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  1. Coming later. Please use the search button before creating a new post.
  2. ???

    People wanted a tem a steam promotion like Halloween or Black Friday, the game comes out with how much discount? google translate rocks
  3. I personally found this funny. Maybe needs to be moved, but def not locked.
  4. Be warned, if you dare suggest something he didn't come up with, he'll have a fit.
  5. A Jason frying pan kill would be good.
  6. Isn't dbd in third person mode anyway? lol
  7. Dont think it is possible. Trust me, if it was I would've used it.
  8. He's already OP with a knife and spray! Jason is under powered as is!
  9. Sorry for the outburst. By the way you worded your reply, you made it sound a bit like you were going on. Thank you for your apology.
  10. Hi guys this is a totally original and never done before post, and if Jpops says it has been done he's lying.
  11. Well, at least your daughter doesn't get furious over a spelling mistake. Jesus, you'd think I had killed somebody the way you'd gone on. Take a break from being a jerk and relax.
  12. Good reason.
  13. Because there's no need for any other answer. If u said anything else you'd be wrong.
  14. When I first started it I voted Chad. But if i could change my vote I'd go for fucking Chad.
  15. Chad is not a joke. But seriously thanks for having a sense of humour lol.
  16. Wow, triple post. A hat-trick.
  17. So this never got locked. Hm. The party was great btw.
  18. Im confused. Is the title a question or a command? Lol, either way cool costume.
  19. Consider us lucky, before all you had to do was find the phone and you were good to go. No phone fuse needed.
  20. IDK how this hasn't been locked yet, but if it isn't locked by 7:00 PM Uk time tomorrow I'm throwing a party.
  21. Imma give you 3 seconds to take that back.