus, there are a few other trains still rolling in regards to previous adjustments (or lack thereof). As you’ve told us before, you are a small team. Please be cautious about how many fires you light at once regarding game mechanics hot buttons. It creates a very fluid dynamic and a ripple effect in gameplay. More importantly, it makes it harder to figure out exactly what you NEED to fix when so many different factors are altered regarding gameplay. Just some food for thought. The new DLC’s are nice. Thank you. Keep up the hard work. TL;DR Don’t make too many changes to gameplay mechanics at one time. It makes it harder to sort out issues and fine tune functionality. You’ll also get less backlash from the players.
  4. Yeah, you do get those super human reactions often. Usually it is with them dropping fire crackers for me. You Shift-grab and then suddenly firecrackers are going off and break them out. You don't even hear the crackers light or see them get tossed. They also make the cops call in under 3 seconds often. Sometimes they heal from limping after sticking you with a pocket knife instantly. You don't hear them use a spray, but simply see them sprinting away when Jason recovers from the knife. Some tweaks are certainly needed, but I do enjoy the poor dim-witted bots for some mindless fun.
  5. I would have been nice. But it's been officially confirmed not to be happening by those behind Never Hike Alone. It's a real shame.
  6. I think we're the only two on this site who'd go with that sentiment.
  7. Sheldon “Shelly” Finkelstein– Counselor Overview The joker/prankster. Shelly is a direct translation from Friday the 13th Part 3, which includes the likeness and voice of the original actor, Larry Zerner. Shelly is famous for supplying Jason with his first hockey mask in the franchise. In-game he is a good middling counselor; and surprisingly he can make an excellent lone wolf for disorganized QP lobbies. Composure: 6 Luck: 1 Repair: 5 Speed: 4 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 8 Strength: 7 Pushing Advantages: Shelly’s greatest strengths are Stealth and Strength. Stealth is a marginally useful stat; most effective in the early stages of a match (the first 5-10 minutes). If you want Shelly to be impactful with this stat, you’ll have to push hard and early to maximize its usefulness. Surprisingly, Shelly has pretty impressive Strength making him well suited to de-masking Jason. Shelly also sports slightly better than average Composure which helps him keep his Fear down and Stamina regeneration up. His Composure, combined with high Strength, make him quite good at escaping Jason’s grab. I’d suggest playing him in some respects like Adam. If you have to tangle with Jason, do it in confined spaces. Make those context kills harder for Jason and do not provide him with the floor space for fancier kills. Under these circumstances, Shelly is quite proficient at getting out of a grab without a pocket knife. With a Repair stat of 5, Shelly can fix things acceptably and be useful as a back-up fixer in a pinch. He is what I’d call a middling counselor. He sits on the fringe of doing just about anything you need him to. Pairing off and working as a team with Adam, Kenny, and Fox (or even A.J.) can work wonders for pushing objectives hard. Mitigating Weaknesses: Shelly doesn’t have Luck. He has the stat equivalent of a shit-sandwich. He will not be good at hopping broken windows and many of the other little bumps Luck gives. A notable penalty will be the lack of durability with weapons. Shelly has good Strength, but expect weapons to break frequently. I’d suggest using the lead pipe or wrench instead of a bat if given the choice. You can perk them to be effective stunning tools, and get a bit more use out of them. Shelly also has Stamina and Speed on par for most fixers. This is not good news. You will have to manage your Stamina carefully with him. Stick to cabin hopping and avoid long lonely jogs across vast expanses of the maps. Shelly has the stats you’d expect if LaChappa skipped more classes and spent more time power lifting in the gym. Basic Strategy: 1. Manage your Stamina. Stick close to cabins most of the time. Assume your Stamina will fail you and be prepared for it - Get in a cabin or be ready to defend yourself. 2. Use your Stealth to back up better fixers. Shelly makes a pretty darn good bodyguard for quick encounters with Jason and won’t soil his shorts like Chad at the first Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma. Like Chad, make use of those ambush stun attacks on Jason to gain the Stamina bump you need to get away. Mind those broken windows; your Luck won't help you. 3. Shelly works well as a lone wolf fixer as well. He can be useful in QP lobbies that have little coordination. His decent Repair, good Composure, early match Stealth, and respectable Strength make him very balanced for objective completion and hit n’ run self-defense. 4. In coordinated lobbies with friends using mics, Shelly can be a royal pain in the rear. Shelly is actually quite scrappy and versatile. Use anything and everything at your disposal to keep him working objectives and protecting your allies. Watch that Stamina. It is his greatest weakness. 5. Don't get over-zealous in a fight with Jason. Hit him and move away. Remember, unlike Chad and Buggzy, you are not zippy nor aerodynamic. They can easily sprint away and open up distance quickly if a fight goes bad. You can't. Never hedge your bet on lengthy fight and a foot escape. Assume your weapon will break by thinking about using it. Be conservative with the swings you take and make them count. Top 10 Suggested Perk Choices (no particular order of significance): 1. Thick Skin 2. Adrenaline Rush 3. Restful 4. Medic 5. Marathon 6. Sucker Punch 7. Preparedness 8. Man at Arms 9. Escape Artist 10. Swift Attacker **This is by no means a definitive way to play Shelly, but it can get you started on an effective set-up and allow you to figure out your own playstyle. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck as always.
