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  1. ^ | | |
  2. New theory. First was on 8. Second on two. 8+2=10. Part ten Jason.
  3. Part sevens fine. Dont kill me.
  4. I always do this if I can, and it happens to me too. I'd rather jump out of a window than get my Jaw Ripped off.
  5. I would say not all kids are the same, but I don't want to start that flame war.
  6. Why cant I like more than once?
  7. Well of course chad is bae
  8. I honestly don't know anymore.
  9. There is a new dot teaser, this one showing the blue dot on the second dot. Before it was the 8th. Thats 8 and 2. 82. Friday the 13th 3 was released in 1982. However, we already have part 3 in the game. But who dont we have? Somebody from part 3 who the devs said they wanted to put in. Mayybbeee...Fox? Well that's just my theory.