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  1. Quick question 1. Will there be any counselor customization (appearance wise) with just the base game, or will you need to get the Clothing Pack to have access to any kind of customization. ----- Edit: I'm also very sorry if these questions already have been answered, but I did a bit of searching and haven't been able to find any specific topics on it.
  2. Don't forget that it's 3,2 gb but without the singleplayer (they're going to patch the singleplayer in)
  3. From Friday The 13th the game's twitter. When asked what the counselor clothing dlc was: "It was for custom clothing for counselors and was stand-alone"
  4. If we go back to my original question of this topic, then Splatterhouse answered: "1. Clothing customisation will be in the base game, I believe it'll be a colour palette change of existing clothes. " That was the answer to my question: "1. Will there be any counselor customization (appearance wise) with just the base game, or will you need to get the Clothing Pack to have access to any kind of customization."
  5. Let's not jump to any conclusions yet guys and girls. This doesn't really tell us too much, I think he means something completely different, and here's why: " " <-- we know the character model is naked, aka. the character model was modeled naked, not with clothes on as some might think. So that means that every piece of clothing is a separate piece of model etc. that is then put on the character, "tied to the character model/rig" which is also why sometimes in the beta you could see those black "glitches" where the clothes collided and cut through the characters, if the clothes was "modeled on" the model that would mean that you most likely wouldn't see that as there would be no collision So relax guys, he's just saying that clothing is tied to character model/rig, although you would need to show me the exact question before I start to worry, because as far as I was aware, clothing "patterns" aka. the reskins were unlock-able in the game, and not the "counselor clothing dlc"
  6. You're somewhat right, so the men's swimwear would continue to become smaller and smaller till it reached its peak in 1970's then it would slowly begin to become longer etc. It's important to note that a lot of people still wore the very very small pieces of swimwear in the 80's, while the majority slowly would take the fashion trend of a "bit" longer shorts, remember, these weren't even reaching half thigh down, though more and more would pick up the trend till it reached just above the knees in the 90's where it did stay through the 2000, and then would shrink back again to mid thigh in 2015 etc. But it's worth mentioning that while the "longer" shorts did become popular in the 90's the "speedos" so to say, didn't really die out like a lot of the earlier swimwear from say the 1920 and such. So the 80's where the first Friday the 13th Films are based is a really hard place for fashion since it's the first time the swimwear becomes longer, but it's still very short, we also see some swimwear in the movie But it really depends on where you are in the world (as fashion is very different from place to place.) Why would Samantha go out and swim in the middle of the nigh (Friday the 13th The Final Chapter) ;P But a lot of people like to swim a bit at night, it's not unheard of. Also JyusannichiKibou l don't think Deborah or AJ etc. would really need a swimsuit, as you don't need to give everyone swimsuits, Sara doesn't go skinny dipping with the others afterall,
  7. <--- The heels had to be at least 7 cm high.
