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  1. Well I'm glad to say I've played my first Jason match and killed 7/8!
  2. I'd been in a lobby for about 8-10 matches before exiting to check if my preference was actually on Jason. It was, but it didn't seem to help at all.
  3. I've played for almost 4 hours straight with my preference set to Jason and I still haven't played as him. This is starting to piss me off...
  4. They say that if you go to Camp Crystal Lake on a clear night and listen, you can still hear the echoes of the mad ramblings of the late Darrin Howard...
  5. To add to the badges, the game said I unlocked one but it's not showing up on the badge screen.
  6. Just a couple things. First: KEY REMAPPING. PLEASE. Along with that, push-to-talk on controller. Second: Could you make it so the intro runs at our settings? My laptop is a potato and every time the cutscene lags and continues after the match has started.
  7. Happy Birthday! Let's hope your second present is working servers...
  8. If I may have a decidedly late rebuttal...
  9. HOLY JESUS That's terrifying...screw Jason, just make Chad the killer and have this be his facial expression!
  10. I'm gonna call in with a sudden case of Bullshititis
  11. I'm not sure I see the problem with that. People use the weapons they like...there's a negative to that?
  12. This is news to me. On one hand I can see it being annoying later down the line, where newer players would be punished for not knowing the map's layout. But it's a nice idea. I won't make any actual judgement until I see the system in action.
  13. Savini until I unlock 2, 6, 7, or 8.
  14. I'm almost 100% sure that there will be preorders on Xbox.