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  1. @Alkavian great post, and wonderful thread too. This is exactly what I'd love to see more of on this forum. I have a lot of thoughts on this, but I will have to add them a little later.
  2. Forget double trapping, I triple trap the phone at the very least. 3 are enough to discourage the average player, but otherwise even that is not a guaranteed deterrent. Often players will not bat an eyelid, especially not at 2, they will just tank and med spray, with at least one other player ready to stun. They keep the pocket knives for you. As police escape creates the most pressure for Jason, since it can essentially bring the match down from 20 mins to 5, it's not out of the question to just put all your traps down at it against an aggressive team. Then just keep switching between the 2 remaining objectives. 5 is a pretty safe bet to block the phone off completely. I will mention I do not have the new patch yet, so I have not experienced any changes to the traps myself.
  3. I've still been rolling, it's not like there's been anything else to spend on. I have some good quality perks out of the ones I use, some rares and epics, but nothing amazing. Have had lots of useless epics like a 40% barricading doors faster (whatever it's called), and regularly get duplicates with minimal difference (Epic version 1% more) or just trash. I know a lot of you guys are level 101, I'm only 51, but even at my level I'm just disgusted with some of the ones I roll. Just recently I got a Restful perk with 1% Stamina Recharge Increased and 1% Sprint Speed Decreased. That's got to be one of the worst you can possibly get, and I rolled this at 51. The current Perk system is just atrocious. There's so many better ways they could've implemented it rather than relying entirely on randomisation. At the very least, they should increase the chance of better perks as you increase your level. Investing CP to upgrade a Perk you actually use would also be a way better system.
  4. Yes, that is such a better design. I don't even have the patch yet, but from the sounds of it the new change is going to frustrate me.
  5. If I'm repeating the same statements it's only because I feel they weren't understood the first time, or perhaps I didn't explain them well enough. Rydog did research Jason's abilities in this guide which is where I pulled the quote that radius is not affected. But yes it is a shame there was no more info on it. To know 100% which of the 3 ways I posted are correct would require testing. Yes it seems hard to believe but it's already true in the case of Stealth, which was proven with hard evidence to have nothing to do with Sense despite the game telling you it does. Based on that example nothing the game says can be 100% trusted. Even think of all the Perks that either don't work, or work in reverse. EDIT: with the latest patch, apparently the Luck stat is now also working in reverse. It can be hard to get across tone in writing. I am not meaning to be arrogant, I just have strong opinions on this. You would also be surprised at how often I see Jasons who do ignore actively defending objectives from the start, either tunnelling players or allowing themselves to be distracted. After Shift, I agree you are in a much better position. But I think it's also important never to stray too far from any objectives, as they require constant defending.
  6. I do not think I am the only one who holds truth in the discussion. In regards to the +Sense trait, I am neither conclusively right or wrong, but I do have good reasons for the conclusions I have come to. Let me break down my thinking for you - +Sense works one of 3 ways: 1. Accelerates the growth of the radius up to a certain point 2. Has a wider radius from the start and all the way up to Rage 3. Doesn't affect the radius at all, only cooldown Play style aside, I am not aware of hard evidence that supports 1 or 2, and I'm not certain I've observed any myself. As no one else can say for sure, I'm inclined to think that either radius isn't affected or it's only of marginal value in gameplay. Not to mention Rydog, who researched this area extensively, came to the conclusion that +Sense has no effect on radius. The game could just be describing something from beta, as we have already seen in the case of Stealth. In regards to play style, I'm not going to explain meta to you right now but believe me, you are doing yourself absolutely no favours by trying to hunt counselors early on. If you are playing against bad counselors, you can do as you like, but a good team will make you pay for it. Objectives should always be your primary focus, most of all at the start of the match. If +Sense benefits to radius do exist, they are not even relevant at that point.
  7. I agree, it's something I would've been more excited for early on but at this point I'm fairly indifferent about it. It's a nice bonus but it doesn't exactly extend the gameplay.
  8. I don't mean once it reaches Rage, as it's possible there is a threshold reached before that even happens. Because Sense is an ability improved over time, if you think of it growing on a scale from 1-10, it's possible the max it can reach is a 9 without Rage. Quoting Wes - "Once Jason hits “Rage” his net is practically the entire size of the map." Which to me implies Rage is like a switch. Meaning that at some point before it, the net stops growing, any +Sense range benefits will simply stop working and there would be no benefit over base stat Sense. Jasons with and without the + trait would both be fixed at 9 on the scale, until Rage can unlock 10. Therefore I am doubtful that a faster increase of net circumference (if that's the case) has much use in practice, based on my own gameplay and evidently others. The fact we have to ask whether +Sense affects distance kind of answers the question. It either doesn't, or if it does then it's not to a meaningful degree, no matter the method. Your example of +Destruction on the other hand, is extremely useful and noticeable immediately. Even when you're not pressuring counselors, you're saving time breaking their defense at objectives eg. Phone box cabin or cabins at the cars. If Destruction operated like Sense, all Jasons would require less hits to break doors over time. But it doesn't, they all have their set amount until Rage, they never reach the same amount until then. It would be nice to hear more from Rydog about this but I'm not sure if he even plays the game anymore. The community here didn't exactly welcome him with open arms. I didn't agree with everything he said but his research was extremely valuable. EDIT: Just something I wanted to add for anyone who may be putting too much stock into what the game is telling them. On the counselor page, highlight Stealth and you will read "reduces the amount of noise generated and Jason's ability to Sense." When in fact this is flat out wrong, Stealth has nothing to do with Sense, only with the visibility of pings. It was something from the beta that no longer applies but is still in the description to this day. So again, everything requires research, we cannot simply trust whatever the game tells us.
