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  1. Over 220 new members in just over a week. Welcome to the forum.
  2. To all the guests I see when I click online users, Join us. We don't bite. Much. Come on in, create an account and join in on the insanity. We have plenty of room for you all. Ask those questions burning in your soul. Let you imagination run free and make those suggestions you yearn to see. Help us, help you, help us find bugs, glitches, and areas of concern to make this game all it can be. Delve deep into discussions you never imagined you'd have and think so abstract you'll believe you're in an 80's horror movie game forum. And, most importantly have fun. Sincerely, Brigadius
  3. So they have this new website to disseminate infomation and bring the community to together in an official capacity and place and one of the first articles they publish says join the discussion on reddit. Like, what have we been doing here but discussing this game. Their official site just glosses over the fans on the official forum and instead says check out reddit. How are they going to not promote discussing the topic on their own forum when we definitely have been discussing those cryptic blue dots for days Http://
  4. That would be reddit. We are pretty tame here but can still be critical of the devs decisions.i would say this is the most balanced place to talk about this game. Just wish the devs spent more time here then other sites. The new site and bug reporting are good steps though and we're sorely needed.
  5. New official site says we should join the discussion on this topic on reddit. Because
  6. Was sort of right in my one topic they did make an official site and updated forums. And seeing how forums were offline for quite awhile it's possible they were migrating user data. Possibly why they didn't let people register for a while.
  7. This. And trying to shift around a car and just getting stuck on bumper and being dragged behind it.
  8. Shack becomes ambulance parked in woods somewhere. Sweater becomes half eaten chocolate bar and when you pick it up you smear chocolate on your face. Also, only a male character can pick up chocolate bar.
  9. emotes

    With 40% smaller maps they won't divide the player base just the maps.
  10. emotes

    If I was making an emote DLC announcement it would go something like this.
  11. This idea is for a counselor with ever changing stats. They could let you customize the look or just add a character that this works on but that's not the important thing here. Just like in real life you actually have to use a skill to keep it sharp. It would work by recalculating stats as you play that character (not during a round). So, if you play as a fixer and repair lots of stuff the skills related to that would increase over time. Same would go for fighting Jason(strength), running(stamina), surviving or saving people (luck), etc. But, skills would also decrease if not used. So, it would be a battle of finding and maintaining a play style appropriate to how you want to play. You could probably even max all stats but you would have to be a very versatile player. In order to be the best you can it would require being a team player because you would never be able to achieve Max stats without it. It would recalculate stats at end of game based on your performance in that game and an unspecified number of previous games. So if you start slacking in an area the related stats will start taking hits. Could be a way to increase cooperation and give you another goal to strive for.
  12. Thanks google for the scary translation: Hello, We are 2 to play Friday The 13th and we would like to play with other players in order to make fun games and without taking heads. We are all 2 over 25 years old, so it would be nice if those who wish to play with us are mature, and without taking a head (+ 25 years? :)). If you want to play with us, feel free to add me: GeisT SnipeR or post on this post and give us your tag to add you. Good end of week end, and good game. This may be more suited for lfg topic, but I hope nobody takes their heads.
  13. The car steering is all about your connection. If you have high ping small corrections become deadly. If I can find a game where my ping is low my driving is superb if I can't there is a lot of backwards driving because the slower speeds make it easier for corrections. I find reversing kind of cheap but it's not unstoppable and sometimes with bad connections it's really the only option.
  14. The normal counselors would always be playable as specific types. If you decided to play stealth but you current stats are not in favor of a stealth player and you don't feel like grinding him to that type then you can just play a preset character for a quick play, ie, one of the originals. Also there are no levels and nobody would see your stats in lobby. It's just an evolving player based on play style. If you play a balanced player and help out your overall stats will improve. You play all stealth or strength and fix nothing your character will be as smart as a potato. You could have more stat points than the basic models but you also have to put in the effort to maintain it or you could end up with less.
  15. Thought it was pretty good myself. If they just add a character they could call him Jack. It they do create a character I'd still name him/her Jack. Jack Masters
  16. Well guess that answers the question you had if this one was a one time fluke. It looked like he was flying too. I want to know if you can do this with flare or shotgun. Should just leave a pair of smouldering boots where Jason stood.
  17. I like just holding the button. Set and forget. No button presses not registering and no weapon getting stuck. I say it can be faster to combat stance door but it can also take longer if weapon gets stuck. I would say probably not an exploit because it has the chance of actually hindering you so it balances out.
  18. 1. Big pockets 2. Well, he only brought one bullet to kill Jason so that should give you a hint of his intelligence. I think they need to rework his stats and give him 1 in intelligence. Chad from scream queens
  19. Gun: How long are you gonna pester us about dedicated servers? Us:
  20. Gun needs to get some pointers from this guy.
  21. Besides counselors quitting mid kill today I ran into a Jason quitting. Jason had already killed 2 people and I managed to fix car when he showed up. I Juked him and drove straight through the woods to main road and he morphed to exit right as I exited. I heard him say something and game ended. He quit. There were still 3 players left alive. I got my escape bonus but it was a pretty shitty thing to do. Gave him some bad reputation for that hopefully others do also if he does it often. I've actually avoided games if I see a lfg posted by someone with bad reputation. Wish gun would make a system to filter poor sports out.
  22. The paper is dotted with tiny dots if you stare at the blue dot long enough and let your eyes go out of focus you can see the hidden image. Such sneaky teasers these guys have.
  23. I've never seen this personally but if it's one of the two things I guessed it could be easily done. But, it would also probably be a pretty easy fix. And, with them actually banning cheaters it might not take hold. They might need to redefine what a public and private Lobby are because most games are private and they said they won't ban in private lobbies.
  24. Idc much for it but others apparently do. I'm sure a lot are just rage quits but there must be some quitting for stats. Idk, just getting tired of all the quitting players.