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  1. I like both but I prefer f13 then DBD
  2. I have 10 and never got a duplicate
  3. Late welcome to the forums
  4. Thank you for the different gif
  5. She is
  6. Welcome to the forums
  7. You should of known
  8. Like the others are saying it is 500 posts then you can change it and yes I am the queen of Tiffanys
  9. I haven't got mine yet but on Friday the 13th I played with a bloody Jason part 7
  10. Welcome to the forums I did an introduction
  11. Best friend ever! i have a small story it's not a drunk story but it is something my friend came over to have a slumber party and when she came in my room she said "Girl I'm on my period" and my mic picked it up and every one heard her
  12. So yes I joined like 4 months ago and I'm doing my introduction
  13. Ok you know what I'll do one
  14. He is very young
  15. Welcome to the forums