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  1. If they aren't tunneling me I got about my business. If the are, I give them the grand tour de salt. Lots of evasion and encouragement. "I'm a bit you should have an easier time. Sorry, you missed that's the beer reflexes." 😆
  2. 12-8 (counting in reverse) This was the month and day of Gloria Charles death. It could be a reference to Fox. Info about her was leaked earlier after all. Maybe she was supposed to come with the VC (hence it's teaser showing the dot). Just a thought.
  3. That moment...when your fixer is confronted with a tornado happening in their trailer park (Vanessa approaches).
  4. You'd think that would clue them in...don't be annoying and you'll stay in more lobbies for games.
  5. we go again. :::mute:::
  6. He didn't say "opinion". What the hell are you talking about?
  7. I'll often jump scare them then finish them with a long, long, drawn out kill (like the slow choke/stomp). I give them every opportunity to rage quit and savor the salt if they stay. If they quit I win. If they stay I win. I don't worry about killing them all, but I do mess with those that think they are untouchable. I'll let let them get severely wounded and crawl into a window - then toss a knife and kill them inside their safe space. I'll place a trap in a unlikely location and herd them to it then hack them to death while they are raging about it. You can't inject humility and class into those that have neither trait, but you can pet them backwards by out-smarting and toying with them. If you're lucky they leave the lobby. If you're even more lucky, they stay and you can continue to salt the fields with their tears.
  8. I was dashboard twice since the patch. Not a lot considering the number of matches I played, but higher than before.
  9. Nothing to add. That about covers all of the bases methinks. 😃
  10. Mid-August it was stated a couple months (non-committal). It was stated again by a different Dev 1-2 months (again flex time frame). Illfonic hired an outside company to handle it. My guess is by the end of October. The last word was around two months ago. If they are on track, we should see them fairly soon.
  11. This the conundrum the Devs have created with the wonky slot machine perk system. I don't care about starting over...but plenty of folks do
  12. I would be totally fine with the abandoned camp. Retro being counted on the roadmap would suck, but I think it is a probable conclusion given what has been said. I do hope I'm wrong. Almost certainly.😄
  13. Smart and witty with just the right amount of sarcasm. I give it four middle fingers out of five...😄😁
  14. I wouldn't be surprised. F13 has more variation in terms of objectives and whatnot, but DbD has the customization aspect down. People love their bells and whistles. Something like what @AldermachXI suggested would probably go a long way towards stabilizing and growing the player base. I know I'd be fine if you took away my Perks and reset everything regarding them to initiate a new system. I don't actually need Perks to play effectively, which somebody else already noted, and I agree with. Most Perks are not significant enough, in regards to benefit, to be used; or their benefit is so small as to be negligible.