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  1. In Australia it's spring and I have an Insta but I'm not gonna give it out because I don't know anyone here. I went to a party and my friends were dressed as Vanessa,Jenny,AJ, and Deborah not counting the boys my boyfriend was Chad they both have blonde hair so yea and my friend he was Kenny and his boyfriend was Dwhite from dbd
  2. This year I did a Tiffany costume for Halloween it was hard to find all those and the shorts i took at lady that did tho but I would love this I could be Tiffany next year to but better
  3. Chad you should go and do an introduction
  4. It is broken but it's fun but I'm not you refund the game and btw you should contact the game creators
  5. Hello and welcome to the forums I'm Chole
  6. I'm not a huge fan that's so crap like the cops come but Jason is Tunnelling you and you play on the Jarvis map and on the other side of the cops so you can't get there make it 10/13 minutes and I'm fine
  7. Welcome to the forums I'm Chole
  8. No I don't but she's not how I play I like to annoy the shit out of Jason and get tunneled and the last thing you said is very strange
  9. I don't care if it's money or CP. I don't buy perks and I hope it's new clothes
  10. I changed a thing on your original post
  11. That why
  12. I had all the sims besides the first sims
  13. I loooove the idea I always wanted to make Tiffany have frawn blonde hair
  14. Ohhhhhh hell to the no I like knifes so do a lot of people
  15. Omg after your post I realised that @Tattooey icon is a hammer I thought it was a man playing golf
  16. I have it on the pc to but I thought why not get it on the ps4
  17. Everything you said there is not true!!! No actually Jenny does she cant run for shit if her life depended on it
  18. What he said What?!! help exclusives? Yes, not a fig like that! what is the meaning of shoving exclusives? that would all drooling dripping only and wrote "how to get" It's okay to add, without any exclusives! What I say in English think it helped well maybe I'm not sure tho now in Russian: я думаю, что это помогло, может быть, я уверен, что
  19. Very laggie and glitching
  20. Hello and welcome to the forums I'm Chole and you can meet some good people here sorry but I'm doing you job
  21. Here so other people can welcome you here is the link
  22. I hope this never comes in what about the balance of counsellors and Jason
  23. He job and you should make an introduction
  24. My boyfriend mains Chad and I main Tiffany he yells out watch babe or watch my pretty make the killer hate his life and he gives me his knifes
  25. Put the disc in