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  1. No problemo Lol. Yeah my friend ManOfSteel freaked out (he was the one I ended up grabbing) I wish I could've recorded the audio of the players too, soon as it started happening he was screaming and everyone else were freaking too screaming where did you go? I started laughing hysterically while he was saying wtf is happening, I said oh didn't I tell you about the new jetpack perk I rolled for Savini Jason???
  2. i only mentioned it as it was glitched on Xbox to begin with. I tried several times getting it and no one seemed to have posted anything to the effect of how to attain it.
  3. The boat has to be in motion, and you have to swim into its side and dump the occupants out.
  4. Well I'm sorry for the loss of time on you there.
  5. Lmfao that was one hell of a shot. I can't even be mad at that one.
  6. Yeah sorry, had to vote Savini Jason to tie for second with part 8. I cut my teeth on him, and even when the game has glitched on me and almost let counselors escape, I still managed to kill them all.
  7. There were at least 2 glitches they had not resolved as of yesterday. One I personally saw used. The dresser/bed glitch on Higgins Haven.
  8. I want whatever you've been smoking...
  9. I did see they said that some of the memory leaks were still needing ironed out. And that matchmaking was still having issues, I was wondering if any of the glitches had been patched though as I don't like them being used in public lobbies.
  10. Was just wondering if anyone had the patch notes for the latest update for Xbox One.
  11. Try level 60 on my primary account at 10 days 22 hours logged. 8 levels on my secondary account and 16 levels on my backup account.
  12. Oh that's just pure evil... I love it...