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  1. There's no reason they couldn't have gotten at least one batch of preorders out by now. It's end of June and physical copies were supposed to launch with digital copies. Can't wait for the same "summer 2017!" stuff only for them to delay it again. I can't believe they have said literally nothing on this a month after the release.
  2. Not to be that person but where are the mods or admins? This thread has really gotten out of hand. The amount of personal attacks being waged on people who want Savini Jason to stay exclusive are getting really ridiculous and most of the insults are extremely childish and counterproductive.
  3. Thank you for confirming. Glad you guys are really living up to keeping it an exclusive.
  4. I feel you. I'm dreading being called a noob because I'll literally be level 1 by the time I play at this point. I have to wait a little while because I need to invest in a headset and ya'know PS4 isn't working as well right now. Hope there's not too much of a gap. Gotta agree. Though some of it's annoying like people resorting to the really really childish name calling. I remember coming on after to release to SO many threads I had to sift through. It was fun.
  5. Does it really? I thought you had to buy a headset and I'm being slow with investing in one. Now I'm gonna have to considering F13 is out.
  6. ....? Could you maybe elaborate? You can't say "Topic" unless you're stating it all in the topic title. Like "I want a refund" or "We should all get refunds" or something along those lines.
  7. Finally took a look and PS plus is waaaay cheaper than expected. I imagined $15-$40 every month. I can get a full year for $60! Definitely gonna make use of the trial first since I've never used it, but I'm definitely also going to cave and buy the full year.
  8. Yeaaaah if that's the case then I'll happily stick with the PS. I agree that the game selection has been way better and generally I prefer the PS. Thank you for the heads up! I'm gonna go through with getting a PS+ membership then. I didn't know you get free games as well so sounds better than just paying to play multiplayer online!
  9. So glad this got fixed. I don't have many friends who game and even less who are interested in this game, and the one friend I do have that is interested is in the UK. Glad I will finally be able to play with him!
  10. Self indulgent apologies are always the best. They're not gonna unban you lol. Bye dude.
  11. You need PS+ to play multiplayer on the F13 game. I miss the days when you didn't need a PS+ membership to play multiplayer online. I don't game enough to justify paying for it, and now I'm annoyed because I'm gonna have to cave and pay for it at least for a month or two to have fun in this game particularly. Does Xbox do this? Because I've been strictly Playstation since the PS2 but if Xbox doesn't do this required membership thing to play online multiplayer, I'd be willing to give it a shot.
  12. Yeaaaah I agree. It's one thing to say "hey this is the timeframe we have and we plan to get it out around X time and it'll be in stores by X time" but there's been pretty much absolute radio silence on the physical copies front since they announced they weren't coming on release day. Pretty weird.
  13. I have a lot of respect for you and Jpops because you two can be so impartial and honest instead of biased about the game even though you help run the forums. I agree with the rating you put out, and I'm sure it'll go up once issues are resolved.
  14. Wish I didn't run out of likes so I could like this! That's actually hilarious. I hope I run into a game you're in just so I can hear you do this lol.
  15. Sorry that it went that way. That's really crappy. I hope you either successfully get your refund somehow or the game starts working for you and that you'll no longer need a refund. Really crappy customer service, though.