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  1. This will cause a lot of match quits when people don't get their favorite counselors
  2. I think it is Higgins map.... top right exit... It's really a little tricky.
  3. Aaahh. There is a map (I cannot remember which one) that the "main" road on one of the 2 sides seems blocked, but the exit is just on the left. ... there are always two exits on each map.
  4. all maps has two exits
  5. I don't want to get into the merits of the question if tips for newbies and advanced players should be on the same topic or not, because differentiating them is a difficult task. However, I would like to make you all think of: - Why a tip for advanced players can not serve to beginners? And remember something else, even quoted by some of you: - Tips, are just tips. They will not always suit your style of play, whether basic or advanced. For example: Leaving an open door may seem like an experienced player's thing. But at some point in the game it will be better to actually block it. There is no final rule about this and other various action in the game. other example: Any advanced player knows that a Part 2 Jason has weak on destruction... so... See the change of the value of barricaded doors? On the other hand .... Who said that a newbie is bound to keep the doors barricaded? It is obvious that there are times when a smart novice knows from the very starting matches that it is necessary to leave it open in a certain situation. Care must be taken to not underestimate or disparage beginners ... nor to overvalue the advanced players. One learns from the other ... and every day this is confirmed surprisingly sometimes. Cheers
  6. Be very careful about one thing, when the car is moving backwards: You should always be aware of the space they have ahead because the car moves much faster forward. Try to spend your shift and morph only when the exit for escape in front of the car is far away. Otherwise, they will brake the reverse car as soon as you appear with time to escape going forward before your abilities recharge. When they are in reverse, wait until the front of the car is very far away of the exit to spend your morph or shift
  7. They have sent a email to all backers (Subject: "Project Update: Friday the 13th: The Game by Randy Greenback - Gun Media") from time to time until April. Some of these emails mentioned the sale of Savini Skin. I still have these messages in my Outlook, since I became a backer.
  8. Steam: bobmussini mic / adult / 38yo / Brasil / Brazil
  9. Guys... you are talking the same thing... Solidus is right too.... ONLY shift doesn't stop the car.... Jason stops the car AFTER the shift, landing in front or behind the moving car .... this will stop it. I think weirdkid5 was talking the same and one didn't understand each other. The question was if Jason can or cannot stop the car from behind.
  10. Savini has the best music... When SJ is close and this song plays, it really causes despair.
  11. @weirdkid5 is right, when he said that Jason can damage ther car from behind. but it's not "just like by front". There is a difference: BY FRONT: The difference is that Jason has 2 ways to stop a car running foward (1: automatically simply standing in front of the moving car... or 2: when the car is stopped - through a action button) FROM BEHIND: this occurs only when the car is running reverse (there's no action button from behind, but he still can stop the moving car in reverse). You notice the effect of damage, on his twich video, when smoke comes out of the car after the shock from behind, just as it does from the front. Basic difference is the action button.
  12. another solution: - Counselors, please, think a little and do not stun Jason when he is on the path you want to go through.
  13. That's exactly my point... Shift grab can be an advantage. But you cannot want to take out any advantage of Jason. A delay will impair the balance of the game. And I do not think there's an imbalance today.... beyond the clear absurdity of Jason's grab reach.
  14. Specifically in this passage that you point out, I think he was careful to use different notes, de-characterizing plagiarism, but retaining the identity of the original melody. I classify this as a tribute, free of charge of plagiarism. Note: I'm basing myself on this original theme: