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  1. I live in Australia to and the post places are closed on Saturday and Sunday so there not gonna come to us on Saturday or Sunday but I'm pretty sure we will get the codes if your like me and bought the phiscal copy of the game
  2. No I'm pretty sure Deb or Tiffanys hair is the longest but I'm not sure Vanessa she has short hair but her hair is tied up
  3. countdown

    Guys where I live in Australia there is a week left YAY
  4. Who asks these kinda questions really there really weird
  5. PS4: Moe9999633 or moe9999633
  6. I preorder the game for a physical copy but there codes because they don't have enough copy's to give out but if they give a code how are we supposed to put in our PS4 or is the code gonna make the game free with code any way I hope you can buy counsellors cause I'm gonna buy Tiffany cause I'm gonna play her the whole time
  7. I had a idea for a counsellor for a while. I think there should be a counsellor who has asthma and but they have great stamina and great speed but there asthma when there stamina goes into the half point they start to get slower and when there stamina is very low they will be the same speed as A.J to make it hard for them to escape. His stats would probably be 5/10 composure. 4/10 for luck. 7/10 for speed. 9/10 for stamina. 10/10 for stealth. 5/10 for strength. i hope this kinda of counsellor we'll happen cause would make me happy cause I have asthma
  8. I don't think what you said is English
  9. countdown

  10. I miss role playing in the beta of this game I remember 1 of them it was all just weird and it with this random Jason and this chad what was happening in it was so much funny I fell of my chair from laughing
  11. Tiffany can run but A.J can't when spotted by Jason she's gonna have a hard time escaping
  12. I'm sorry to tell you but it's not ch ch ch ch ha ha ha ha it's ki Ki ki Ki Ma Ma Ma Ma
  13. Guys on wes's stream he showed all the outfits and even the DLC outfits and there just some recolours but the look really good tbh I love how they all look!
  14. Sorry if your a huge DBD fan but DBD is crap I had it on my computer but I deleted it
  15. Eww no I only bought the character clothing pack thing give Tiffany real clothing