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  1. FvsJ. Jason X pre-Uber, and NES Jason are the only ones I'd want added at this point.
  2. As far as lore goes, Jason does use the double bit axe twice: Part 4 and the remake, though neither of them are friggin' gigantic. I get the whole "lore" thing, but the axe as it is looks completely out of place as far as cinematic accuracy goes. He should have a machete. Or the Majestic Bonking Shovel.
  3. Correct. Part 8 was the only one that he never even touched a machete, unless you count the teaser trailer.
  4. Part 2 he used: Claw hammer Machete Pitchfork (unsuccessfully) Pickaxe Basrbed wire Spear Part 6: Machete Steel fence post Combat Knife Throwing darts Broken whiskey bottle Part 7: Machete Party horn Axe Tent spike Sickle Butcher knife Sling blade Part 8: Spear gun with no spear Spear from spear gun Hot sauna rock Guitar Mirror shard Fire axe Cocaine filled syringe Pipe wrench
  5. Good lord, Jason would never catch her.
  6. I've always liked the way that Warhawk on the PS3 handled servers. Anyone's PS3 could be one, and people still play that to this day, 10 years later.
  7. And the hockey mask isn't embedded in his face like in the movie, either.
  8. This makes me wish that Microsoft allowed this type of stuff on the Xbone.
  9. Your number four will forever be my number one.
  10. I know it probably won't be too popular an opinion, but here goes: I think it would be kind of cool to give the JGTH Jason a new ability: Possession. As you know in the film, Jason body-hopped between a few folks. What if Jason could do that in the game? Possess a counselor and have that person hinder the others by killing them or sabotaging the objectives. I don't know if I would have it implemented as a Tommy-esque thing where you think Jason is dead, but the little demon runs out and possesses someone, or if Jason would have to grab someone and do it. I dunno, could be cool. Shades of the old C64 game as well.
  11. It's accurate. In Jason Lives, the propeller hit on one side, the damage was on the opposite in New Blood. One of those classic Paramount era continuity errors.
  12. LOL. I'm planning on chasing folks around as Jason while talking like Bruce from Family Guy.