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  1. This happened to me when the server crashed earlier today. No problems saving my Jason profile since.
  2. Neither one work for me, still.
  3. I actually had the sweater on earlier when voice chat was down. I stunned him and everything, didn't do any good - couldn't communicate with anyone.
  4. Just tried both Savini Jason and counselor clothing - nope.
  5. Ok, I appreciate the heads up and info!
  6. Just tried Savini Jason and counselor clothing on PS4, still not working.
  7. Cool, I was thinking this was on my end.
  8. Ok I see now, I thought this was just happening to me.
  9. I can't even connect now, says: "Database Login Failure"
  10. Nice! Yeah, I noticed that too. After about 4 matches, I think I will have the hang of it.
  11. I've died 4 times total so far. 2 as counselor, 2 as Tommy. Been: choked to death, burned in a fire place, head chopped off and body slammed to death. My first match as Jason, killed 2 / 6. Did the choke kill, and used the axe to kill a counselor - swung 3 times. Controls take some getting used to.
  12. Finding a match takes a while, once you're in - gameplay is pretty smooth. There have been a few glitches I've seen, one was a counselor getting stuck in a tall cabinet, half of his body was in, other half out. lol
  13. Ps4

    Oh ok, that makes sense then. Didn't check the store for it.
  14. Ps4

    I did too, but when I entered the code it said: "not correct or invalid".
  15. Ps4

    Awesome! I assumed it wouldn't be until tomorrow morning, glad it's happening now for us backers.