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  1. It's my dog wearing a Jason mask. I can't really add more than that. lol
  2. Just need to set us up another game night and get the crew together. You'll get a chance that way.
  3. Yeah I had a long streak of busy. Should be popping on this week sometime...I hope.
  4. Pft. Patches always break the game.
  5. You left out hilarious. Because that has definitly been our weekend. Fun stuff aside, there have been some issues where some of our group had errors and won't able to play regularly. Luckily it was only a few and our PC group that @ThatguyScott set up has been growing so no shortage of players. Aside from the issues, it was a blast but there might be a few adjustments that can make things more fun.
  6. Progress is safe. It's just a bug. Probably appear and disappear until they finish up with all the database stuff.
  7. That probably wasn't a hack but a glitch. I inadvertently got glitched last night in a cabin as well and started floating. Cleared up when I drifted by a window and climbed out. But if the door had been open who knows where I might have ended up.
  8. Read this.
  9. I tried my best to explain it in this thread. Hope that helps.
  10. We've been having a lot more fun not trying to take it seriously and be overly metagame. This incident was just a bad luck start. The two of us started right by where Jason was. So a plan was hatched to delay him so we could escape. That plan went about as hilariously wrong as one could imagine. I was laughing so hard while running away I might as well have fallen into a wood chipper.
  11. Yeah. Maybe this whole server kerfuffle will be resolved before too late Saturday.
  12. Ya know. Sometimes you have the misfortune of starting right by Jason. And then you hatch a foolproof plan to get away from him. And then, you realized that there was at least one fool who would mess that brilliant plan up leading to hilarity.
  13. Maybe we can experiment later and see.Be nice to figure all the mechanics out.
  14. Here's one for new councilors: Fear System Jason finds you through his Sense skill and fear. The more terrified your character is, the easier they are to see. A number of things factor into this.Let's first start with fear itself: Things that raise your fear * Seeing dead bodies * Being alone * Being in the dark * In an unsecured house * Seeing Jason * Being wounded You can tell how terrified you are in a number of ways. First and most telling is your character's face. Their facial expression can range from calm to sheer terror. And when you hit sheer terror, the screen starts to darken, obscuring your view a bit. You may even lose your minimap and stumble and trip while running. When this happens if Jason is around you might as well just become the Jericho and this is pretty much you. Lowering Fear: Almost anything you do beneficial can lower fear. Hiding in a hiding spot, fixing on lights if they've been destroyed, using a flashlight if it's dark, securing a cabin, finding a weapon, finding other councilors, and some other stuff. Hiding from Jason Other things that factor into hiding from Jason are your stats, two key among them are composure and stealth. Let's talk about Composure first: Composure is important for the obvious reason that it keeps you from completely freaking out as easily and becoming the Jericho that we talked about earlier. It also has the side benefit of making it easier to break out of Jason's grasp. That first one is really important as it can aid in keeping you better hidden and out of Jason's grasp in the first place. Now let's talk Stealth. Stealth makes it much harder for Jason to see you even when using Sense. So long as you're not crapping your pants when he uses it. A good combination of composure and Stealth can help keep you alive if you're playing a quiet game. Now if you're unfortunate enough to have another player with low stealth and composure come clunking around the cabin you're hiding in, we're back to that whole Jericho thing again. So the TLDR: Composure and stealth are handy to help keep you better hidden from Jason if you're not currently soiling your shorts. And fear makes you light up like a Christmas Tree. The whole system has a lot of moving parts, more than most realize. Edit: One thing I forgot to mention. Don't go expecting to hide from Jason in one spot the whole match. The longer you remain in a given spot, the higher your fear will get. So after a while, you're the Jericho with some flares and fireworks. Also, you can hide from Jason's sense in a hiding spot. If you think he's near and you hide, the house will not show red, and you just might get passed by. This was a tip on the loading screen. A team of Steam regulars tested and confirmed it does work like that. Of course, if Jason used it before you hid, better get to stepping.
  15. Well, bit of an update. Try to hold back the battering rams. Also seems that the DLC still isn't working just yet.