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  1. Other players and myself are facing login issues? We can't connect?
  2. the title says it all!
  3. So any word on the DLC keys? On our receipt for Backers, it said that we would get the keys separately near the launch. WIll it happen today before the game releases officially?
  4. (Sorry to be offtopic) but can someone link me the discord
  5. So after playing For Honor a lot, it got me thinking. In executions during For Honor, you will not actually be executed until the weapon actually strikes. However, you are left in a revive state. I think this would be interesting to implement in the game. For example, if you see a counselor getting executed; Let's say Chad was thrown on to the ground while Jasons right about to strike onto him. If Brandon hits him with a weapon or shoots, then Jason would be stunned. This means that Chad hasnt actually been killed yet, only tossed on the ground. Chad is left in a revive state, where he has 60 seconds until he dies (out of fear? not sure). Basically what I'm saying is, if you stun Jason right before he kills someone, maybe give the counselor being killed an extra chance to live by being revived. What are your thoughts?
  6. I think this would be a great idea to implement. Just wondering though, would we be roaming around in first person? Or third person as a counselor?
  7. Sorry, but these are just my thoughts. I think the bright light would be very obnoxious after your death. After all, it's not needed to transition towards another scene or anything in the game. Plus, when I'm playing at midnight and it's pitch black in my room, I'd prefer not to be blinded by a random white light.
  8. Thanks a lot! Looks good )
  9. Could I have a Tiffany Cox signature?
  10. They could always add it onto a new patch after release. It's not necessarily needed right at launch.
  11. I would like to also see the thoughts the Devs have!
  12. Hello fellow Campers, Something I think that would improve the game (if not already implemented) are different injured animations and models. For example, when you get injured in the last state, you start walking slowly with your hand over your shoulder. I believe that it'd make the game a lot more enjoyable if there were different stances. So if you were to step on a bear trap, you would be limping. If you were to be shot but still somehow survived, hold your stomach with one arm. These are just a few of my thoughts that would make the game more cinematic! Leave your comments with your thoughts on this. ~Sebcon P.S. sorry if this is a repeated post, I didn't find anything like this.