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  1. xXxEsPoxXx
  2. Maybe as well when their is some activity on the x box store when the game is up for order to give eachother the heads up. Hate have to guess when the game is going to be availble on x box
  3. thanks everyone makes me feel confident in your comments I will be able to purchase it before release date for x box is great news.
  4. ya sucks that I will have the savaini skin and clothing pack and no game to play. Just hope there is a chance pre orders open up again or the explain a method we can play on x box who havent pre ordered on release day.
  5. So I need some help figuring things out here. I pre ordered the savaini skin and clothing pack but didn't pre order a phyiscal copy because I figured I would be able to pick it up at a gamerstop on release date. So now I am asking if anyone knows if they will be opening up pre orders again for x box one so I can purchase it and receive at least a digital copy to play on release day. I heard today that there will be no more pre orders for PS4 so was hoping x box and or pc will be given a window to purchase. Or is there another way for me to go about. So happy it s finally coming out and yet stuck with another obstacle. If I knew prior hard copies werent going to be release on release day I would have pre ordered. Any info would help, thanks.
  6. Awesome love the, can't wait for this to finally be released.
  7. I have already pre ordered for x box one
  8. Loved the trailer, super anxious to play but upset that they are still stuck at console certification.
  9. I was thinking of getting the steel case edition just to add to my collection. I want some pictures and or maybe a link on a more definition of what this is and what you get before I do. I have already pro ordered it for my x box one though...
  10. Canada I pre ordered for X box one. Got the skin and clothing as well.
  11. How long do you think they will keep the Savini Skin out for pre-order? Do you think when a release date is given it will be gone?
  12. Congrats, very excited for the film to be release.
  13. I would rather for them to get all the Jason skins released as well as more maps, additional characters from Friday the 13th film playable. Pamela can wait or not be involved and don't think it will take away from the game at all.
  14. Tell him to get those idiots to get back on the new Friday the 13th film. I was totally bummed when they completely shut down production.