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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Now I'm wondering where the hell my code is. I really hope Aussies don't get shafted as usual when it comes to this sort of thing. I'm not really sure what's going on but it seems everyone is playing the game already?
  2. I think we could do with some more counselors if possible. Aside from enriching the game, my thinking is that the more options we have for counselors, the less chance there is of seeing clones in each match. The ones I'd like to see most are Rich Girl and Stoner. Regarding gender re-skins, it appears to already be the case for some of the counselors, and the way it's done is logical. It's not just straight re-skins but thought has been put into how the stereotype would differ between genders. So I'm not opposed to the devs continuing that route, if they do plan on adding more.
  3. Yeah absolutely, after the game's been out a while it'll start to become clear who the favorites are, and how to improve the overall balance. Ideally everyone would be viable and people would want to play a wider range of counselors, different playing styles / different experiences. So in tandem with more customization there should be less of the same old each match. If that's indeed on the cards then that's great. Something else that would help is simply more counselors, as DLC or whatever. More options. And yeah I'm sure I'm going to encounter some weirdos on the mics, but it's all part of the fun!
  4. Good points on both sides I think. Though all the restaurant talk kind of went over my head. Anyway, being in a game with a bunch of the same counsellors doesn't sound great, but neither does being forced to play as a randomised counsellor that may not appeal to me aesthetically. Even if they have the stats I want. The best solution would probably be more customisation options for your counsellor (eg. more clothes options) though I'm not sure I see that happening. I don't think this is going to be much of an issue on release, but as with any game, eventually people will find what works best and you can probably expect to see a lot of the same counsellors in each match, a little later down the line. This could either be less of an issue for those who care, or it could be a bigger one for those who don't. Time will tell. My opinion is if something can be done about it then it should. You can't expect movie-scale immersion but people do expect it to a certain degree, it just depends on what the majority deems important. This may or may not turn out to be one of those things. One of the biggest immersion problems for me during the beta was the object interaction such as closing/opening doors, which completely changed the pace from 'running for your life' to just 'casually exploring the surroundings'. I was very happy to see that fixed. It's the little details like that which go a long way.
  5. I understand what you mean, but I think this game being a 1v7 survival horror rather than a team-based FPS makes a big difference in terms of spectating. Much more focused and interesting than a bunch of people shooting each other, getting shot down, rinse/repeat. If I had to think of anything, perhaps a Theatre mode feature within the match where you could rewind and save some clips (eg. good Jason kills or close calls), although consoles already have this ability to record. But it could be cooler if the game had its own system, with some other features such as image filters (eg. 80's filter, VHS filter). This is just stuff off the top of my head, not intrusive to the match or taking focus away from it like a mini-game would. I'd like something that draws more focus to the actual game. I personally like capturing highlights of matches whether that be FPS or fighting games, could be cool if it was integrated in an interesting way in this game too. EDIT: I should mention I'd only be okay with stuff like that if it didn't cause a performance hit. I imagine that's always a risk when adding anything extra.
  6. I like the Stoner Guy/Chuck idea very much. For more realism though, I'd give him different stats. He's a bit harder to pin down, because in his state he'd be crap at almost everything. So this is just what comes to mind, not sure how viable but it's an idea. Composure: You put a stoned guy in a situation like that and they are done for I'd give him a 1. Intelligence: Again very low, anything requiring repairs is going to be a big problem. Luck: Maxed out. He's gonna need it. Speed: Average. He isn't fit but Jason's giving him a hell of an adrenaline rush. Stamina: Very low. When needed, he'd be able to perform short bursts of panic-induced running. Stealth: Maxed out. Weed would make him attentive to details and prone to paranoia to begin with. So he's going to be quiet as a mouse. Strength: Let's say around average, for the sake of simplicity. Again he's not fit but he's not too out of the ordinary. I haven't looked at the other counselor stats for reference, but it seems like a logical and somewhat balanced build. Something to improve upon at least. For Part 4 Jason, which I'd love to see, the post above mine nailed it. All the stats make sense. Final Chapter was always my favorite, really hope we can get the Jason and map DLC at some point.
  7. I'd definitely just leave it as is. Best way to handle quitting players, as already mentioned by others, is to just award Jason the exp. Aside from gaining exp, the chance to return as Jarvis is already incentive to stay, so for those players who really just want to get on with the next match, I don't think mini-games would be enough to pass the time anyway. Nothing short of simply being able to play again would be enough. Though I think for most people, spectating should provide enough entertainment for this kind of game, especially if you're playing with friends. And if you do die within the first minute and you don't think it's worth sticking around, by all means join a new match. The game is to be enjoyed after all, exp and the like aren't priority.
  8. Haven't read through the whole thread, but for some reason the young Jason idea reminded me of little Charlie from the Homestead chapter in Slender: The Arrival, or the Kate Proxy earlier on. Which if anyone here knows what I'm talking about, was pretty terrifying. Having said that, this game has a totally different vibe and mechanics, and I imagine it'd be difficult to implement something like that convincingly.
  9. Love this idea. Hope it's already possible. Those kind of moments add a lot of excitement to the game. The achievement to go along with it would be cool too, encourages more strategy and creativity as Jason.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, look forward to playing the game with you all!
  11. I joined up a while ago and regularly check the forums, you guys are cool and there's lots of good topics. So before I join in just saying hi to everyone! There it is. I've been following the game a very long time, probably near its inception. To think we'll finally have a true F13 game in a couple of weeks is pretty amazing. Can't wait for it. Also, as I'm from Australia I want to give the devs a big congrats for being able to release it here. It's not easy! Alright that's it, see you guys in the threads.