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  1. Under 10 seconds. Jason quit.
  2. Still more stable than F13
  3. One day, in the future, Ben will finally come on forum and post about how they gloriously updated the Xbox version despite Microsoft's attempts to hold them back for no reason. And, he will receive many likes and praise from many here just for doing what should have already been done at launch. The bar has be set so low they get praise for stepping over it.
  4. Yeah, but the only info we got from it was that they are still alive. Which is something i guest because i was starting to wonder.
  5. Well i know I've tested a player standing on top of boat before and it never quite worked out. they bounce around a bit in the air above the boat and then fall off and that's with the boat stationary. So, I don't think that is happening. never tried using sweater in boat as a passenger though.
  6. Also putting trap to close to the wall won't set it off if they interact with phonebox.
  7. Sounds like something every good summer camp keeps in stalk. While I could see uses for it like, jason can't sense through smoke, it doesn't fit with the whole summer camp thing.
  8. Well you could just not post. If it's not something you are into discussing then move on to next post. Start a topic of your own or find a discussion that suits you. Just because it's here doesn't mean it requires a response from anyone. Also, if you are looking for a place that holds the game to highest esteem discord is the place you want. That circle of followers knows a jerk when they see one and dispels them from there happy place. So it's unlikely you'll find any 'witch hunts' going on there.
  9. No man sky was a huge disappointment. Completely different game than represented. It's a good game for what it is but it's not what was promised. Both games however looked more complete in alphas than what was released. No man sky cut basically every feature from its debut announcement however.
  10. Battle over rights, Gun in the clear Makes me wonder about the validity of the article.
  11. At this point, while my experience with the game has been turbulent at best on PS4, I think Xbox needs to get it's own special event when they get it working properly.
  12. I think it's official now. Plenty of time has passed and the next day it said I won disappeared but the 15th stayed. The party is back on.
  13. I was in the middle of placing a shitload of traps when I got a message to stop telling Jason where people were and play the game right. I didn't have my mic on and about 15 seconds Jason showed up and killed me cause I got distracted. I put my headset on and started cursing out that guy for sucking and blaming other people. But I hear this a lot when people die always blaming someone for giving them up. They can't take that they lost and probably just suck.
  14. The car is set to follow a path when it leaves so it looks like you're escape. This path automatically takes over the. You clear the exit but is most likely set to be driven in forward. The car attempts to correct for this by making a turn so that it's facing the right direction but in a lot of cases the area it's trying to turn around in is to small and it gets stuck. It's just a bug and it can be fixed but it's probably not too priority. They just need to make it like a roomba and every time it hits a barrier it changes direction until it's path is clear.
  15. I think you're right. Enough time should have passed to give an accurate score for that day. All I can say is, it's about time.