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  1. Yeah, still no email. They must not send it to everyone.
  2. Jason X unlock

    I'm seriously thinking he could and should be playable on the Grendel only. I think it is gonna be a new mode for him. I hope so anyway. He's gonna look goofy as hell on previous maps and getting the crap knocked out of him.
  3. F13 App Beta testing!

    I'd like to help, but I just don't have time. I also hate discord. I tried it and didn't like it. Best of luck to you. I'm sure you'll find some people from here to help.
  4. I still haven't gotten an email. Do you have to sign up for it or do they just send it to you?
  5. Disney's Next Big buy

    Yeah, there were certain Indies that had a real good rep for sending good guys up. D-lo brown and bull Buchanan came out of the hwa. On another note, between wrestling and being an auto mechanic, if you see me on here bitching about the game it is because of my background. In both aspects of my life, I didn't have time for BS. As a wrestler, you are taught to do things correctly and protect who you are working with or bad accidents happen. As an auto mechanic, you HAVE to fix it right the first time. If you dont, 1) you are keeping a paying customer out of their vehicle. 2) if you have to work on the same problem twice... you aren't getting paid for it. So, if I ever sound critical of this game it is because of my background. I'm a straight forward, do it right kind of guy.
  6. Disney's Next Big buy

    We had a contract with wcw so we were a developmental league for them. Yeah, most of the time when the road warriors did the doomsday device they didn't give you an option on how you were gonna land. They were always my favorite too. I liked all the guys in paint. I loved watching Sting and great muta go at it. I was always a wcw guy more anyway. We did have several guys that would do dark matches for wcw and Wwf, but they were veterans. They had been there forever.
  7. Disney's Next Big buy

    Me and another guy were a tag team. That's usually how they start you out so there isn't as much pressure on you. We were Southern Justice. Both of us sounded pretty southern. I was Jesse justice and he was Ray justice. Our finisher was the eyes of justice. It was a combo of a gut buster and stunner. Once we were further down the line and doing singles I was going to use a version of the scorpion death drop cause I was a huge Sting fan. But, we both left before then. Wcw was folding and it was still the land of the Giants. I wasn't a tall guy. I had good muscle mass, but am not tall. I'm only 5'11". He was about six foot or maybe six one. Talked to Kevin Nash once backstage at a show and it kinda put things into perspective for me.
  8. Disney's Next Big buy

    Hwa in Cincinnati. Heartland wrestling association. Shark boy (Dean roll) trained me. He was cool. I think the hwa closed down now though. They did end up getting a local spot on a TV channel there for a while.
  9. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    Children, behave. That's what they say when we're together. And watch how you play.
  10. Where is everybody from...

    That was supposed to say Tri- county mall, but autocorrect got me Anyway, I was there way back in 00 / 01. I was only 18 or 19 and too young to get into bars. I pretty much wrestled and worked. I didn't have a lot of free time, but I had to go downtown to get some utilities going. It was rough. Took a bus down there. Went through some rough areas and ran into some questionable characters.
  11. Where is everybody from...

    Parts of downtown Cincy are pretty rough. Had some hairy moments down there. I stayed in The Commons in.... Springdale I think it was? Right up the road from tried county mall. Reading road was near there as well.
  12. What if the Grendel isn't a new map, but the new game mode on the map? I can't really see any of the current mechanics or environmental kills working on the Grendel map. Illfonic isn't even the team working on the Grendel from what I've read. I'm wondering if this is gonna be the new game mode and not paranoia. I'm also curious to see from the VC ending if the Grendel is going to be first person as a counselor. The company that is doing the map has really only done first person games. Weapons will need to be changed. Door operation will change. The Grendel doors slid. I wonder if this is going to be an almost new game which makes me think it may be the game mode on the map. Uber Jason has to be nearly invincible. If he is able to be used on the other maps, he is going to be a tank. I can't really see him on anything other than the Grendel map. Thoughts?
  13. Where is everybody from...

    I used to run up to Dayton for shows when I was training at HWA in Cincinnati.
  14. You are more than welcome to add me if you'd like. I have a group or two that play regularly. I only play in private matches two days a week (Thursday and Friday) and then offline during the week after midnight. My psn is MadDogg_8121.
  15. Welcome to the forums. The only answer you will get is "soon". It's a known issue and it sucks. Unfortunately, we can't really even tell you to join private matches because the player base for private matches has dwindled. It's hard filling a lobby these days. You can check out Crystal Lake Employment Agency though. May have some luck there if a member is host.
  16. Stalk Mode Permanent?

    No you aren't. I usually turn the music off as a counselor. I've had a lot of "oh shit!!!" Jump scares from it. I've suggested getting rid of the music until the last two minutes or decrease the radius in which it kicks in by a significant amount. Hearing Jason from 3 cabins down is no fun. They also need to get rid of the counselor scream. It completely ruins stalk. It appears to be radius based instead of line of sight.
  17. Where is everybody from...

    Central Illinois
  18. What Are You Listening to?

    70s, 80s, and 90s rock mostly.
  19. Latest Purchases

    I just bought two Pop Vinyl Bob Ross pops for my collection. What can I say? Bob Ross is the man.
  20. Do you ever purge your friends list?

    I got rid of over 130 people that used to play this game but don't anymore or who never respond to invites. I need to get rid of more, but haven't yet.
  21. Exactly. I'm lvl 150 and probably have less than 200 matches as Jason just because I'd rather not deal with the bullshit. Especially in his current state. If I want bullshit, I'll just go to work. If I ever give a Jason a hard time as a counselor as far as evading, I give encouragement afterwards. I never tell anyone they suck or aren't any good, etc.
  22. You have to keep in mind that being Jason for some of us isn't easy. I'd much rather play against brain dead bots than go against the judgement of others in quick play or embarrass myself in private matches with extremely great counselors and feel like shit about not living up to the Jason expectations. I'm not afraid to admit that my skill level is mid range at best. I'm not a gamer, never have been a gamer, and will never be a gamer. I didn't play a shit load of games growing up. And when I did they were turn based RPGs (final fantasy) and Zelda. That's about it really. So, the bots are perfect, stress free Jason playing for some of us.
  23. I'll add what I currently like about the game. The bots. Fun as hell. The social aspect of private matches. That's it. The rest is a mess. Actually, to be honest, it is an underwhelming let down as far as game play goes. Not what I was hoping for. The multi player portion used to he fun, but it just isn't anymore.
  24. Idk what happened, why you were on "vacation", whether it was voluntary or involuntary, but I can say I do enjoy your posts. I get the feeling you are much like myself in that you are straight shooter and simply tell it like it is. I appreciate that. This will probably be locked because, well everything that isn't praise around here gets locked. So, I'll say thanks for this post and I agree with what you said.