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  1. It's a window. It was never a confirmed date. And even if they "missed" it, there's big-people reasons why. Something I know you aren't equipped to handle with your eight year old understanding of life and stuff. That aside, count it down baby
  2. It's so cute how this addresses one part of the comment but completely ignores the other, LOL.
  3. OMG. I am a literal REH junkie. The game Age of Conan was my dark portal into MMO's (even tho I played LOTRO while I was waiting.....) Conan was one of my first crushes. Both literature-wise and theatrically. I know when the leather bound Complete Works of Conan came out, I ordered that shit and had it shipped from England since that is where it was originally produced (the book, not REH's tales). There is also a similar volume for the complete HPL tales. And if you have never experienced the HPL Societies take on them as 30's era radio plays, it is golden. Edit: Had to share the link for Dark Adventure Radio Theatre:
  4. Oh indeed. Glad to see a fellow Lovecraft fan. I made the wife accompany me on a unofficial Lovecraft tour of Providence. We ended it at his grave and then spent the night at the Lizzy Borden bed and breakfast right up the road in Fall River, Mass. Good times had by all. Actually have a little bottle of brick dust from the Borden residence, LOL.
  5. HP Lovecraft could have made that shit boss tho
  7. I think you may be on to something....we will have to switch it up. Cthulhu has risen and he is Jason!!!! If you mean that in a "I can get sex in an easy manner without trying way" I am totally game.
  8. Yeah, usually do. Just have a special insulting place in my heart for people I consider ass-hats. You, on the other hand, I respect and most often just agree to disagree with.
  9. MST3K is cool and absolutely add to. Streamers...well, not my cup of tea. I've never understood watching someone play a game when I could spend that time PLAYING the game. I know that digresses from the point of early copies for streamers, but that's really just a troll topic of "Let's see how I can try to angle getting an early copy".
  10. Well said. That's probably because you are a shit-stirring ass-hat in general. You remind me of the emo-girls who don't understand why there is so much drama surrounding them. Even though they create 99.9% of it.
  11. The devs don't owe anyone an apology. Quit crying like spoiled children, put on your big boy and girl pants, and be an adult.
  12. Hello and welcome zer0! Sounds like we share many common interests. It'll be fun getting to know you
  13. But I though the "Spray and Pray" method was infallible, LOL On the other hand, Jason ripping the unborn fetus from her womb would be a great kill, hehe
  14. LOL, both of you guys make excellent points. I can see the reasoning
  15. Oh, ok I can see that possibility. I was just thinking maybe they came up with a system to make it more organic i.e. he'll def go into rage mode at x point, but if he takes enough damage he'll go early. Either way, it will be definitely interesting to see what mechanic it is tied to.