  8. Hey Campers, This is a thread that I have been meaning to do for some time but have not previously got around to it. Many times I have new players ask me for advice in game or I see new players lamenting that there isn't more information given in regards to tutorials and strategies. They get the generic, break windows, trap phone first, trap four-seater, don't play Part 7, et cetera but do not actually hear much in terms of specific strategies for specific situations. What I would like to do with this thread is pick a specific scenario or strategy about once, maybe twice, a week and discuss different approaches to dealing with it. Think of it as a playbook where we can share ideas and specific approaches we use for a given situation. This thread will not be on any one specific topic but something that evolves and changes weekly. CONTENTS LIST (quick links): Juking Ferrying Parts Dealing with Counselors in Cabins Avoiding Spawn Kills Defying the Meta LaChappa versus Deborah Comparison Keys Items - Lost and Found Countering Looping Escape - Risk versus Reward Avoiding Detection Sense Testing Playing Tommy Jarvis Prioritizing Counselor Kills Surviving the Night Advice Using Throwing Knives Jason's Grab / Shift-Grab Advice Maximizing XP Gain Jason - Aggressor versus Controller Counselor Stats Non-Metagame Trapping w/ Jason Stamina Management Perks Advice Doors Open or Closed Effective Counselor Communication Patch 10/25/2017 Mechanics Testing Videos Counselor Overview: A.J. Mason Counselor Overview: Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson Counselor Overview: Jenny Myers Counselor Overview: Fox Counselor Overview: Chad Kensington Counselor Overview: Tiffany Cox Counselor Overview: Adam Palomino Counselor Overview: Vanessa Jones Counselor Overview: Kenny Riedell Counselor Overview: Deborah Kim Counselor Overview: Eric "J.R." LaChappa Counselor Overview: Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein The Sense Basics You Need to Know Weapon Information from Bomber In Spite of Sense - Making Stealth Work Offline Bots - Training Suggestions for New Jasons FOR MORE HELP AND ADVICE: My Mixed Ideas and Feedback Kodiak's Help Thread The Punk Pirate's Guide (Weapons and Combat) This first week, I got my inspiration from @Tekdrudge. The topic was regarding shift-grab and if it was skill or luck. See topic here: WEEK 1 - The Juke (let us talk about the fine art of leaving Jason in the dust) Ok, some might say this is self-explanatory. Don't run in straight lines or git gud or some other such nonsense. New players, and some veterans, have issues with avoiding the aforementioned Shift-Grab. People can be pretty salty about it. There are things that will help offset the skill of the players who have mastered this technique. A. Bear in mind perspective/point of view. A Jason approaching from the rear has YOU as a foreground target. Moving in a linear direction away or perpendicular to Jason's perspective makes you an easier target. Counselors that are walking or jogging are easy pickings in these situations and running counselors are not much better off when moving perpendicular to Jason's perspective. Moving away is slightly better when sprinting because you *possibly* can open up enough distance when he comes out to Shift-Grab you - he might miss. Either way these are less desirable techniques in my opinion. B. Closing the distance of YOU as a foreground target is used by a lot of people. They are trying to throw off Jason's perspective and make him overshoot the target by doubling back on their own path. This can work against short-range Shifts, but it is still essentially moving in the same azimuth (from Jason's point of view) and simply closing the distance quickly. A good Jason can still easily snatch you. C. I recommend using a triangle pattern: You change your foreground presence by moving diagonally. This adjusts your range from Jason in the foreground and makes him consider more than one axis of movement (you are not just moving back and forth or left and right). Figure 1: Moving directly away. Probably the worst option. You are only adjusting your position in the same direction of movement as Jason is facing. Figure 2. Moving perpendicular to Jason. Bad (it gets worse the farther you are away because Jason has more time to steer the hit). A simple Shift approach, leading you like in a shooter game, and Jason has you. Figure 3. Better than 1 or 2 because you are closing the distance between Jason and reducing the time to react. Best used on extremely short Shift distances to throw off the Jason player. It is OK. DO NOT TRY AGAINST A LONG SHIFT. You're just making it easy for shift ninja Jason in my opinion. Figure 4. This is what I do. I change my position both in the foreground and laterally. I move primarily in diagonals and they are strung together in a quick series of adjustments. Don't run any one leg more than a second or so. After the end of two diagonal movements you make a break (horizontal seems best). I would recommend breaking back towards the original center-line for your axis of advance (complete the triangle). This will often throw off Jason's Shift approach and get you out of the grab swath. Remember you can also invert and/or reverse this tactic to make your counselor very unpredictable for a Shift-grabbing Jason. Additional Info: Juking on rough terrain benefits the counselor. Jason has a tendency to get hung up on rocks, trees, building corners, and just about anything else. As you are running/jogging be expecting the Shift and thinking about which way to initiate your juke to put the most obstacles between you and Jason while keeping up your erratic evasion.
  9. Preliminary footage of Dev Diary #2: Fan Question #1: "Hey, will we get...."
  10. What race are you?

