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  1. Pure speculation on my part but I would assume they're just separate and not bound to each other as I know a few streamers bought extra copies of the Savini skin for giveaways. Be a bit of a mess if it was.
  2. Pretty sure I read somewhere that they said they would be two different keys.
  3. Yeah, and afterwords it's too late. It could go off without a hitch. I'm just saying, preventative measures can save ya a dumpster fire.
  4. As I posted earlier, I'm not so much concerned about the download as I am potential technical problems if they choose to send the codes out on launch day. There have been a few games that have gone that route only to learn that there was a batch of bad codes in the mix. This meant that instead of playing or streaming a game at launch, folks were instead hung up in a swamped CS line full of angry people probably spamming the CS inbox cluttering up the process of getting it resolved further. I'm just again suggesting for the powers that be to reconsider launch day code send-outs for that reason. If they do a batched send out leading up to launch the week of and something goes sideways there's at least time to fix it prior to launch. Preloading is really irrelevant as it's only 3.2GB, but broken codes will end in a forest fire. That's really all I have to add to this subject so off this train for now.
  5. Ok. May want to have someone tweak the Steam page with the single player announcement. It still has the poster that says backers and preorders get it free. If that extends beyond preorders that may need tweaking. Not really a huge oversight but you know someone will blow a gasket. I left out the free to backers and preorders but available to buy post-launch for everyone else. What I assumed anyay. Bad wording on my part.
  6. Here's the thing. I don't think they're going to be getting 24/7 early access like everyone seems to thinks. A "very common" practice in the gaming industry these days is for a game that's on the road to release to work with a few streamers to help get the word out and preview some of the gameplay. This often is not done with a 24/7 unlimited early access free for all play but rather in a contained block of time that more often than not includes either developers or PR people as part of that event. It can be something as simple as a single day of 8 hours where the devs and the streamers play while streaming to show off what's new and how it's played or it can be broken up in multiple individual groups over a set time. That is usually the end of it. So if it's as I expect it's more than likely something like that, and not what everyone is going psycho banana nuts over. Instead it'll be a play session over a day or two probably that results in some extra gameplay footage on Twitch, YouTube, and probably reports from other traditional gaming outlets. Purely promotional. Don't worry fellas, no one is going to kill Jason on the livestream. Even Gun knows what a goof that would be.
  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the single player mode launching this summer for preorders/backers only? That may have changed but I believe they originally said that that would be for backers and preorders only, so if that's the case and they keep a griping, tell em that. Unless it's changed.
  8. I prefer being able to fight back as well. I can play games like Amnesia and Outlast, but I do like to be able to do a bit more than die screaming in the dark. Oh yeah. F13 is one of those rare horror games that can keep the horror experience while using multiplayer. Not many have pulled that off. Like with Dead Space, it swung more to the coop action shooter end mostly void of horror entirely. On the topic of publishers, I had a good chuckle at Wes' Tweet the other day about a publisher that he spoke with at E3 last year about maybe setting something up for F13 just now getting back to him now saying that they're interested. Of course they are now, that all the development work is done and the game is on the short road to launch.
  9. Not sure how codes are generated for games but that could be it. My main concern about this remains to be the potential for a bad batch of codes to get sent out and then those that get that bad batch have to try and get that straight through what will be a swamped CS on launch no matter how well it might go. As for the keys themselves, it looks like it's still the day of atm.
  10. Purely speculating. My guess is they will probably have set play hours over a one week period that may include members of Gun Media or illfonic as part of the event. I don't expect it will be much more than that but that would give them enough time to compile footage over several games via Twitch or YouTube and have it out on the week leading up to launch. Just my take anyway.
  11. I agree that the multiplayer action game was entertaining to play. Unfortunately it murdered the survival horror portion of what it used to be. Dead Space suffers from the same thing many games of a franchise run into. I'll try to break that down by part a bit but the short is after part 1 it started retreading territory. Dead Space Original: The original remains my favorite and, in my opinion, still the strongest entry in the series. The atmosphere was spot on, the creatures were introduced well and in a creepy enough way. Like I said earlier, the killer moth that mutated living and dead corpses remains my favorite. If you dies, you died horribly and in a number of potentially gruesome ways ranging from that damn moth, some crazed regenerative superbeast, a space walk gone wrong, dismemberment, or any number of other things. As they say, in space, no one can hear you scream. Dead Space 2: Part 2 started to retread things a bit. Creatures were not as well introduced but you had the benefit of the crafting system. One of the best parts was probably the psychological hallucinations when you return to the Ishimaru. Dead Space 3 Horror kind of went out the window here and we went with pure 3rd-player action shooter. While it was fun, it strayed quite a ways from the original horror-filled roots. That said, if you have a friend to play with it was pretty fun, especially with the perspective of John Carver and his...special view. I love horror games and often times Isolation is a huge part of the scare factor, which is why going multiplayer was a bit of a risk. Few horror games can go multiplayer and pull off staying true to the creepy and scare factor (F13 is a rare gem on that front). I hope at some point we get at least 1 more Dead Space game before the series concludes. Because that ending man... I'm a story guy, so it bugs me when the story is left unfinished. I still have a hand print on my forehead from face-palming so hard a while back when people at places like Capcom swore that horror games were dead because no one wanted them. Now look at some of the biggest and most anticipated games either out or on the way: Friday the 13th, Resident Evil 7 (they didn't Michael Bay it and went back to horror. Success!), Alien Isolation, Outlast and Amnesia series', upgraded and re-released versions of System Shock, and that's just some of the more recent stuff that, ya know, nobody wanted. Just shows how out of touch a lot of publishers are when it comes to gaming. There's a ton of untapped marketrs just itching for a game that no one has made because the suits keep making the status quo until the well runs dry ~looks over at Assassin's Creed~. Then you have someone that gets a little ballsy like Gun/Illfonic that takes a risk on an actual creative idea and low and behold, people are foaming at the mouth for it. Go figure. Maybe I got off on a bit of a tangent there.
  12. Just in case anyone missed it and has been looking for it, the Steam preorders are up.
  13. mmmmm cookie. But yeah, it amazes me that we still have modern civilized societies crapping their undies over a video game.