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  1. The jaw rip is really painful to watch. That is why I love it!
  2. Own designs doesn't sound that bad at all. Their early concept with the young Jason wearing Pamela's sweater would actually be awesome. But I want to have at least Part IV in there first.
  3. I like this! Very much!
  4. I like this idea as well!
  5. Same! =)
  6. Part 4 indeed.
  7. new character

    I don't know. A child Jason seems so wrong, but an young adult with the "can run" ability" would be an interesting idea.
  8. How do you call a snake? - hide under a bed 13 times in total.
  9. I really think that Harry Manfredini's music is so damn good. Especially the calmer, creepier tunes like the last part after mrs. Voorhees's breakdown in the end of this clip:
  10. What is the difference between defense and less hit points? For what I can read, they are quite similar but I can be very wrong, of course. Help me out with this.
  11. My guess is that the game might get a really low score in Europe, I think that Jason is much more appreciated in the States.
  12. Great stats! I agree that J4 should be a bit faster than at least part 3, because Ted White runs like hell when he chases Trish in the end of The Final Chapter.
  13. Maybe. If he can run, it would be great but although I don't know if he ran in part V.
  14. Killer is on Spotify now! https://open.spotify.com/track/1vjUaSQYAhpGHaBxDWG3xz