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  1. Well...we can't have new faces with the witch hunting since the forum is closed to registration now, can we?
  2. Agreed. I am gay. I do not speak for all of gaydom. But speaking as a member of the gaydom, I see not a single offensive thing about his name. It is a joke that has nothing bad to say about being gay or straight or truthfully anything doesn't reference any sexual act, your mind fills in the blanks. That is if it was just over his name and he did not indeed receive a prior warning. But even then, an IP ban? Really? We have other banned users running around the forums with accounts made after their bans...what would elicit that kind of ban?
  3. If this dumpster fire keeps going, it is gonna be preserved by the government for historical value.
  4. Rydog, I would recommend you no longer engage. Your posts have been logical. You did do a double post, which was unfortunate. But as your legal attorney, I would advise you to step away for your own benefit.
  5. Just like real life. Every time I break a glass, I make sure to step on it rather than over it. Anyone who can't understand that should go back to Minecraft.
  6. You're Next had issues getting distribution too. And yeah, that is weird. It is probably cause all the reboots don't give room for proper sequels.
  7. There has been the odd movie to sit on the shelf for a long time that was good. Trick 'r Treat is the only one I can think of off the top of my head.
  8. I only post to lie about my experiences. It is my personal mission to bring down this game one complaint at a time. Is it logical? No. Does it fit your narrative that every suggestion and criticism doesn't reflect your experience which is the actual truth of the game? Yes. Have you derailed multiple topics in less than 24 hours? Yup. On topic, I have seen this many times. Two notable examples was a woman that was hilarious being picked as Jason when she had it set as Counselor. She killed everyone, but was yelling after the match that she didn't want to be him, had her preference set, etc. I had not been Jason that night, nor had the person playing with me. Another was a kid, he was notable because of his accent and how he kept getting picked every other game as Jason even though he had his preference set as Counselor too. He said he sucked as Jason. He was correct. But they both stuck around. Given that we get kicked from the game if the host is dc'ed, quits, makes it difficult to tell why they left unless there were clear signs from the lobby or voice chat in the MOST PERFECT CUT SCENE EVER THAT I NEVER GOT SICK OF BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS COOL WHEN YOU'RE PART OF THE TEAM! (yes. I was yelling at the end...thanks for noticing)
  9. Brad Pitt- Cutting Class Trivia: He was almost cast as the lead of Elm Street 2. 😄
  10. I am indifferent. It definitely does not look like what they were describing when they kept trying to get some sort of positive response out of people. Looks like a normal newer Chainsaw movie. I dunno. I enjoyed 3D because of how bad it was. We will see...not in theaters though.
  11. Blah blah blah top priority, blah blah blah more robust servers, blah blah blah small team blah blah blah don't have the infrastructure blah blah blah appreciate your patience in joining us on this journey. Emotional reply over.
  12. Probably cause they have had more members of the band than Menudo. Every time a member quits, another Misfits product sells at Hot Topic.
  13. That Misfits song was also from a crappy EP of theirs when they got yet another singer and is universally regarded as garbage. Talk about a tarnished brand... But yeah, Alice would be fine. Or any of the other songs from,the movies. It is pretty doubtful the rights are expensive considering none of them ever made it anywhere. I got the rights for a band to legally record a cover from an obscure 80's band just by talking to them. But considering the cash cow that is this franchise and how successful everyone's careers were after, I am sure they can buy them with malt liquor.