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  1. Moo

    You and your party
  2. Moo

    Welcome to the forums moo who's your favourite counsellor
  3. emotes

    Or maybe you use CP to buy them I wouldn't mind because I now have 62k of CP
  4. Welcome to the forums @Not Shelly I hope you find some good things on these forums and who is you favourite counsellor?
  5. Think he thought he was in the 60s or something
  6. The host of the lobby once closed the lobby because I'm a girl and that I'm shit at the game and these little kids were yelling at him
  7. I'm "kid" for being u younger then 18 ?
  8. If I actually shiped to males together I would do Chad and Adam
  9. Welcome to the forums @Shaild
  10. I do this most of the time that's only if I'm using a mic I will drop things and some people won't get the things I drop for them
  11. Nope it was added when the game came out (it wasn't in the beta)
  12. My light foot perk is a 30% or 20% with 0 negative