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  1. That type of behavior happened to me as well. One player played as Tiffany and suddenly she started to hit me with a machete. After when I got killed by Jason, I was watching the match and saw that Jason and Tiffany was co-working, and he did not kill her. That type of bullshit made me pissed off, so in the next match in Packanack, I got the shotgun and searched for that traitor and shot the Tiffany player and then I left the match. Karma. I don't pull off stunts like that in general, but this was a one-time situation and it servered the troll right.
  2. These type of bugs are destroying the game, and I seriously hate that. Cheaters should be banned.
  3. perks

    I got all the Jason kills first before perks. Then I started getting perks, some good while some others were worse. Starting with a map, the cop perk, and the tinker are quite nice.
  4. A different game mode that limits one type of counselor in a match actually sounds great.
  5. Hello there. Yesterday I was playing as Jason and doing a search for counselors, as usual. In two occasions I couldn't pick up knives at all, Jason only stood still and did not do anything. This only happened once, but in the same match. Has it happened to anyone else? I play only on PlayStation 4, by the way.
  6. I can go for that. Great suggestion.
  7. I don't mind that the retro Jason is an another skin for part 3 and even the same weapon, but it wouldn't hurt that the purple suit Voorhees would have different abilities than mister Brooker's classic take on Jason. Just a suggestion, though.
  8. Tables and wooden chairs should be able to break.
  9. Being killed by Jason is an honour. =)
  10. I can't find my name either, even if I donated 99 dollars for the game on Kickstarter. (And no, it's not honkytonkgamer but my real name)
  11. Being able to climb a ladder as a counselor or Jason would be great, at least the one in Higgin's barn. I want to see the noose kill.
  12. That ain't a bad idea at all.
  13. Hell yeah. That I like a lot.
  14. I wonder if there is any explainations about this. @wes @GunMedia_Ben