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  1. Tried in a private last night. Doesn't appear to be so if they are just in a room with you. Appears to work if they are near a window.
  2. What did you guys do to thick skin? It is pointless to have it equipped now. The best perk in the game became the worst with no mention of it getting reduced. I'm not asking for much here. I just don't want to limp after ONE trap. Two is perfectly reasonable to me but not one. Finding a med spray isn't always the easiest and I have yet to roll the hypochondriac perk. Fix it please. And the stupid issue where if Jason grabs you you can no longer go through a window if you escape via knife or breaking the grasp. Prompt is there but it will not activate.
  3. Yeah, it is unfortunate. First time I've ever considered just stopping where I'm at and saying enough is enough.
  4. This team is clueless. I don't think they even play the game...
  5. Not to my knowledge. Sometimes it will do it at a complete standstill.
  6. Lol. To be fair, it is only because by the time I get home from work everyone is offline and I refuse to waste time in public matches. At least in the other one most public lobbies have been very pleasant.
  7. I'll be on tomorrow night around 8-9 pm Central Time if anyone is gonna play. It'll be my weekly session. Have to relearn the controls since I've been playing "the other horror survival game".
  8. We need more lachappas in private matches. He is the proverbial Private Pyle of F13. "You mean to tell me you can't do one f@#$ing pull up?". Lol. Poor lachappa.
  9. Yes, I agree. This community can be very critical (rightly so) of the game, but everyone is awesome to play with. Even if not all of our opinions are the same. I also had a similar death like that. It was the best death ever. I play LaChappa as well. Me and another player had the boat fixed and were standing on the dock debating on if Jason was in stalk in the water. We start the boat, travel about 5 feet and we hear...."hey, guys!". We drowned, but it was hilarious. We loved every second of it. Best death ever.
  10. I have completed the 113 potato through a window aka "exit stage right" badge. It's quite rewarding, yet sadly I continue to do it.
  11. Play as LaChappa, find a med spray, and potato through a window just to get it out of the way.
  12. No idea. I have mine set to counselor and still get Jason more than I want. The guys I play with are set to Jason mostly.
  13. I feel ya there. I've never liked first person either.