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  1. I'm pissed that the one game with you guys that I played crashed. Oh well, needed to sleep anyway.
  2. There was one earlier, it seems to have been removed. Someone asked the Support Twitter why they can pick up a map when they have one already from a perk, and Support said 'It's intentional, so it will highlight the locations of the boat, cars, etc). The main Game account responded and said it was a bug that needs to be fixed.
  3. I can say after playing a couple games with him, Larry Zerner(Shelley) still sounds about the same. And you wouldn't want to try to muck with the likeness for him, he's a big time copywright lawyer lol.
  4. NECA's third NES Jason figure plays the music when you open the box, and there's no credit for Takayama in the packaging. They don't credit LJN/Atlus either, just New Line and there's been no sort of legal issues with it or any of the official merch that recreates game images. I think the game rights and assets are part of the overall Friday license these days.
  5. I've noticed that on Savini, myself. I've been wondering why that is.
  6. This happened to me once on the Xbox.
  7. The mini on the right is 100% official. It was part of the Mystery Minis series 1, and had a 1/72 rarity.
  8. NO. And if anything, Barney got his color from NES Jason.
  9. IT IS. It's permanantly part of me, and I am part of it, in a way. What with my tattoo up there, and my name as a special thanks on the NECA NES Jason figure's box.
  10. I got kicked due to Savini Jason last week, and got my first "pay to win" comments over the weekend.