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  1. I just hope a penalty wouldn't be given for someone leaving a match when they're already dead and back in the lobby. At that point, they're done and Jason got his XP from the kill.
  2. Psn: rizstr / have mic, team player, and don't troll
  3. i'm not being negative at all. couldn't be happier. just wishful, curious thinking on how the part 4 version of jason will be portrayed.
  4. I hope part 4 Jason doesn't have a main weapon and uses whatever is around him like in The Final Chapter.
  5. According to this article, they plan to temporarily remove retro jason until they properly revamp it: https://www.realgear.net/news/featured/friday-13th-game-latest-changes-overview/
  6. I got my first tape last thursday in a double brown dresser on the second floor in Higgins Haven while playing as AJ, very early in the match. I'm lvl 49 and got tape #13 and it was a private lobby.
  7. I feel the blue dot still has significance. Maybe they will drop either Roy or Pamela PLUS single player? I think it's a countdown for a release date as well, 8/2X/2017.
  8. good point. just tossing another interpretation on the table.
  9. Maybe the image simply signifies 7 counselors and Tommy Jarvis, since he is primarily wearing blue.
  10. True, Pamela's sweater is also blue, but it's a bit lighter than the blue on Roy's mask.
  11. They just posted this on all their social media. Right now, there are 7 playable Jasons. Roy has blue marks on his mask, so this may signify that he will be the next skin added, making him the 8th playable Jason.
  12. I hope the counselor clothing pack is this outfit from the 1958 murders.
  13. I feel it would be nice to be able to change the preference without having to leave a lobby. Some groups I play with I prefer to just be a counselor and vice versa for other groups. Getting an invite from someone while currently in a lobby ports you right into their lobby, then not being able to swap preferences before joining. Small request, no biggy. I understand if this would be a problem with the current spawn algorithm, though.
  14. Psn: rizstr has mic / team focused