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  1. It was released on accident about a month ago and some downloaded it before they took it down.
  2. Theme is not on psn store. But those who buy game on psn get a free theme. That is what it what it looks like to me. Seems pretty shitty also dlc still broken and can't join any sessions.
  3. Yeah, things got a little riled up here today, but you're all still welcome to come and join us at any time.
  4. I stated a fact of what I saw. Your response is of one looking to start an argument. If you want to argue find another topic. This was thread will be fine without you.
  5. Saw Ben on a little while ago reading the early access to press post and then 15-20 minutes later he logged off. lol. Guess he's leaving that to Wes.
  6. A lot of legal stuff in there about how to file lawsuits. Banning class action. I don't think you can really ban that, bet that would get overturned in court. It's like trying to bypass laws to prevent being sued. I don't see them being sued unless maybe all the backer swarmed together saying they funded a production that was spoiled before they even got their hands on it. Which is why they would want no class action. And since a large majority of backers are on this forum they either have to agree or be banished. Just trying to cover their bases, but thought it was interesting. Wonder if they are worried about something.
  7. I should of put a winky face on that one
  8. So, we'll get them next week
  9. Yeah, but to this day they still haven't figured out portals. No man's sky is good for what it is but that game was a huge disappointment because much of what was promised is not in the game.
  10. Just an FYI. I love quotes but I also accept likes.
  11. Actually his earlier damage control post has been set ablaze. Hope he's wearing his flame retardant underwear for his next one.
  12. The detractors you speak of are the reason this game exists. Without them funding this game it would just be an idea on a drawing board.
  13. Reincarnated This is the post that got me wondering. Forums have been missing something since he left.
  14. Welcome to the forums Just google Jason Voorhees pillow. Here's 3