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  1. In Higgins Haven Small, I was being chased by Jason. I've barricaded the house I was hiding in, and open up a few drawers and then - PAMELA TAPE! My very first tape and I shouted out real loud when I got it. I was in level 57 when I found it, on PS4.
  2. How many of you can see the Nightmare on Elm Street and The Burning easter eggs on the map?
  3. Yeah, I thought that breaking doors was a bit easier, I noticed that with J6.
  4. Part 4 Jason is going to a beast when using him right. EDIT: What is that icon in the top left of the map, in the water?
  5. Santa Jason maybe? Ho ho
  6. Yep. It's the trolls fault that the team killing was taken out, because of the abusing and making the gameplay really bad. In a way, I can understand Theiceman's words. Idiots that runs away with a battery just being jerks are just jerks, but I perfer that than being killed by a Buggzy player hitting me with a bat.
  7. Will the Virtual Cabin 2.0 appear on consoles as well?
  8. I also agree.
  9. When I watched the Spring Break trailer, a thought came close in my mind. At the point when Jason kills Chad with his spear, it looks like he threw it like a javelin. Could this be a tease for a new exclusive kill for Part 6? I mean, Gun and Illfonic have confirmed that every Jason are going to get new exclusive kills to play with, and this could be one of Part 6's new kill animations. But I could be mistaking.
  10. One thing I wonder about is why there ain't a statistics screen there I can watch my progress in the game itself. Something in style with: * How many matches I have played as a counselor, or Jason. * What the most performed killed is, or how many killes in total. * Which counselor I have played the most as, or which Jason. * Most played map. * How many times I killed Chad. Etc. I would love to see these types of statistics.
  11. The Spring Break DLC is a step in the right direction. I do also want more variations of hairstyles, hair color, hats, different types of pants etc.
  12. Interesting. Could this be a part of single player? I do find it hard to believe that is an emote in multiplayer, making out.
  13. Is there going to be an second panel? When I hear the voice comment from Slash N Cast, he says "second panel". (almost in the end of this clip)
  14. No. As the title "The Final Chapter" means, I think that it should take some time to get it.