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  1. I wish the game makers would announce at what level Fox will unlock. I struggled through the double xp weekend to go from level 19 to level 25. It would kill me if shes in the 40s. I would take me nearly a year without double xp weekends to get there,lol !
  2. It was a struggle,but made it to level 24,will this be enough for when Fox comes out??
  3. Part 3 is my fave too. I hope they add fox"s biker friends.
  4. Please let her be level free. Its bad enough Mitch is level 24. Some of us dont have infinite time to play the game.
  5. Any thoughts on if Fox will be level free? Its bad enough Mitch needs level 24 to unlock,I will be grinding on xp double point weekend just to get to level 24,im level 20 now. If they do something stupid like putting her in the 40s levels,it will take me months to get there,ugh!
  6. At the very last second they announce you need to be level 24 for Mitch,ugh ! Please, for all that is holy, dont do this with Fox! Please let her be level free in her memory.
  7. So was the fox thing a typo and they meant mitch,or is fox still coming this week?
  8. Ok, when i click on update history after downloading latest update, it shows Fox was added ,what? I dont see her anywhere,weird!
  9. The level 44 only applies to the new jason,not the new counselor, correct??
  10. The big question here is, are us Europeans going to be left out in the cold for a whole week, like the last update?
  11. Anyone that played the original virtual cabin on pc,can you comment on this? Could you explore anything during daytime?
  12. The 1st 3 have an erie creepy/scary atmosphere about them no matter how many times you watch the. From part 4 and on,while most are still enjoyable that atmosphere is gone. Thoughts?
  13. August 29-September 8 progress. Lasik surgery on my eyes,silicon injections on cheeks and nose. Done in Quezon City,Philppines.
  14. Hopefully a moderator,or even 1 of the games staff can confirm.