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  1. AFter reading all of these posts. I am so glad I do not know the complainers in real life.
  2. Being 45...I grew up on Mcdonalds playgrounds so...
  3. Please for the love of God stop giving props to part 9....
  4. I hope when people play as Vanessa that they will drop whatever they are carrying AT the car. Let the smarter characters put the stuff in the car. CharminXsoft laid it out how we should be playing the game. The Vanessa character finds the stuff and brings it to the car. Buggsy protects the bookish girl or JR to put the items in the car.
  5. The Shelly and Vera general store was different from the one in the beginning. So we have two general stores to feature.
  6. Kenny is the head counselor, correct? I think he should have some kind of leadership abilty so that the offline bots follow him. Or he can order ones around etc.
  7. Plus...I thought the general store in the beginning of the movie was apart of Higgins Haven. At least close by. I was hoping this would be on the map as well. I saw NO cabins in part 3 but they proliferate the map we all saw. I don´t get that.
  8. A 5 is considered perfect. A perfect rating. On some sites. But hey, EVERY single restaurant always has some blowhard that leaves a bad rating. Every single one. Maybe even a dozen. Not worried about that at all. Also Didn´t know I was acting big and bad but ok...If saying we do not sell cereal is big and bad then your definition needs improving.
  9. Been in business 8 years now. I love when people NOT in my business tell me how to run a restaurant...LOL. Go ahead and google Monster Cafe Saltillo. 8 years is a milestone in running a restaurant. Restaurants usually fail in 5 years.
  10. Um...I own a restaurant. We are successful and we make our food how our menu dictates it to be. If they want Captain Crunch on top of their hamburger, they ain´t gonna get it. Sorry.
  11. The people that hate Roy are just bummed that it was a normal guy in the reveal at the end. The first time they saw it they were rooting for what they thought was Jason. Roy does not bother me in the slightest. Add him in!
  12. Sounds like to me that none here has ever seen an F13 movie. How many traps have their been in the movies? Part 2 and the remake. Did at ANYTIME did the counselors disarm the traps? No they did not. Seriously. Since when do dumbass teenagers have the ability to do ANYTHING? Hell I am 45 and still do not know how to change the oil in my car, but you guys want these 16 year olds to be fixing phone boxes and generators etc. Now you want them to disarm traps that they have never seen before due to Jason making them. Sorry but when I was 16 I wasn´t walking around disarming bear traps in my jaunts to see the latest film or hang out with my friends. You guys want these teenage counselors to be rocket scientists or something. Geez. Kids are stupid. Teenagers are really stupid. Do NOT give the ability to disarm traps for god sake.
  13. Didn´t realize the majority of members here were libs...
  14. My comment about this is I think counselors will be going inside a cabin and check it out inside before locking it. Other than that...so cool! Cannot wait.
  15. I hope we have the option to Turn off the music. I cannot stand rock music. I like the F13 music that the Beta showed.