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  1. Here in my country buy the game on Steam is 50% cheaper, and you immediately put it in your library of games not taking the risk of a future delay or late sending of the keys, it seems rational to ask for a refund and buy via steam. After all, we haven't gained any special treatment in helping the developers, in my case my special treatment was to pay for a high price in the game and wait more than steam's preorders. *I could buy 2 copies of the game If I made a purchase by steam, ridiculous*
  2. This is a *** joke... okay... okay... I will not argue anymore, it does not seem to work, critical people will always be rotuled as "whiners" or "cry baby" I will just accept the things as they are, like all apple-polisher and alienated ppl.
  3. This can't be real, srsly? who said that streamers will get early acess?
  4. countdown

    good luck on that!
  5. The delay made me bought DBD, at least now i got something to play untill June, i mean May i didn't want to have bought it, but this will control my anxiety, i hope...
  6. the countdown for early 2017 is over guys... and i'll not do one for more 35 days, in matter of fact i'll try to forget about F13 during this month, bye! see u guys in a month
  7. old :r
  8. [MORE NEWS] Game approved in Australia, just now!
  9. I agreed with you, in extreme situations requires extreme measures
  10. they are still waiting for Aussies and German certs News from Wes in Discord (21/04/2017)
  11. Since the other topic is locked don't know for how long too, let me continue with the countdown about the end of early 2017...
  12. isn't the same thing, it's so much better when there's rules and requirements, but's ok
  13. Ben, what about a new area for Designers? Just to make, signatures and banners for the forum :t just saying i would love to be one of the designers
  14. this is the type of character that's missing in the game