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  1. There is a comic about it. It's called friday the 13th bad lands. here's the link it doesn't the inventive kills you have suggested but it's still cool
  2. Let's go wheels! (Mark II)
  3. What Killer Klowns from Outer Space is the best!
  4. Oh I thought it was some sort of stream watching you play the game. But the other one sounds sort of cool, once I get to level 8 I'll make sure to check it out. Also what films have you showcased so far?
  5. Hopefully you revert back to movies, I don't really like watching people play games.
  6. This would be good for Pamela and her bow and arrow.
  7. Have you ever attended one of these?
  8. I took the discord survey and I just found out there are movies nights! but it say I need to be a level 8? How do I get to be a level 8 and what does it mean?
  9. Part 4
  10. I mass tweeted the indie go go page to a lot of people
  11. Looking for some more people to play with in a private match come release. Only criteria is to not be easily offended. Not saying I'm a memey asshole but just don't want any easily offended people. just looking for some cool fun peeps to add to my game group on steam.
  12. Like just playing as a 8-bit Jason going around slashing. Fun!
  13. sequel ideas

    I agree with you on this. At some point it won't become financially become viable to continue on this one game forever. If any huge and major changes/additions are made they should just put it in a another game. And it would be fun to talk about what we would want in a sequel.
  14. new character

    It seems like you and Heart-breaker are just completely ignoring it. Also not trying say Jason X is a sequel to Jason Vs. Freddy mainly because my belief in that Jason X is a alternate timeline where Tommy never killed Jason at the end of 4, but also partly because Jason X was just a fun time made by New Line to keep the franchise alive while they were working on Jason Vs. Freddy.
  15. new character

    It's made pretty obvious that Freddy resurrected Jason from hell to conduct his deeds. Have you watched it?