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  1. I only have two Jasons and I prefer Part 6. That spear is awesome and I found him easier to play than 3, weirdly. They did say your favorites will depend on your play style, maybe that is the case. Had a great time playing with some gaymers. Unlocked Deb and I love her so much. She can hold a place down against Jason.
  2. 200-400ish(so far) depending on the quality of the perk.
  3. Jason is much more difficult to control than I thought he would be. But I did get to punch off a person's head and that felt awesome.
  4. I have it on PS4. Watching Jenny run around at the moment. Escaped at the beginning of the match. Servers are fine, game performs well. Controls are difficult to get used to, but you learn after a match or two.
  5. It has been a great experience overall. Minor issues, which I went into in the NO WIRE HANGARS...OR NEGATIVITY thread...nothing worth repeating. I will say this: use mics, people! It's lonely in these woods!
  6. Haha. Joined a match and escaped since my last post. Good times. Forgot to mention the perks earlier, I like them a lot. Also really like selling them back. It is a great experience and thrill with Jason chasing after you. Game is good. In spite of the current issues everyone is having, the game is good. That is all we will remember in the end.
  7. I imagine so. Unfortunate at the moment though, since I am still talking to you waiting for it and not searching every drawer of a cabin.
  8. There are servers, but one person is the "host" like they are the leader of a party. It's weird and is causing matchmaking to take much longer than it should considering there ARE a good amount of people on, but you just sit in the lobby it creates waiting for people. So, you wait in matchmaking for the lobby, then an empty lobby for people. Too many steps just to kill or be killed.
  9. It didn't give me a lobby to set my counselor, just threw me into the game. Now it just put me in a lobby by myself as the host. Honestly not crazy about people being hosts in Quick Matches. Makes sense for Private Matches, but playing with randoms, the game should be your host.
  10. Hopefully. As well as clicking on Quick Match and being forced into a game without being able to change counselors cause you filled the final spot and it just starts. Couldn't switch from AJ or what Jason I may want to be. No one is using mics in this group at all. Probably gonna quit and find another.
  11. Well, I died as AJ right when the match started. Dying early and spectating (which I am doing now) is not great. No one to talk to. Just a sad and lonely ghost.
  12. Positive post! First hour impression. Love it! Steep learning curve for me, especially as Jason. Controls are floaty...again, especially with Jason. No hair dynamics on PS4 at the moment. That is all I will say since It is a lot different watching someone play it and playing it yourself. Edit- Overall, it is an extremely fun experience so far.
  13. How the heck did PS4 get it before XBox when we weren't supposed to play until 11am?
  14. Ps4

    Disconnected from first match, hahaha. Here we go. launch day!
  15. Ps4

    Game is live!!!