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  1. When can we expect to see part 4 Jason strengths and weaknesses? I have asked this question twice on the game's facebook page, and have been ignored.
  2. I'm level 101, been playing since launch and finally found my first Pamela tape. Playing as AJ, found it in a cabin at Flat Rock on the big Packanack map. It was around 12:30 AM Central. Tape #10
  3. You should send an email to Gun at this address: That is the best/easiest way to get your issue resolved.
  4. I don't see water speed as a weakness, he kills 2 counselors in the lake in the film. I think morph is a weakness. Running is definitely a strength. So, I would go: Strengths: Run, Shift or Destruction, Stalk Weaknesses: Morph, Stun Resist, Less Hit Points (like J9)
  5. Pig Splitter is a great choice, very cool!
  6. The only times I ever quit matches is when other players were team killing.
  7. I think so, personally. J3 and 4 are not carbon copies, as many have pointed out. You would know this if you have seen the movies. I always felt a hatchet would be J4's weapon.
  8. I was in a match maybe 2 hrs ago playing as J8. I had killed every counselor but 1, 3 players left after getting killed. The last remaining player was in a cabin, I shifted to the door and they left the match - ending it. I got 7/8. This is the first time I've had another player leave before I can even attempt to chase them. Half the lobby had left when the post-match scene played.
  9. Does Misc Audio include the swinging noise you hear when Jason breaks a window?
  10. I need the Cemetery fence kill and the swirlie.
  11. Yeah, been hearing this regularly. This first time I was jogging through the woods on Crystal Lake small and looked back to see if Jason was there.
  12. Between 1:30 AM and 5:30 AM Central time this morning I had hardly any issues.
  13. The reason people are pissed is because each patch update screws up something that worked good previously. I'm on PS4, and I've had matchmaking / party issues since the JULY 4th update. They didn't exist before. This last patch solved it, then Gun releases a hotfix or a follow up - and now, it is screwed up once again. I haven't bothered searching for matches since a day or two after launch, because I know I could bake a pie quicker than I can find a match.
  14. Awesome! I can't wait to see the completed map, the Jarvis house already looks amazing.
  15. I don't think the blue dot means anything except a new Jason coming soon.