  9. No you have simply misunderstood what he was testing: "These screens were captured at equivalent points during the match, in-between the time that Jason unlocks Shift and Stalk. Based on this data, there is no significant difference for Jason's Sense detection range vs. any counselor, and Composure does not impact this one bit." It is logical therefore to be at the same distance each time, because if Composure did make counselors more or less vulnerable to Sense range, then someone with 10 composure would not get sensed at the same distance as someone with 1 composure. As the results are the same, it means Composure has no direct relation to Sense. Regarding +Sense range, just because the game says it, doesn't mean he is wrong in regards to "Sense trait does not appear to affect the ability's range in any way." The game says a lot of things which either don't work as intended or at all, best example is Perks. As no one has really come up with solid evidence for it, or really noticed its value, I'm inclined to believe Rydog on this. It's possible that for Jasons with +Sense, their "net" may simply grow faster. So it's not necessarily that they can Sense counselors at a further distance than other Jasons, but that they can approach the maximum range of Sense (equal for all Jasons) faster than others. That's one theory. Which is just a different way of achieving further distance, but only for a time as it stops being effective once it reaches the threshold. In any case I can't say I've been able to notice its effect on my gameplay. I do not personally consider +Sense to be a valuable stat in practice. The base stat is good enough.
  10. I actually agree with everything you're saying. Jason was balanced for a team of bad counselors, not good ones who can easily take him on. The double med spray perk too makes it even more obnoxious. That's why the weapon strength Jasons are most effective because they have the best chance of defending against a group. I still think stumble should go however, since it is just an annoying mechanic, and Jason in combat reworked to be viable against organised groups.
  11. I think it's an excellent idea to remove it. It is a dumb feature, it rarely affects those who are fleeing but mainly affects those who stand up to Jason in combat, which for some reason the game wants to punish with a random mechanic. Jason doesn't need stumble to catch a fleeing counselor, but a stumble in combat can be the deciding factor whether or not you're grabbed. The outcome should be based on skill instead of yet another random element of the game which does nothing but annoy players. As Jason it's not even rewarding, you did nothing to earn the kill, the game did it for you. I've always said, not everything in a movie translates well to a game. This is one of those things.
  12. @VenomSymbiote agree with everything you're saying there. But I don't think any undead / non-running Jasons should have a minus on Shift though. That's just asking for trouble. Also yes that's the same guide I posted earlier, people would do well to read Rydog's stuff. So many players are just clueless about the game. @Jason Todd Voorhees how is using your head testament to his abilities? Can you not use your head with any other Jason? Or if you've seen the boat moving and morph ahead, can you not catch it with any other Jason? I don't see how he is the least predictable either. Quite the opposite. Everyone knows he has the worst mobility so they correctly predict he will have a hard time pressuring them. They also know he is minus traps so he will have a hard time controlling objectives. I don't think you're lying, I do believe you've probably had some good matches with him but it has nothing to do with J7, just the counselors you're facing. You are implying you are so good that his disadvantages do not affect you, when even the best player would be affected by them against a good team. He is basically a handicap for the match. But believe what you like.
  13. Speed and Stamina are 2 different things. You don't need a Vanessa with repair ability, but giving repair counselors decent Stamina would actually make them more worthwhile since currently they are only useful for the time to it takes to repair objectives. A tiny fraction of the match. Stealth does not balance their design.
  14. I'm not aware of testing that supports this, but in any case, it makes little difference to me and it shouldn't make much to you either. Any Jason can Sense players around objectives which you should be regularly checking. Neither Sense nor Traps are reliable enough not to. That's the primary use for it. If I pick someone up in a random spot I'm not going to waste my time going after them, when chances are there are players way closer to where I need to defend. Wherever I'm currently at, there are only 2 other spots I need to be, and Sense is only relevant in proximity to them. Jason's Sense also grows and by the time you have Rage all of them can pick up stragglers. What J7 does have which is unique to him is a bugged noise detection range (though it has nothing to do with Sense). I'm sorry if you feel offended by it but it is true. Your success has nothing to do with specifically J7. Read what you have written. Nowhere do you give examples such as "because of J7's (insert stat) I was able to overcome counselors" or "J7's (insert stat) helped me in x situation". So as I have said, just about everything you can do with J7 you can do with every other Jason much better. The only reason you would pick him for is aesthetic. Even your example of beating a swarm of players about to kill you is worrying, since they shouldn't have even got that far. Your mask is off, you have a girl with a sweater, Tommy around and other counselors? What were you doing in the match? Any skilled team would've been able to kill you right there and then, and the fact that they didn't is not testament to J7's abilities. PS: You don't need Morph to get to the boat? So what are you doing then, waiting in the water the whole match? Look guys I'm not here to argue, but anyone who thinks J7 is of any worth is under an illusion. Those of you who are beating everyone with him are either not being truthful or you are playing against a lot of subpar counselors. If you haven't already started to see Jasons get regularly dominated in matches, you will soon. There is already a solid meta for this game and if you're doing yourself the disservice of ignoring it then it's going to be rough for you.
  15. Absolutely, in fact give all the Repair counselors decent Stamina. It would actually make way more sense than it is currently where repair is the only thing those counselors have going for them. At the very least, it will make their epic quest across the map carrying the 2-seater battery to the 4-seater car a bit more bearable.