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  1. Welcome Ms. Horror, good to see another Michael Myers fan around here.
  2. Welcome to the board Rath!
  3. Memorial Day weekend, nice.
  4. April 30th is the 36th anniversary of Part II, it would be a cool coincidence if the announcement was made then. I'd rather it be before, obviously.
  5. I agree completely about a black / red color scheme, and I feel the same way. I've never been a fan of a white background on a forum.
  6. How much I use Savini Jason will depend on what is available day 1.
  7. With glasses .... Without glasses ....
  8. Awesome video, love the Savini design! So glad I pre-ordered this. Did anyone else notice that this Jason can throw weapons?? When the counselor girl is crouched down and you see Jason in the distance next to the cabin - he throws some type of knife toward her, but misses high.
  9. Thanks for the in depth breakdown, I appreciate it.
  10. Nice, thanks Wes!
  11. I don't have this one, mine is the 2004 collection: From Crystal Lake to Manhattan. It is still available on DVD, was never on Blu-ray. There are a ton of extras, it's a great set.
  12. Hello, and welcome Smartz!
  13. Hi Ryan, and welcome to the forum!