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  1. I thought they said they were doing away with the 30 day pre-order window...
  2. I mean, the reason the game isn't out IS console cert, although I wouldn't describe it as "picking on".
  3. It does seem pretty small, but I guess we'll just see how the file size is used.
  4. I hate April 1st so much. I can't tell if this is true or not.
  5. 1.) Part VI 2.) Part II 3.) Part III 4.) Part VII 5.) The Final Chapter 6.) Part VIII 7.) Friday the 13th 8.) Part V 9.) Jason X 10.) FvJ 11.) Reboot 12.) JGTH
  6. Aw shit, I just watched Hatchet
  7. Just a bit of conspiracy from me, but this Friday is the 13th Friday since the beta. Pretty stupid, but I'm desperate for anything at this point.
  8. "Early 2017 was always the first four months of the year." https://youtu.be/ZWF3N7vUeLI?t=1575
  9. See, I think that development hell is a little harsh for the time being. We already know they're going through cert, and new info could come in a matter of days. I'd wait another month or so until I'd start calling it development hell.
  10. A mask that isn't actually a mask: it's a red Rambo headband. Jason suits up with his belt-fed M60 and guns all of the counselors down.
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    Welcome to the forum!