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  1. Best All Round Counselor

    In terms of best overall Counselor when it comes to surviving for as long as possible without bothering with objectives, it would be Vanessa, followed by Chad. In terms of most versatile Counselor that can jump from one role to another in a pinch, it would be Kenny, followed by Fox, and perhaps Adam. In terms of best suited in working behind the scenes tackling objectives without attracting Jason's attention, it would be A.J, followed by Deborah. I rank A.J. above Deborah due to her ability to sprint silently with a Lightfoot perk, which means she is able to make repairs more quickly and quietly than Deborah can, so as long as the player manage their stamina gauge well. In terms of planning to de-mask Jason and help other prepare to kill Jason, it would be Brandon, followed by Adam, and Fox. Fox is notable as she is the one Counselor to have high Strength and wear Pamela's Sweater at the same time. In terms of most efficient in fetching Pamela's Sweater and helping Tommy kill Jason, Vanessa is the best choice, followed by Tiffany. Please keep in mind that these results I've listed are based on the Counselor's general play-style, as more experience players are likely to do well in any role with any Counselor.
  2. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I'm pleased to find out that we have our Mean Girl Counselor in the end. I'm also surprised that my prediction for her stats wasn't too far off either.
  3. The pocket knife is the best item in the game for a good reason. There shouldn't be a perk that influences the pocket knife in any way. The only semi-good idea I can come up with if we need a pocket knife perk, is if it allows the Counselor to keep the knife after using it to set off a trap, but it only works once per pocket knife, and you absolutely cannot use it twice to break free from Jason's grasp. Damn, now that's a brilliant idea. It's also a subtle nerf to a pocket knife as well, as it would give Jason one extra knife to use against the Counselor. I like it!
  4. Joke - new engine

    I think you're four days late...
  5. AJ or Deborah?

    One advantage A.J. does have over Deborah is the Lightfoot perk that allows A.J. to sprint silently, assuming that this feature still works as of the latest patch. I've recently went back to playing as A.J., and I've been taking advantage of getting around quickly without being easily detected by sound blips.
  6. @Caulus: I remember Jason having a few seconds of invulnerability after being hit with a pocket knife in the early development of the game, which was because the stun duration was said to be longer than intended before the patch fixed it. Ironically, fixing this issue meant that Jason was open to another stun because of how being stunned also meant giving Jason invulnerability to further attacks until the stun wears off, which is just before Jason's recoil animations finishes and the Jason player regains control and tries to counterattack. I think all Jason needs for now is a few seconds of invulnerability after a stun as soon as the Jason player regain control, rather than having it tied with the stun duration time.
  7. Stealth Rankings Each value of the Stealth statistic are readjusted so that the player no longer need to have a 9/10 or above to be able to jog silently, and can even sprint silently with a very high Stealth rank. The catch is that each values are highly dependent on the Counselor's current Fear Level, where their ability to avoid generating sounds based on their Stealth value stops working once the Counselor starts to panic: 1/10: Any kind of movement will always generate noise, though crawling would still be quieter than sprinting. 2-3/10: Crawling is silent only if Fear Level is low. 4-5/10: Walking is silent only if Fear Level is low. Crawling will always be silent. 6-7/10: Jogging is silent only if Fear Level is low. Crawling and Walking will always be silent. 8-9/10: Sprinting is silent only if Fear Level is low. Crawling, Walking, and Jogging will always be silent. 10/10: All movements, even Sprinting, will not generate noise. However, moving on water or swimming will still generate noise. Note: Once Jason hits 'RAGE', it is no longer possible to jog or sprint silently. Stealth and 'Sense' Originally you needed perks to be able to avoid Jason's 'Sense', and even then they would be rendered useless considering that a wise Jason player would re-roll his 'Sense' ability until your Counselor shows up regardless. Stealth is now improved so that a Counselor with a 6/10 and above in Stealth will not light up red inside Jason's 'Sense' map. Again, the catch is that this feature is highly dependent on the Counselor's current Fear Level, and once the Counselor starts to panic they will always be visible in 'Sense' until they've calmed down. Also, once Jason hits 'RAGE', this feature stops working without perks to avoid 'Sense'. Sound files and Stealth Counselors with a 6/10 or higher in Stealth will now be able to open drawers, and open/close doors and window quieter than usual, which basically means that the sound files of drawers, doors, and windows opening/closing have their volumes slightly reduced from Jason's perspective. Their footsteps will also not be as loud as the likes of louder Counselors in turn. Thoughts?
  8. @Ahab: I understand your concerns and I do appreciate your criticisms, and I assure you that I'm not wanting to see stealth Counselors turn into ninjas, but to see Counselors get more out of Stealth just as Chad, Jenny, and Vanessa do with their high Luck statistic. As it stands, you need to invest 9 points out of 10 in Stealth for that statistic to be considered to have a worthwhile use, which is being able to jog silently with no drawbacks. Any value below 9 is a waste of points, and that's far too many points needed to even get any mileage out of Stealth. Hence why I proposed the idea of offering more benefits for a high Stealth ranking, in exchange for the player being mindful of their Counselor's Fear Level, which forces player to manage their Fear Level to continue receiving their benefits while keeping a look out for Jason's current position in case his presence will make you gain more Fear. An innate 'Sense' avoidance for Counselors with a Stealth at 6/10 and above would sound overpowered on paper, I agree, but from my proposed idea is that if a Jason player actively work to make Counselors gain Fear throughout the match, this benefit should be hard to consistently control unless the Counselor either use perks to reduce Fear gain or play smart. You're not expected to permanently avoid Jason's 'Sense' radar for a good ten-fifteen minutes until Jason enters 'Rage', you're expected to be aware of when you could lose this benefit more often than not if you don't manage your Fear Level, and even then you could still be found by Jason if he happens to know or guess that you're trying to tackle an objective.
  9. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Just thought up a statistic for Mean Girl in the name of fun and boredom: Composure: 5/10 Luck: 9/10 Repair: 2/10 Speed: 5/10 Stamina: 8/10 Stealth: 3/10 Strength: 3/10 There aren't that many Counselors with high Luck, and there's definitely an abundance of those with high or above-average Stealth, hence why I distributed a high Luck, low Stealth for the Mean Girl. Looking at the stats, she's basically a slower and louder Chad, but with higher Stamina and Composure to compensate.
  10. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    I'm chucking to myself about the Easy Listening perk getting a buff, considering that you'd still get a gigantic target on your back with the radio on just to have a better stamina recovery. I'd be surprised if the massive boost means that it's actually worth using now if the player plans to kite Jason indoors when the radio is on.
  11. Why is stealth bad?

