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  1. Breast growth has started,and yes thats my new wig till my hair grows out.
  2. Credits still missing alice cooper song. This needs to be fixed!
  3. Since almost every counselor is already a knockoff of people from the films,they should go all the way and add more. Who wouldnt want to see a knockoff of the bikers from part 3,and the store from part 3 for that matter. Also just an idea to quadruple this games sales, how about adding create a counselor like the wrestling games have with create a wrestler?
  4. Since JPops confirmed you dont have to use up all the 13,000 before the weekend is over,im using it little by little. Im going to savor every last bite,lol !
  5. I played it earlier today on ps4, it plays like a really fast arcade version of friday the 13th with better graphics. I prefer friday the 13th, because it feels more simulation,if that makes sense. Although truth be told, the main reason i bought this is for the mike myers halloween expansion that some sites say is coming in July.
  6. Sorry to ask again,but noone answered in the other thread. If you dont use up the 13,000 points before monday,do you lose them all?
  7. Ive noticed the credits problem as well. Probably something with that new ps4 update that came out.
  8. Do these bonus 13,000 points expire if you dont use them all before monday?
  9. image hosting
  10. Detransitioning has been really expensive. Currently my insurance only covered 30%. Everything else was out of my pocket.Had to pay for medications,lab tests, injections,etc,because they are considered cosmetic procedures.Changing my legal name back to Tanya also set me back 1200 euros.And buying an entirely new wardrobe isnt cheap.Start saving now,your future self will thank you for it.
  11. I wanted this so bad for ps4. I know it was exclusive to early backers. Would you buy something similar,if made for consoles? Maybe if people show enough interest ,they will make something similar.
  12. upload images Legs seem to be on the right track, after a few estrogen injections and deposits.
  13. For ps4 mine is tonywwe1974