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  1. Hope the "added content" part refers to a new map (or two) and a new LEGIT Jason.
  2. Man, we were so close on our 4th attempt. I'd rather do this than deal with a bunch of glitchers any day. I'm confident we will get this done, just a matter of time.
  3. Would have been nice if it began at 12:01 AM in a player's timezone, since this is already the 23rd.
  4. This was awesome, good work Brigadius!
  5. I like both options, unless I'm up against part 7 or 8 - then it's strictly phone or car.
  6. This happened to me when the server crashed earlier today. No problems saving my Jason profile since.
  7. Neither one work for me, still.
  8. I actually had the sweater on earlier when voice chat was down. I stunned him and everything, didn't do any good - couldn't communicate with anyone.
  9. Just tried both Savini Jason and counselor clothing - nope.
  10. Ok, I appreciate the heads up and info!
  11. Just tried Savini Jason and counselor clothing on PS4, still not working.
  12. Cool, I was thinking this was on my end.
  13. Ok I see now, I thought this was just happening to me.
  14. I can't even connect now, says: "Database Login Failure"
  15. Nice! Yeah, I noticed that too. After about 4 matches, I think I will have the hang of it.