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  1. Wife is not a fan of the movies or video games period. To you lucky few, happy hunting. I will have to continue getting out relationship aggression other ways!
  2. Yeah worth a try
  3. To make up for missing 1Q 2017, reopen the clothing pack and Toms design!
  4. Good pick up on the name Damon! 501st have multiple interests
  5. Personal thought is that the lake itself/water plays a part in taking down Jason. I'm late to the party but makes sense to me considering the movies.
  6. I've been lurking around here for the past few weeks and finally decided to create an account. Like everyone here, I'm a huge fan of the series going back to the 80s as a kid. Had the NES game and never beat that one either so maybe I can make up for it now. I'm located in Florida and can't wait until the game is released!