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  1. If you could design your own Jason what would he look like?
  2. I'm thinkin Part 6 & Savini Jason
  3. I just saw there was already a thread about this😬 My bad
  4. I know there's threads talking about strengths and weaknesses of the various Jason's but, I'm interested in one stat in particular. What do you guys think is the deal with the whole HP thing?
  5. I know people are upset about missing the Savini skin, but does anyone who didn't get the counselor clothing packs feel like they missed out? Bc I got the skin & not the clothing pack & kinda regret it.
  6. Are there any themes for Xbox?
  7. We finally got a release date! & what are the thoughts on the improvements or things you guys don't like with the trailer?
  8. They did a full reveal of the skin on their Twitter page???? What do you guys think?????
  9. Just hoping we get the news soon???? How long after the announcement would we be able to play? I know they said 30 days but is it different now that they aren't doing physical copies right away & no preorders on PS4?
  10. Wasn't assuming, just asking opinions.
  11. Are all game releases on Tuesday's?
  12. I know there's already a thread on the release date. But, I figured since the last post was in March & that thread seemed like it was dead I'd start another. Do you guys think now that we're getting towards the end of April they'll make the release date timeline of early 2017 or will there be a delay? Just wondering what you guys think.
  13. Not only that but if there isn't a day one patch I was thinking the whole not being able to disable traps may be a common complaint.
  14. What do you guys think the biggest problems with the game will be on release or around release? Just out of curiousity. These forums keep me busy enough to wait for the game????