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  1. Has there been any updates as to when this will be released?
  2. It should be reversed. Friendly fire in Private matches but disabled in quick play.
  3. Had a few more connection issues over the weekend. Between that and the host quitting, I really never got to play a full game. Very frustrating.
  4. Host quitting has got the change! Happened 5 times in a damn row. Cannot get a single full game in
  5. I wish jason had a stalk this good 🤣
  6. Agreed. I believe it is our duty to gang up and murder the hell out of them. I will continue to do so even in subsequent games until they rage quit. I'll take the -1k gladly.
  7. The only way I would be ok with Uber Jason is for there to be a standard, pre-uber jason from Jason X, and he transforms when his rage is kicked in. The mind manipulation crap from part 7 would also be terrible
  8. Sure am. BLSelph is the name
  9. I feel the same as many of you have already stated. Too many hosts leaving, too many people quitting the game right after they die or if they don't get jason, too many cheaters, and too little good perks for the rolls. I felt like I just wasted by 13k by rolling perks. But I did jump a few levels in a short time and I did enjoy the people I played with when we actually got to play a fair round. As for the cheaters, I want to bash their heads in. I feel that the devs need to implement a rule that once you get hit, you can then kill your attacker without repercussions. Don't start it but finish it. I also played a game with a dillweed who jumped in front of my car just to die and make me lose my xp. Need to get that worked out too.
  10. I keep getting paired with people working with jason and leading them to everyone else. One d-bag kept just saying yes master. If I could reach through this tv and choke him I would
  11. I vote for the gas station with the bunnies from part 3. We could get power ups from eating peanuts off the shelf and drinking orange juice! In all seriousness, I think an abandoned camp in the present time would be the best option. Like crystal lake that has been falling into disrepair since the 80s. No power in the place and you will have to actually turn on the power before calling anyone or finding a cell phone or something. Buildings are missing walls.
  12. Can we get a heads up, or does anyone else know from the various other social media pages, as to when the start time will be for the double CP and when we will get the 13K bonus?
  13. That dudes got a skill to strive for!