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  1. Omg i love you devs <3 So awesome with dynamic hair!
  2. I agree the theme of Part 9 was not the best, but not extremly bad (i could live with this ingame music) Friday the 13th part 6 had some great soundtracks in my opinion, what theme do you prefer for part 6 ingame? (part 6 with tommy was my favorite) -------------------
  3. I didnt know that some of the counselors seems to be real persons. The backers who paid 10'000$ * Become a Camp Counselor in the game [Adults 18+ Only]. We will recreate you as an 80's style camp counselor and you will get to work with the Devs to select their class archetype and define your character stats. Does anyone knows what counselors are those counselor, i know that Adam Palomino is one of those backers (source: Is he the only one or is are there more real counselors?? I'm just asking for interest. Thank you!
  4. ?

    A guy in a guide about fear says that open windows would maby increases the Fear for a little bit, but i dont know if its true.
  5. Thank you guys! Well I'm excited to hear each jason music, time for the release^^
  6. Hey there, i have an question about the music when Jason is nearby, in the Tom Savini skin trailer everyone noticed that the music was very different compared to the beta. A guy on Youtube said that every Jason will have a different music. Do you believe thats it is true? I would love it!! (not just tom savini jason please ) In the beta i just heard the same soundrack when Jason showed up.
  7. So whats this now?^^ A new version of the face or a work in progress screenshot????
  8. I really hopes for a good tutorial too, one that explain the game mechanics like fear, what increase and decreases fear. Of coure some basic stuff would be great too.
  9. Hard to say, i likes Chad, Lachappa, AJ and Adam ... In DbD was Dwight my beloved Character now my other Dwight will be Chad or Lachappa <3
  10. I hope that you're right, thanks
  11. I have the same feeling, what is that?^^ Every time when i am excited for a new game and waiting for this one, all other games getting boring until i got the new one.
  12. Are you sure about this? I hope it would just light up if they have a high fear level, but thank you very much.
  13. Thank you all for the help guys! So you think that the building light up too when the counselors just make so much noises or you mean that he will see you cause of the blips in the house?? I really hope for a good ingame tutorial which one explain every game features and basics.
  14. Maby he didnt use his sense at the moment, but it was so easy to manage the sense.. you activate is one second - turn off, activate - turn off ... repeat So the cooldown is really senseless, because you can use it forever, if you just turn it on for one second to see his hiding place. The same problem when someone hides in a building, there is no way to escape his sense then, because he go out of it, use sense and knows that you are still is in the building