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  1. THE F13 AVATAR COLLECTION This is the start of my F13 Avatar Collection. Any user is welcome to use them and I will be adding to it over time. All these meet sizing requirements for the avatar profile slot, so no need to worry if size is to big. These are also accessible on my profile page if you are looking to change in the future. Don't see what you're looking for? I take suggestions just drop a comment and I'll see what I can do. INSTRUCTIONS There are two ways to apply these avatars. You can download and re-upload to avatar slot in profile. You can simply right click image and copy image link address and paste in avatar slot in profile. (no need to download) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XAMOEL Collection --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. ?? I'm not sure where you are going with this. Are you saying only opinions that are praising the game or company are allowed here? That would make place just an echo chamber for praise and like minded people. This is a place of discussion, where people of varying ideas and opinions can discuss. If everyone had same opinion there would be nothing to discuss and this forum would serve no purpose to the community. You are not being swamped or attacked you just wandered into a thread with people who have different opinions than you and they let you know. It's not a personal attack people are simply replying to a post. It happens from time to time. And, can you really know the truth without all the details? Rule of life, always be skeptical. I remember when a president told his people he did not have sexual relations with that woman. Turns out he did. Just saying, you can't take everything you hear at face value. Nothing I said was hypocritical I responded to the merits of your post as did the others. Ben doesn't need a defender he is very capable of defending himself on here but BoB isn't here, so he can't. You are always welcome to show your support for Ben, Wes, devs, the company, and the game, but there is a time and place for everything and this thread was not about that. It's like walking into a civil rights debate and trying to changing the topic to deforestation. I understand topics get knocked off topic from time to time, it happens, we should get this one back on topic and just say we agree to disagree on certain topics. I have no issue with you or your opinions. Without differing opinions and ideas there would be nothing to discuss. So, for your different point of view I thank you. (truly, that's not sarcasm)
  3. UPDATE: Over 100 avatars to choose from Animations - Added Hitchhiker Sign Jarvis Puppet Pamela Decap Teddy Computing Eyeball Pop Jason Death Part 4 NES Jason Slash Deb Dance Tiffany Dance Mitch Dance Chad Dance Static - Added Teddy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Brian76 no problem, glad you like them.
  4. BoB has one of the highest like ratings on this forum, approx. 76%, which is not an easy thing to accomplish. I see yours is at 41%. Which means that people obviously like or value his posts. You have no idea what the pm message thing was about so you probably shouldn't use it as a point. You are judging someone with having zero knowledge of the situation and make a lot of assumptions. You know what happens when you assume, right? BoB is entitled to his opinion and has made sure he was heard. he provided plenty of constructive criticism that fell on deaf ears, you should take some time and actually read his posts. Speaking of keeping the peace. You are having a go at someone who currently can't defend his views. You also came into a topic just to stir it up so your first point shows hypocrisy. Also that last quote goes both ways here, we are the hands that feed them. Lastly, it's against the rules to talk down on other forum members which is what you came in here to do. You are under no obligation to like anyone here and if you have nothing relevant to the topic just skip it. I do it all the time to prevent getting in arguments and stirring the pot. We are all supporters of this game and want to see it at its best but many are getting frustrated with some of its quirks. They should be able to express their opinions freely on the game because if everyone just parrots one another the game will never evolve into something more.
  5. I'll change it back just for you. I was testing sizes
  6. That's the same number of people in my lobbies when I do public games.
  7. UPDATE: Animated Jason 3 & 7 Hanged Jason Confused Alien Death Banana Crush Tommy Grabbed Joey Candy bar offer 1 & 2 Candy bar chop Mitch Dance Chad Dance Static Movie Characters - Tommy, Shelly, Joey, Paul, Fox, Duke, Rob, Crazy Ralph, Hitchhiker Pets - Gordon
  8. Wow! How did you guys find this? I'm shocked. It's just a goal. Gofundme goals don't need to be reached. Campaigns can be closed at anytime regardless if goal is reached. I see there are some generous people among us too.
  9. UPDATE: Animated Guitar Girl Kevin Bacon Death Cryo Death 1 & 2 Static Game Characters Pets - Muffin, Toby, Alice's cat Movie Characters - Jack, Jimmy, Young Tommy Thanks everyone glad you like them I use VSDC for grabbing video clips and Easy GIF Animator 6 for editing gifs.
  10. I can do some movie characters. Just need to find some quality shots.
  11. Liked Now that's a sweet avatar you got there.
  12. Just link photos from offsite. If you paste image link in comment body it will automatically embed the image. There are tons of sites you can upload to for free some popular ones are imgur and giphy. Then simply paste link. No need to upload here. @AshTray900 @C-FLO @JOKESTER
  13. -F13 NEWS- We are hearing startling reports of a man who has apparently risen from the depths of Tartarus itself. As you can see from video taken by a bystander the man seems to be very strong and terribly deformed. One might say he has trollish features. He can be seen immediately attacking an innocent man who was moonbathing nearby. It appears he was looking to do serious harm to the man. Luckily, he had his girlfriend there to save him. It seemed he was trying to get a fast kill, like a gamer spamming his controller, but due to lack of grip strength and close quarters he was not able to fulfill his actions. Eye witnesses at the scene said they heard him say, "I rolled a 20, no shadow realm can hold me" as he ran off into the woods. They also heard him grumble something like, "elm street" and about a man named Freddy. We here at F13 News don't know where this street is, but we urge everyone to keep an eye out for this maniac. Bears are not the only thing to beware of now in this heavily wooded community and that is truly heartbreaking. As always we will keep you informed as more information become available.
  14. Spawn killing is a myth alder told me so. Plus if you gave it to him first he would have to walk from his shack, I could repair the phone by the time he gets there.
  15. To all the guests I see when I click online users, Join us. We don't bite. Much. Come on in, create an account and join in on the insanity. We have plenty of room for you all. Ask those questions burning in your soul. Let you imagination run free and make those suggestions you yearn to see. Help us, help you, help us find bugs, glitches, and areas of concern to make this game all it can be. Delve deep into discussions you never imagined you'd have and think so abstract you'll believe you're in an 80's horror movie game forum. And, most importantly have fun. Sincerely, Brigadius
  16. I feel like we've had this conversation before. It's like I'm in the twilight zone. With that said, I agree stalk should come sooner and would also be open to a mode where Jason could just chose his loadouts. That would be a game changer. You would never know what Jason player has in store for you.
  17. No problem I'll make more tomorrow. I'll start looking for some good demon footage.
  18. What? You have a customizable background? You are like the most official official here now.

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  20. i forgot it was searching and came back to this.
  21. We've been asking for this feature for months. Last I heard some sort of report feature was in the works and would be coming soon™.
  22. You can spectate Jason in private matches. There are a lot of quirks that need to be worked out I would guess due to unfamiliarity with the engine they are building on. The game is fun when it works properly but is really in need of a content infusion. One mode and limited map variety will not bode well for longevity.