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  1. I am hoping for spots on the maps where you look at the sky and it just says "Rain."
  2. Leatherface has been confirmed to be the next killer.
  3. They are exactly the same, hahaha. I am not a fan of his either way, but I am a fan of words. 😇 And yeah, I know. Then he doesn't remember what he wrote while wasted. Which led to the many questionable scenes in his stories. Back to DLC: laaaame.
  4. He hasn't exactly stopped working since he is still throwing out around two novels a year. As for this DLC: Ew. Gross. No. Make it stop. Edit- Why does a clothing DLC need two trailers?
  5. Has it been picked up in the 9 pages that Vanessa is wearing Yvonne's bathing suit from Elm Street Part 5?
  6. I don't know what everyone is going on about. They did offer a few surprises. First surprise. Bet you didn't think you would see the same video from earlier, did ya? SURPRISE! Second surprise. "You thought there would be something else? Nope. You had no idea how let down you would feel after this stream, which is our biggest surprise today!" I wasn't let down. Gun has consistently failed to deliver. Pax was no exception. I am also warming up to Illfonic and kinda want them to blink twice if they are being held against their will.
  7. I couldn't care less about this DLC. Not buying it. But they may as well make it even across the board. If someone wants Deb in a bikini instead of a one piece or LaChappa in a speedo, alrighty. Creepers are gonna creep regardless, doesn't affect the gameplay anymore than Tiffany's butt already does...may as well give options for every character. Edit- When I say "creepers," I am talking about the ones that follow you around in game going on about your character's body, not people who want whatever person in whatever garment.
  8. Which sexualized everyone equally.
  9. Hey, Gun. You figured out what you're doing yet? ......I'll come back later.
  10. It did it there times for me in the end. But at least you got it, I guess?
  11. I shut down the PS4 when I got the error and it started downloading after rebooting. Edit- Got the error 200mbs in, clicked on F13th, resumed downloading.
  12. Here's an idea. The person who came up with the dots should no longer be allowed to come up with stuff. Just a thought.
  13. The framerate drops on Higgins if you are in the hallway of the Tommy Jarvis radio cabin.