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  1. Sometimes really bad movies are good in that weirdly bad way and you love them because of how bad they are. That's what Jason X is to me, and that's why Uber Jason is #1 in my heart.
  2. This new "Rolling perks" system seems very interesting. Would like to hear more about it.
  3. The release date is the same day and weekend I have planned an elaborate camping trip. Pretty sure this means I am going to be killed by Jason IRL and never have a chance to actually play the game. Might have to bring my laptop along camping.
  4. We don't know the stun duration for the flare gun or the firecrackers, so it seems weird to say that they are too short/long when we don't know.
  5. heheheheheheh
  6. Possible, but impossible to know for sure because that could always be the result of someone's play choice. A lot of people complained about shift grabbing though, so it makes sense that they would change it in some way.
  7. What if there were magical tomes of occult lore that described ancient occultic rituals that required the blood of woodland creatures, so to cast the spells contained within the tomes you have to first harvest the souls of the wicked woodland creatures which would then allow you to cast the spells which causes the woodland creatures from around Camp Crystal Lake to become possessed by demons and descend upon Jason to feast on his flesh and defeat him.
  8. Somebody in their art department has a keen eye for the booty placement. It makes sense that a Jason from hell would wield a trident. If only the forest was actually on fire when you play Savini Jason
  9. But think about it, if anyone could kill Jason then you might have game after game where, once we find out how, people just do that over and over and over and over and over - trying to kill Jason instead of playing the actual game. If it's only Tommy that can kill Jason, then you can't ignore regular gameplay elements just running around trying to kill Jason. It's a random thing that happens if you are lucky, then you get a CHANCE at killing Jason. It's the only thing that makes sense to me when I think of how rare of an occurrence it's supposed to actually be. Movies be damned. This is a vidya game and Tommy is the only one actually from the movies anyway.
  10. I think I remember certain voice lines in the beta, when you called for Tommy on the radio, some of the characters would make explicit references saying things like "come kill Jason" (paraphrasing). I don't have evidence for this off hand, but I think I remember that. Ever since hearing that I basically assumed Tommy would eventually be a key to actually defeating him. Nobody will probably convince me otherwise until the games released. It makes sense that only Tommy would be able to kill Jason, considering how rare it is supposed to be to pull off. If everyone could do it, it seems like it'd be more common. But if you have to be Tommy, and the person chosen to play as Tommy has to know what they are doing, then it indeed would be rare.
  11. Well. That explains it. I'm done using my brain thing today. Good night world.
  12. I just watched a youtube video with Jason in MK X and I find it to be hilarious. His movements are too fluid and sometimes even come off as effeminate. Some of his magic kills are like they came out of the mind of Darren. They definitely didn't nail the essence of Jason quite like this game. They turned him into my ninja-Jason archetype. Kinda hilarious. It's not like they couldn't have made him clunky like he was in the movies.
  13. Yeah, I think them announcing that stuff means that once certification passes it won't be as long of a wait before the game is released. Can't say for certain, though.
  14. I wonder if they ever have any regrets about releasing on consoles. I don't know if a lot of low budget developers even attempt to release on consoles. A lot of people just go the PC-only route. That's probably what I would do if I had a limited budget and was making a game. Too late now, though, and I admittedly don't know much about making video games. Just seems like such a headache to go through this process, when all that effort could be devoted to making the game better and we could have been playing on PC a long time ago.