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  1. Can the moderators or anyone else confirm if the spring break dlc, will be available same day for Euro countries with the USA?
  2. Welcome aboard !
  3. Welcome to my fave game forum!
  4. Im all for the smaller maps on one condition. As long as there not lumped in with the bigger maps, when the server randomly chooses the location. There should be an option,if youre in the mood for the old big maps, or new smaller ones. Then depending on what you choose, it will still be the same where the server chooses the location as always.
  5. Friend of mine notified me yesterday that I have competition in the white woman becomes black department. Do a google search for martina big. My jaw dropped, she was as white as I used to be, and in record time became 5 times darker than i currently am. I dont think ill ever get that black as her. She gets the same treatment as me,its just that her body responds better to the treatments.
  7. For both single player modes? Theres one with jason hitman style missions, and one with bots.
  8. Finally found this thread. Will october 13 also be the day single player update comes?
  9. October 13 is the date. Is it safe to assume that will also be the date for single player update happening?
  10. They said they will have something soon just a few days ago. Im expecting them by next week they will give us a release date on single player. Most likely im guessing it will be released final week of August,or first week of September. Thats just my guess.
  11. Low on the celebrity and gaming totem poll???!!! Well, maybe on the celebrity level,but in the gaming totem poll for me they have become horror legends for giving us a friday the 13th game after decades. Gun media Ben, Wes Keltner, Big Boss Hobbs, Randy Greenback, you guys are now horror legends in my book.
  12. I could deal with the game crashing every now and then, but the level up bar not moving the last couple days is bothering me.
  13. 3 matches in a row xp bar doesnt move on ps4.
  14. My thread isnt appearing in the introduction forum,strange. Nevermind,fixed.