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  1. That's incredibly strange. Was the scoreboard messed up?
  2. If you're Jason in this situation, check the Tommy spawns on the map. He'll be there even though the person chosen to be him quit. Kill him and the game will end.
  3. I was "lucky" with this achievement. I was awarded it on May 29 before I had even unlocked every Jason.
  4. Just wanna throw in my two cents here: I personally don't use these techniques (knife cancel, combat stance on doors) because they seem cheap, but I guess it's up to the player how far they wanna go to win.
  5. The absolute best spot in Higgins is in the bathroom. There's a blind spot between the standing cabinets. You can't see anyone standing there unless you walk all the way into the bathroom
  6. I think that makes the comparison even more superficial: No Man's Sky's problem was a PR guy who couldn't shut up and stop making promises
  7. Because it seems that you're not aware, the traps that you set show up on your map as red diamonds. When a trap is triggered/disarmed, the icon changes (though I can't really describe it from memory).
  8. I forgot about Savini's particle effects! In that case, I think it would look great. Perhaps since he's barefoot and stitched up he could have -Defense? Obviously in terms of in-game logic that wouldn't have an effect, but I think it should play a role.
  9. That's an awesome idea. Only problem I could see is implementing the random pus squirts.
  10. But then you have the problem of veteran players having an objective advantage over newer players.
  11. The objective I'm working on is "running the fuck away from Jason", and with all the doors open you've as well as shot me.
  12. That would be pretty neat.
  13. I like XIII.
  14. In my personal (quickplay) experience, AJ and Deborah have commonly been the last survivors, if not the first to escape due to their repair/stealth. I do respect the stats, but in the games I've played stealth is the way to go.