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  1. Personally, i think the game looks great, but I'm not hard to please. I'm a NES generation player. 😎👍
  2. Im probably the worst player on here but still having fun. Found a real awesome group of guys to play with.
  3. MadDogg_8121. I'm not very good at this game and prefer not to be Jason right now til i figure stuff out.
  4. My first impressions are: wow! I am really really terrible at this game. I hope i get time to play it more so i don't ruin anyone else's experience. So far, the forum members i have played with have been awesome! And some of them are really good already. I am not. I have limited time to play due to other responsibilities but i love the game. It was totally worth pre ordering. I just hope i can figure out a way to get better.
  5. Private matches work. Go through the gamer tag threads for your version and add people. So far everyone on this forum has been really awesome to play with considering how bad i am at this game. Best of luck.
  6. Only thing that really kinda sucks is game is sold as bundle only at this time for ps4. Game and theme. Theme not available yet individually. Would love to buy it.
  7. Almost got into two matches. Almost.
  8. Server issues. Mine currently has an update patch downloading.
  9. First match.....went as expected. Couldn't figure out the controls. Locked a few doors, found a walkie, climbed out of a window right to jason. Hahaha. I suck.
  10. No theme in store. Only with game bundle. Hope it will come out individually.
  11. I will just say this....I'm waiting to play on ps4, but when i do....if there were a trophy for worst player in the world, I'd win that. Still going to have fun though.
  12. That's awesome, dude. Way to be a good and helpful player. I will try to be the same way but i suck at games.
  13. It sounds like i won't be able to play til around at least 2 or 3pm today. But, i do have a question if anyone could help. I'll be on ps4. I got my codes sent but it isn't in the store yet due to release time. Question is. When i go to put in i do that on the game page or redeem codes section? Sorry, I'm pretty new to ps4. Thanks.
  14. MadDogg_8121. Same here. But also, there is a game tag thread. Just a heads up.