    You are of European and Middle Eastern decent, specifically Turkish and Bulgarian. What you want to specifically single out as your preference is entirely up to you.😁 I'm of European decent and Native American decent, but most of my ethnic makeup is specifically German and Irish.
  11. What race are you?

    Middle East is just a regional generalization that includes countries like Turkey and Egypt (in Africa). Turkish is your ethnicity + Greek. Turks, Persians, Arabs, and Kurds are all Middle Eastern ethnic groups.
  12. Exactly. Even with say 5 sprays on the map, it become close to 10 due to Medic. If someone wants to add in Hypochondriac to start with one too it amplifies the problem even more. There is no reason to waste a pocket knife on a trap unless you need it to be a silent disarm. If you coordinate with the team using chat, a silent disarm isn't necessary either. Perks are at the root of the problem for healing, excessive item count is just a contributing factor. Further in the weeds, a lack of other meaningful item choices with interesting and useful application, means over-population of the same stuff is very likely to avoid people griping about not finding anything. The Devs have created a self-licking ice cream cone. Congrats.😱😜
  13. I got into one of those lobbies in QP the other day. Went through them like shit through a goose. Got back to the lobby and everyone left and the host quit out.😒
  14. True, but if a skilled fixer-main gets it, there is little Jason can do to stop them with the current item spawn count. My current escape record is 1:50 seconds by boat on Crystal Lake. Getting the cops on scene in under 5 minutes is pretty easy to do with the right perks. As you noted, the hardest thing is to get the fuse from a disorganized random.
  15. Shifty would be a good choice. If he does Xbox he should pop in to play with us sometime. I'm sure there would be plenty of folks that would help him.
  16. I do it with Eric and Mitch frequently. It is really about your goals. If I need to survive, I cut the time by getting the phone going quick and using epic MDaC. Killing 5 minutes with a fixer to escape by police is pretty easy. Killing 20 is much harder. If you want to go the whole 20 minutes and get a time out win, Vanessa and Buggzy are probably going to be a better choice.
  17. A Speculation

