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  1. Still nothing in the mail today.
  2. They will not touch private matches. Have fun.
  3. Nope. Doesn't sound like it. I'm considering giving mine to a friend so he can play.
  4. Nope, still has not arrived yet. I'm just gonna keep mine sealed since at some point digital owners are supposed to get some variation of bloody skins as well.
  5. No problem. Best of luck.
  6. It is because they will not discuss bans here. Best to wait for a response to email.
  7. My guess is the driver was able to open his door to get out and in to the shack and the passenger probably did the jump out a window on to the top of the car and hitched a ride to the shack as well. Then simply stepped off into the shack opening.
  8. Definitely BS. Only the devs know when they will be releasing new content. There is no special edition to my knowledge.
  9. It only takes him two to three hits to open a barricaded door, so if he was at the opposite end of a big cabin you won't hear it.
  10. Yeah, funny thing is that he was one of four that ganged up on me and beat my ass for a few. I tried hacking and slashing at them all but it was like the axe was going right through them. I managed to split them up and he then quits before I get the kill. Lame.
  11. Haha, exactly what I was thinking. Not sure why it is so hard for some to believe that most players in quick play aren't that good, but hey...whatever. I've openly admitted that I'm not that good at this game, but I happened to be just a bit better than the players I was with yesterday.
  12. They extended a day so tomorrow sometime I believe.
  13. Packanack by chance? If so, it is because sometimes Jason spawns in the shack but it is under the map. If he moves he falls off the map. Just have to morph without grabbing knives.