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  1. I'm not too picky. Give us some optional weapons and I would be stoked.
  2. I do a vocal rendition of "LaChappa F#$K Yeah!" as my personal theme music when I'm having a top notch match as the fat boy wonder. Ahem...for those who haven't watched Orgasmo.
  3. Not disliking a company or person does not make one a kiss-ass to that person or organization. I recognize flaws and point them out. I don't hate the people who made the mistakes. I simply expect them to be addressed in due time. Everyone has their opinions, some express them in more disdainful ways than others. It is how people choose to vent that seems to start more brush fires and create toxicity.
  4. Played one Jason match last night. It was Part 7. As soon as I got Shift I used it in Blair's Cove to try to catch up to a counselor running towards the bridge. The screen flashed black and when it came back on I was randomly in the lake. For the remainder of the match Shift did not work. I still managed to get 5/8 and three people dropped I don't know how well the match would have went if those three had stayed in. This was against a lot of good players, some from this forum, and not having Shift. Part 7 isn't as bad as he is made out to be. He is just not really good at any one thing. If you want to try HARD mode. Play 7 and don't use Shift...hell pick any walking Jason and don't use Shift. It sure places new emphasis on making smart use of Morph and Stalk.
  5. Pffft. Everyone knows LaChappa is god. Jason could pick anyone. He could...but he sees LaChappa. How it feels to play LaChappa. Stupid throwing knives... ...and how it feels when you get something repaired. Trying to escape to the cops on foot as LaChappa...or move to a new building...or pretty much anything that involves more than walking.
  6. What DialM said.
  7. I know a lot of people have been talking about how it would be nice to be able to swap weapons between Jasons. I don't now if this will ever happen again, but maybe it would be nice to have a batch of DLC weapons that could be used by any Jason. Kane would have a busy session making new kills for the weapons, but I think it would be a great long term goal. Here are some ideas for weapons. Pole Saw Sledge Hammer Kaiser Blade Meat Cleaver Brick Hammer
  8. You could only customize the mask from existing masks, bodies from existing males counselors (to include clothing re-skins) (though it may default glitch to LaChappa 50% of the time), the default weapon would be a frying pan, and the music would default to "Now You're a Man" by DVDA. I wish I could find a Pamela Tape.
  9. Hey as a quick FYI, I'll be going on night shift starting next Monday. Shift rotations where I work usually last about 45 days. I'll probably only be available for games during the week in the mornings before I have to head to work. On weekends I'll be up late and will be able to get games in quite a bit. On nights, I usually end up playing a lot with European friends because the times line up for us. Maybe I'll see @DamonD7 a bit more often. Just a quick heads up that I haven't vanished from lobbies on the weekdays.
  10. It still happens quite a bit. Something simple like drowning someone in a toilet often results in the toon ragdolling a foot in the air and landing on the floor in the bathroom when the kill animation completes. They probably should weight them a bit more like you suggested.
  11. @AldermachXI dropped in for a bit last night with a me and a couple of my rowdier regulars. Good times. It is reminiscent of having someone new come over and you're not sure how they'll react to your weird family. Lots of fun for me. Glad to have you drop in. P.S. @lHeartBreakerl I wasn't blowing you off last night bud, just had a full lobby and I was busy running like hell at time those invites came through. We'll get in some matches soon enough. Drop in anytime of the GT if you like.
  12. I rarely host in public matches, but I did the other day. Played a couple of rounds. I got killed second I think in the last one. Stayed the whole time until I got to the lobby and then notified everyone that I needed to get going because some friends were on and I was heading to a private lobby. I think they were in a state of shock that I allowed them to finish and then gave them warning I had to get going. A couple of them gave me the F13 equivalent of "take us with you!" I felt bad for I was leaving them in a rough neighborhood all alone. Public lobbies :::shudders:::
  13. Kill them first as a test of character.
  14. I'm on Mountain time, and typically play between 8:30pm and 10:30pm on weekdays if I am on day shift. When on night shift (starting next week) I play some in the mornings. I'm often on in the evenings on weekends. I'll be on later. We have a tight crew of players that are really good people. I'll send some invites if we have openings.
  15. Just call members Job Seekers.