  8. Running shoes also have a bit of heel. So running in heels isn't that much of a stretch, unless it's the really tall ones, but they weren't "that" popular in the 80's. Edit: And let's not forget, Tiffany isn't going to run a marathon here, at most I would call it a sprint, none of them are really running long distance. (and short distance is very possible in heels)
  9. Will some of the broken bits be "weapons" like a board that a counselor can pick up and try to dash Jason with? though I imagine that would be hard to do too, but as an incentive not to destroy every fence you come across as Jason just to "get them out of the way", then again, a board / weapon wouldn't necessarily be too strong either xP
  10. That would be really cool, but I fear that they'll probably need to buy the license, and I don't imagine that would be cheap :/
  11. I liked the idea that you could purchase 1 character at the start, with maybe a form of "point" system, that way you could get any of the characters and start playing as them. And then you would slowly unlock them as you go, kinda like in League of Legends I believe, where you start out with IP to unlock a champion or two and then work your way up there (probably not with the big difference in points for each character, but where each character costs the same) and then you can unlock them as you go. At least you'll start out playing a character you like, and there won't be the "characters you unlock later will be more op" feeling to it
  12. Okay Robert England, if you haven't read the forum rules, which I presume you haven't, I'll just show some important ones: General Rule of Thumb: Remember the golden rule; please treat others as you would wish to be treated by others within this community. We are all members here, we all wish to be treated nicely, and we all want to have a good time here. Trolling/Flaming/Bashing: Bashing, excessive trolling and general negativity is something this forum expressly wishes to leave out within this community, while we can understand general horsing around between members, we encourage the community to look out for one another. We enjoy and encourage joking, but we ask you keep it at a reasonable level. Please be mindful of what you say and how you treat others. General Disagreements: Debates are going to happen, people will disagree. We ask you keep it civil and remember that everyone has an opinion, everyone has their personal experiences and not all of us are the same. We encourage in-depth analysis, point/counter-point debates, but we stress that you refrain from entering the land of hate speech and flaming/trolling. Passing that line is when staff steps in. What we're saying is; be rational. ----------------------------------- Now there's also the rules for the general discussion forum: If it has to do with the game and Friday the 13th, post away! let's look at the first thing you contributed to this post/discussion: > Robert England Posted 05 April 2017 - 01:33 AM Triggered much That didn't sound very constructive or partaking of the debate/discussion Ikarikh and Bewareofbears had going, nor did it sound like it had anything to do with Ft13th, which is weird as the forum rules seem pretty clear on this subject when it comes to the use of the general discussion <-- discussion, not bashing. But let's move on: > Robert England Posted 05 April 2017 - 02:19 AM I was referring to ikarikh he does it on every post hes on he just gos off. Im saying Hes trigger because of his bs comments of girls being sexualized in every game sounds like a sjw to me. Its a video game get over it if they want them to be big butts on both guys/girls who cares. The first thing you do is bash Ikarikh by saying "he gos off" while giving no quotes or indication of where that's shown, so far Ikarikh haven't seen to be going off at all, on the contrary he seems much more civil than most people I've come across on the forums. I don't find his comments about girls being sexualized as bs, I find it quite true, and I agree with him, I would love to see guys being sexualized too like they are in the movies (friday the 13th) ofc. SJW, ah, a lovely term to throw at people, just like all the other terms that's good for insulting people. Also "it's a video game, get over it, if they want them to be big butts on both guys/girls who cares" I don't know if you know Robert England, but we're actually on a "general discussion" forum, and believe it or not, but we actually discuss stuff about the game. *surprise* > Robert England Posted 05 April 2017 - 11:08 PM I looked up some of youre post you do cry about it alot and he didnt say he was against it snowflake just it got fucked up fast. Once again triggered much P.s if that makes it personal then dont post somewhere everyone else can see dm it to him. And all games dont do that, you're train of thought is cancer to gaming culture youre a gamergate person huh? And going off doesnt have to be derected at someone just going off 1. I presume snowflake is a name you've thrown on Ikarikh. I would like to direct you to the forum rules about bashing, and I must say, I've found most if not all your comment so far very distasteful towards Ikarikh, common curtsy is a thing, and so far you've not shown that at all. 2. Going so far as calling people's thought "cancer" is a new low. If someone disagrees with you you just bash them and call them cancer? if you don't know how discussions work then I would suggest you don't post on the general discussion thread. > Robert England Posted Yesterday, 01:09 AM Lol ok you're entitled to youre point of view even if its wrong and ignorant. I cant argue with stupidity "It's hard winning an argument with a smart person, but it's damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person" You've done nothing but bashing, not giving any links or quotes to support your opinion, your opinion is "simply" right, only because it's the one you have, and therefore everyone else must be wrong. ------------------------------- I'm surprised no moderator/admin or even other people haven't gone in and stopped you, because plainly put the only thing you're contributing to this discussion is bashing and negativity, none of it which is constructive or related to the topic. You're entitled to your own opinion, but so too is everyone else (without being called cancer or ignorant/stupid.) if you can't do then, then I suggest you don't post at all.
