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  1. No, no, and no... We don't owe them anything. They owe the backers and anyone else who preordered the actual game instead of promises they can't seem to follow through on. This is the second delay and maybe people wouldn't be smarting from it so much if they didn't pull the BS where they kept lying about it literally a couple of days PRIOR to the announcement of the delay. And if, ya'know, they could've announced this delay sooner than near the end of the month. The sending the keys idea the day of while Steam preorders will able to play at 12:00 am the day of onwards kind of doesn't help the case either. OH, and the lack of an apology and general terrible handling of the situation as a whole. I understand delays happen but I don't have any respect for lying about it after so many were mocking people who genuinely inquired about the release date for months and got the now completely inaccurate "Early 2017" timeframe which was a pretty vague and also large (four full months -- not counting the prior delay) timeframe. I'm at the point where I pretty much expect the release day to be a shitshow for all of the backers and basically anyone who didn't preorder on Steam. I can't wait for the large amount of topics that'll start on here and the chaos that will erupt on Twitter. Hope to god this game doesn't have glitches with how long they took to get this out.
  2. Gotta agree with all of this. It doesn't even seem logical to wait to send keys the day of because I personally would be livid if I didn't get my key (or got a faulty key) while everyone else who preordered on Steam is playing. I'm also considering the same thing as someone else said.. Asking for a refund and buying via Steam. They offered refunds when they failed to follow through with the physical console game copies anyway.
  3. Glad you, myself, and others still spoke out with our differing opinions. You called it from day one along with others and I completely agreed with you and still agree with you now. I love how silent it is from the main few who tried to shut you and everyone else down. Can't wait to see how this one is spun (like more reminders of how "transparent" the dev team is). Also.. kind of surprised they weren't at all apologetic for it? I don't expect any butt kissing but after the dev team along with their supporters constantly attacked and/or ignored anyone who was tired of waiting and tired of the vague release window, I think it would've been nice for them to eat a little crow and say "sorry we let you guys down again" yadda yadda and then BOOM release date. I think the slashing of early 2017 kind of came off wrong too considering they're not releasing in early 2017. They may as well have put mid 2017 now. Anyway, glad we got a release date but I'm still not exactly happy about this delay situation after the way things were handled prior to it. I would step away from the boards entirely but I enjoy bewareofbears commentary and differing opinions too much. Lol.
  4. I'm gonna say it. This was poor taste to announce the delay this late, and the fact it's delayed makes it even more hilarious that the countdown was shut down as to not confuse people and cause rumors but the countdown was spot on. This is a pretty big delay, I thought maybe a week or two tops. Not almost a month. I also think this is all funny because of the numerous comments calling people cry babies and that they're not gonna delay it... Guess the joke was on all of us! And to think a pretty large and vague release window (that was constantly shoved down everyone's throats) was guaranteed to save us from a delay. Also, with this delay, how are they not able to at least get some of the preordered PS4/Xbox copies out? It was going to be understandable if they did the surprise drop or actually made their 2nd or 3rd timeframe, but now they have a little over a month to produce some copies at the very least. I know they're not exactly backed by Rockstar Games or something, but just curious why everyone who preordered on the console has to wait if it's delayed anyway. Wonder if there'll be another countdown considering this is the 2nd or 3rd delay lol. Hope this time it's actually true and we get it!! Though I do have some of the same concerns about the game that bumbertyr has.
  5. Can't believe how close we're getting to the end of the month and still nothing. I'm leaning towards they want to do a surprise drop, because if they had a delay they should know by now it'd be in poor taste to wait until the very end of the window to announce it. Shoutout to everyone who's still here and holding out... Can't believe how long I've been on board with this game now lol. I have never, ever cared enough about a game to track all of its progress, but for some reason this game just continues to rope me in. Hoping for good news this week or by early next week
  6. You sound exactly like one of those people who needs to one up someone's misery/tragedy. There will always be people out there who have it worse than you so yes, it could be worse for you too. Now can we leave it since we get that empathy is not your forte? Also, get well soon JasonVoorhees13! Hope you recover ASAP and that you make it to see the release lol.
  7. What I don't get are these comments about "instant gratification" and "whining" when they literally set their own release dates. Nobody put a gun (no pun intended) to their head and said "THIS is when your release date is gonna be and that's that!!" Their early 2017 release was vague enough. They had (or I should say have since there's still a chance of a release I guess) four months to finish this with their vague release window. If we count the delay, they had even more than four months. It's not instant gratification it's called following through. We didn't hand pick this release window, Gun did. If they don't follow through, it's not people complaining because they're being ridiculous. It would be the second delay and another failed promise. So maybe let's see it from the actual perspective instead of gearing it towards "wah you're all whining" and maybe act like adults who can handle differing opinions? I know for some it may be unfathomable, but in the real world it happens ALL the time. I respect the people who can wait. Why can't the people who can wait respect those who would like for a company to follow through with the release window they set? It's really easy not to be condescending and rude, and it's even easier to just ignore the posts instead of constantly flaming other people. Just saying.
  8. I completely agree. Everyone can suck up to the devs all they want but this is unbelievable. It's about mid month now. There's absolutely no reason they couldn't have already come up with a projected release date. I would rather see them prove us wrong instead of delay it again after all the talk they did about "there isn't a delay!!! STOP THE COUNTDOWN don't feed into rumors and confuse people!!! early 2017 it's coming SOON ;)" How hard is it to answer whether this will be released in April or not and if there's a delay? Estimation is a thing, and I think they can safely guess whether they're gonna meet their second timeline or not. Now I'll wait for the inevitable "the devs don't owe you ANYTHING they're the most transparent dev team ever why are you complaining" or "stfu and quit whining" even though it's reasonable to wonder when a product someone has paid for will be completed and followed through with, especially when this game has already been delayed once. I'm very much looking forward to this but this release date thing has been handled really poorly.
  9. I've been following this thread since the beginning so let me say RIP to the count down (it was pretty hilarious and the random outrage over it was too) and I agree with the worries being posed. I already preordered my PS4 copy months ago but I truly wonder how much play you can get out of it before it becomes repetitive? I'm gonna play it big time no matter what, but I hope it doesn't get stale super quick. At the same time, I'm super hopeful and I'll just stay optimistic about possible issues with the game until the time comes. I hope the actual release is around the corner, especially since the email about giving codes for console users went out recently.