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  1. Level 101 and I've not had a glimpse of a Pamela Tape.
  2. Eric rocking the velcro shoes! I just wanna know how we unlock the color schemes/patterns.
  3. Probably because they don't know how. Fixing bugs isn't as easy as clicking the "fix bug" button, you have to find the specific spot in the code where the problem is occuring.
  4. Maybe it's because of the bright lighting? You can see that in the top picture, the parts of his face in direct lighting seem to match the color from the teaser.
  5. A clearer look at Part IV. Wonder how much he's gonna cost?
  6. I'm gonna be the one to point out that two brand new accounts created within an hour are both vehemently defending one idea. Also gonna point out that both have roughly the same writing style.
  7. Aside from the obvious issue of Nintendo not being big fans of violence, there's also the issue of voice chat. In Splatoon 2, Nintendo's own multiplayer game, there's no in-game voice chat. Instead, you've gotta use this crazy setup to talk to your team. If there's no voice chat in their own game, I don't think Nintendo would allow it for this game.
  8. I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you pulled this info out of your ass, since nowhere have they said anything to this effect.
  9. Right! I'm getting my countdowns confused.
  10. Careful! I remember the last countdown...
  11. nope. just their experience with Kickstarter
  12. But hey, at least now I know what it takes to Kickstart a game!
  13. Panels's over. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?
  14. If it is, that was just poor planning on their part, considering they showed that video earlier today.