  13. I'm mostly with SombodyFancy on this one Don't usually play a lot of male characters (mostly because they're always very muscular, so don't really relate) but they're nice to look at ;D While the girl characters just seem more my alley xD Though I would prefer Deborah, Jenny and AJ over the other 2 But I could see myself picking Tiffany. I'm not too keen on playing Vanessa, mostly because I'm a fashion slut when it comes to customization and clothing, so I'll always prefer more of the "prettier" clothing, but not necessarily the practical. ((So far I'm def' going for A.J.))
  14. I have the same concerns as a lot of other people when it comes to the traps and the "meta-game" of it all. I would love it if traps are more unpredictably placed than just "repetitively placed" in front of the car/phone etc. So I would make it so that if you have a weapon you can "attack" in the direction and hit the ground, kinda like AJ's attack animation was sometimes (I think some of the other counselors had the same attack animation) where they would swing the weapon vertical and it would hit the ground directly in-front of them. In the process destroying the trap and the weapon would be stuck or destroyed. This would make it so people would need to spot it first, so if Jason is placing it very obvious places like in front of the car/phone etc. It would be very easy to "disable" them. But also making it so you would need to attack and not click on a button coming up, so we don't see people creep around and the moment they see the ability to press a button (because a trap is nearby) they can disable it, but they'll actually need to know where it is and hit it with that weapon.
  15. Oh my god yes please! xD "Throwing that out there." Both in a metaphorical and physical sense hur hur
  16. The goal hopefully involves us being fashionable campers ;> since it is a "clothing pack" after all. I'm just hopeing for some skirts for the girls, then I'll be a happy counselor
  17. so in the 1980's men actually wore speedos and such, as the "thongs, g-string etc. was introduced into 'fashion'" so to speak. It wasn't up until the 1990's that men began wearing swim trunks and boardshorts. (and most of the Friday the 13th movies are in the 1980's ) Though it should be noted that some in throughout the 80's chose to opt for preppier styles that were longer and resembled the silhouette of boxer shorts, but speedos was very much still the "go to" swimwear for men :9
  18. I mean, I'll def' not complain ;9 Clothes on guys in general is overrated. hur hur.
  19. I often think it does the complete opposite if a person is "equipped" with running shoes and "practical" clothes it kinda throws me off. So what was the fashion in the 80's? (it changed a bit in the later films, obviously, but we start out in the 80's) Big hits were: Mini skirts, preferably Denim, and the shorter the better. Sometimes with leggings under, or some nice heels with some socks in ;P Then there were the leg warmers, the big (huge) earings, the over sized tops (which were also really really popular, preferably if you could slide it off one shoulder like Tiffany has it ;P) and the "units" One-size-fits-all, we see people like Trish wear one in the final chapter: We also had the introduction to the crop tops and such :9 (in the 80's) So you can bet I would be wearing one of those mini skirts or Units with heels on ;> Especially in the company of other councilors. #ImportantToStayFashionable
  20. I think the costumization you can get without the Clothing Pack is recolours of the clothes already on the councilors. at least that's how I understood it.
  21. This is Friday the 13th, I don't know anyone who keeps their clothes on when skinny dipping ;D
  22. It isn't really, there was a video of a man's first time running in heel, where he needed to beat his girlfriend (because she was complaining) and he beat her in the sprint (he had never worn heels before), though in the long power walk they did, he destroyed the heel (because it was thin) and he walked the wrong way in them (heel-strike first). It's not really that hard to walk in heels, stilettos can be a bit tricky, especially when get get above 6 inches since they'll then change the whole gravity center, but if they're like 4 inches or under or around there they're actually healthy for your stance etc. Remember all running shoes today have a bit of heel (though it's a very small one, like 1 inch or under, but a lot of "running shoes" have heels. It's great for the posture and healthy just not when they get too tall.) Also sorry for all the grammatical mistakes.
  23. A.J cause I like her skirt or Deborah because I like her shoes. #ApperanceIsEverything.
  24. <-- the heels chris wears ;P or let's not forget Pam who ran very very far in those heels Edit: Or and the lovely I mean it's not like they're wearing stilettos, more like 3 inches if you ask me. And as long as you run midfoot or forefoot first (instead of heel-strike) then you should be just fine. And I'll leave you with this video, the heels had to be 7 cm high by the way.