    Well here's to hoping things go your way. Your little pet project showed that the right amount of TLC and determination could show up big studio production. I'm rooting for you guys to get a chance to hit another home run.
  18. We now know Retro Jason is not a new Jason on the roadmap. Part V seems to be worked into the Paranoia game mode concept. Yet two Jasons show on the roadmap. Many are saying Jason X and Uber. For the sake of discussion let me pose another possibility regarding an upcoming map, counselor, and Jason.. What about the fan film "Never Hike Alone" Jason? He would go perfectly with the Abandoned Camp map that was proposed. The new trope could be the hiker/survivalist. Might some future plans draw from this source? There are posts on these forums from those involved with that fan film. Is it possible Gun/Illfonic will bring elements of that movie to life in the game? I would think getting permission to use the concepts in the official game would not be difficult. As a fan product, it had to be not-for-profit and those who made the film showed interest in the game. Just some musings I had driving to work. Thoughts/opinions?
  19. A Speculation

    You guys did a great job. No doubt there. So here's a slightly off topic question. Are you ever planning on drumming up another F13 one-off movie or a sequel to NHA? With a debut like that you know people are going to ask.
  20. If only 20 people are showing up to play, those servers will get shut down quick for hemorrhaging money. With player counts sitting down so low, it is also becoming very hard to justify dedicated servers. I'm not worried about player count right now, but it is something that we need to keep an eye on. It is getting to the point it is do or die for GUN/Illfonic. The next three months will decide the fate of the game.
  21. We know it's a fix they mentioned for the upcoming balance patch. Hopefully you all won't have to wait long to play again.
  22. A Speculation

    Don't worry. Jason is hiding from the other scary counselors too.
  23. A Speculation

    I'm thinking the closest we'll get to Roy/Pamela is Paranoia game mode. The colors they are using to hype Paranoia are consistent with Roy. In regular multiplayer, I think Roy and Pam are probably dead issues.
  24. If I had to list the top 10 ten things this game needs to fix balance issues, I'd probably suggest this to the Devs (no particular order of importance): 1. Fix the abusive perks. EDIT: Fix the damn perk system in general. No more lottery of useless crap. Let us buy (relevant and balanced perks), then level them up through gameplay and spending the CP that has little real use right now. 2. Reduce the number of spawned pocket knives to 3 (+1 if Tommy shows up). 3. Reduce the number of med sprays to 4 (+1 of Tommy shows up or you can take Hypochondriac to start with one). Combined with fixing abusive perks (medic I'm looking at you), it would go a long ways to helping. 4. Add more item types and vary what they can do in terms of in-game effect. We don't want an empty drawer simulator, but we also don't need a million items that essentially do the same thing. 5. Fix Jason's hit detection with melee. 6. Fix Jason's hit detection along the edges of the grab AoE and extend the reach slightly (maybe +1ft). Most of the issue seems to be hitbox related. 7. Fix the immunity bubble around windows. I don't care if they remove the prompt option to break or not, but fix the issue preventing Jason from getting in close and engaging effectively while the counselor is stuck in an animation. 8. Fix the chain stunning issue with Jason and him taking damage while stunned and unable to defend himself. 9. Fix Jason's combat stance or get rid of it. If Jason blocks, he should be able to counter swing against a counselor fighting him. 10. Fix the issue with Jason getting auto-stunned when raging through a door or wall if hit by a counselor. Rage is the most powerful ability. It shouldn't be blunted by making him super easy to stop in every doorway. You want him slowed down, you should have to set a damn bear trap. I'm fine with a counselor smacking Jason and stunning him after breaking down a door pre-Rage, assuming they pull off that ambush hit, but the specific Rage animation to break-in should be complete stun immunity. I didn't really bother with mentioning bugs/glitches, because they know and those things aren't necessarily balance related.
  25. A Speculation

    Here's the jist of my theory dying. LOL. I asked if the issue was with New Line Cinema why we won't get NHA Jason. Response below: Damnenchiladas was kind enough to give a little more detailed info to us forum dwellers. Thanks again for that BTW if you're reading this thread as well. I guess that means whatever that other unannounced Jason is on the roadmap, it has to be an in-house creation. No more speculation needed. This is probably it then. With Jason X not coming, only Uber, and Retro supposedly getting a re-work, we're probably left with a custom design and that is it. No more movie Jasons for the foreseeable future.