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  1. This should be a time of celebration, not hatered. We finally got a date after all this time and people complain? Because it's not in April? Think about it. It could've been a lot worse! But the Devs did their best. I hope people can just respect the hard work they put into this project.
  2. I'd rather see what all the content looks like in the first game first, then decide if it even should have a sequel.
  3. Jason players complaing that consulars are overpowered. And Consulars complaining that Jason can kill you too fast.
  4. Oh I'll be playing as Bugzy, but as a role of a defender. Not a runner.
  5. I'm either playing as the Jock-man or the Edgelord.
  6. The sweet sound of nothing.
  7. I can see myself playing as the jock and defending others.
  8. I wanna try the Jock out and be this safety net other people can go to if they need Jason off their tail.
  9. Alright. This is something I can live with. Thanks for listening to us!
  10. I'm really surprised people are defending this idea. Ok. Then how about you give surviors the ability to disarm the trap, But it requires a longer time to due so. (Brushing away the leaves) and requires you to sacrifice your current weapon. AND it would still make the snapping noise and alert Jason on the map. Leaving the survivor defenseless for Jason if he desides to show up. But at least this way the survivor gets a running start and a chance to live? It could punish Jason for putting it somewhere predictable because surviors can come up with a plan to lure Jason there while they're busy with something else or stun him and run. I think it's a decent idea to please both sides.
  11. I'm gonna be honest. I personally think the trap idea is dumb. I can already see them placing it by the phone and Car door/engine/gas-cap. And just wait until someone steps in it because they have too. Then he teleports in and kills them. Chasing off anyone else is around and depending on which Jason he is. Just use another trap there. Rinse and repeat for free kills. Now I know that not every single Jason is going to do this. But I know a good chunk of players will. People will exploit anything for easy points. I say Jason should just have the throwing knifes. Or have him be able to use the camper's Bear-Traps against them works just fine too. Just my personal thought.
  12. It's a curse that I'm forever burden with.
  13. Hello, Name's FancyBonnie if you didn't read the username. Feel free to call me Fancy. Would've join a long time ago but I never really got the chance till now. Can't wait to talk to all of you and have intellectual chatter! Unless I'm being a fifthy meme machine like I normally am.