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  1. I get to play with you guys from time to time 😉 Always fun.
  2. Yeah, they were supposed to come out in stores as well. I know guys at my local gamestop were looking forward to getting them in. Seems like Gun may have missed an opportunity though. I think by the time the physical copies come out the game will not be that popular. Hope I'm wrong but we'll see. Of course, new content may help out as well.
  3. I plan on just keeping my physical copy sealed and added to my horror collection if it ever arrives. But, yeah....we didn't pay for two copies. As was stated, since Gun knew they couldn't fulfill orders they gave all of us who ordered physical copies the digital code. It was really cool of them but i would like my physical copy or a $20 refund to make up the difference. Digital was $40, physical was $60.
  4. Private match....yes. But those are good players i have met that play legit. Public lobby....yes and no. No, if there are douche bags in it or no one else is using one. In that case, it is every man for themselves and im grabbing a weapon to defend myself. Yes if the other players that are using them are cool.
  5. I have actually been wondering this myself. Paid $60 for it. Really cool they gave a digital copy, but I'd still like my physical copy.
  6. I'm sure i eventually will but for now i just turn off my mic, do quick plays, and make my main objective finding a good weapon. Kinda need it in public matches.
  7. Crystal lake.
  8. This is correct, however, my work hours have changed and none of my groups are on when i am these days.
  9. Second match this morning....jason helper. Couldnt get it recorded in time.
  10. Game is fun, no question. One example of an issue i seem to have is when using savini jason. When i shift, if i hit the L2 button to come out grabbing, i get sent to my ps4 home screen. Game is still running of course so all i have to do is click back into the game but it throws off my rythm. Only happens with savini. Before, i couldn't come out of shift grabbing. Now, it dashboards me but doesn't kick me from the match. It is strange. Still dont have the "I've seen every movie" or whatever trophy it is that you play as every jason even though i have played a full match with each of them at least twice. Same thing happened with the counselor trophy but it finally showed up.
  11. Not sure about snowballs, but a snow map would be awesome. Especially since that hasnt been done yet in the movies.
  12. I have never once been kicked other than disconnect or a mad host. If you are getting kicked, it is because: 1) you are being an instigator. Doing things to intentionally annoy or piss people off. 2) using glitches or exploits. No one wants to deal with that. 3) killing other counselors for no reason (in which case "working" with jason to inform him of what happened is what i feel to be acceptable. Most cases if I'm counselor i will just try to handle it myself. 4) not working well with the group. Not using a mic or not helping to complete objectives. Not a team player? No reason to keep you. I understand that this may not necessarily apply to quick play since most of the time it is every man/woman for themselves. There are some cool players but they are hard to find. 5) insert any other logical reason here... Ps: this is not intended for any particular member. Just general reasons. Sad we have to state that now to avoid any conflicts. Probably why the forum was closed off.
  13. They nerfed it. My 47% went to 19% but i still had it as of last night.
  14. Maybe they have our physical copies at the booth.... Early 3034.
  15. Same here. First two games i tried to play last night crashed.