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  1. This thing happened to me when Jason hit the car (I was driving) as soon as he hit the car I pressed X to get out and I couldn't run and I was the last person alive jason grabbed me and killed me it went into end of the match screen and it said I escaped and I 2k xp because double xp weekend
  2. Tiffany is was better then all of the counsellor 1: because she can find things but more stealthily 2: stamina(9) stealth(10) speed(6) repair(1 ) in my opinion she's one of the best counsellors sorry I just love playing Tiffany
  3. I think if your friends are in the lobby you or your friends can be Jason so no leading jason to you
  4. I think they would never put big foot in the game
  5. This one Jason got so pissed because I have thick skin in epic and he couldn't slash me so he grabbed me and I had a pocket knife and so he just left me to live and escaped yay
  6. I think if you have a pocket knife and your in the boat and Jason comes to pull you down you counsellor should use the pocket knife to stop Jason from pulling them in the water and Jason does get stunned but only for like 3 seconds Thoughts?
  7. I don't think this is a good idea because it takes me like 30 seconds to get out of a Jason's traps
  8. Welcome to the forums I hope you have wonderful time on here
  9. You wrote Xbone what is an Xbone
  10. Someone's a little moody
  11. I think you wrote Xbox wrong my sir
  12. Hello and welcome to the forums
  13. Hello and welcome to the forums and I will chew bubblegum with you
  14. Hello and welcome to the forums