    I think an easy fix to give A.J., Deborah, and Eric a boon in utility as repairers is to make Repair more difficult for Vanessa, Jenny, and Chad, so that they're more guaranteed to screw up a skill check at least once. Increase the minimum amount of skill checks they can roll from a 5 to an 8. As for the Stealth stat itself, give high Stealth counselors (6/10 and above) innate 'Sense Avoidance' at low fear level, and also allow Counselors with a 6/10 to jog silently at low fear level, and Counselors with a 9/10 to sprint silently at low fear levels. Once Jason hits Rage status, these listed benefits stop working. If the new Stealth changes are too overpowered, how about reducing the volume of the sound high Stealth counselors make when opening doors, windows, drawers, etc, so that Jason cannot hear them as well with louder Counselors such as Vanessa and Buggzy?
  12. It's amazing that a little change with the grab animation makes it appear more authentic and menacing than it did before. It's good to see that my wish to have the grab animation be adjusted has come true.
  13. Tiffany and AJ change?

    I was thinking that myself, I didn't think the Emo generation was around during the 70s/80s. And as for A.J.'s current stats, I honestly think that they fit Shelly more than they fit A.J., though I don't think swapping their statistics around would work either. As for changing A.J.'s stats to better represent her character, I still think these stats I've arranged for her earlier on this topic would suit her better: Composure: 5/10 (Her voice clips makes her seem more upset than others when she sees a corpse, or when she calls for help, hence why her Composure is slightly lower) Luck: 3/10 (She doesn't strike me as someone who would be miserably unlucky in life, especially if A.J. was able to find a date with Adam.) Repair: 7/10 (If A.J. is meant to be smart as opposed to brawny, then I suppose keeping her Repair as it is makes sense for her character.) Speed: 4/10 (A.J. attire doesn't really make her seem like a fast runner, hence why her speed is left as it is.) Stamina: 6/10 (A.J. appears more in shape than Shelly, Deborah, and Eric, hence why I think she would have a higher Stamina rank.) Stealth: 6/10 (A.J. just doesn't strike me as someone who would rather hide under a bed when in danger, but I do think she's more likely to play smart and hide in the shadows when necessary.) Strength: 4/10 (2/10 seems far too weak for someone who is meant to be 'tough-as-nails', but I don't want her Strength to be too high so that she's basically overriding Fox's role as a fighter/repairer. 4/10 seems just about right to me.)
  14. Get used to hearing Pamela's voice if you're being ganged up by a group of armed and competent counselors: *Counselor hits Jason* Pamela: Get up, Jason! Find them! Kill-- *A different Counselor hits Jason* Pamela: They want to keep you from me, Jason-- *A Counselor carries a Pocket Knife* Pamela: Jason, my boy-- * A Counselor enters Jason's shack * Pamela: They've come for me, Jason! Don't let them-- Jason: FOR FUCKS SAKE, MUM, I KNOW I HAVE TO KILL THESE DAMN KIDS, JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!
  15. Most cruel thing youve done to a teammate

    I shut the main door on Vanessa and trapped her in with Jason while he was right behind us inside a small lodge with no windows. The Vanessa player swore at me as Jason grabbed and killed him. To be fair I was thinking that Vanessa could easily have slipped through the door, but was too slow to act in time, which is ironic considering that it's Vanessa we're talking about.
  16. Is there a trick to the Jason stuns?

    I play this game on Steam. And I'm very certain that my perks do carry over when I play as Tommy, as my Medic perk still works as intended.
  17. Is there a trick to the Jason stuns?

    I'm pretty sure I've read up somewhere on this forum that after hitting Part 3 Jason a certain number of times, the stun chances will be guaranteed regardless of the weapon used. I've managed to hit Jason as Tommy with a single wrench up to eight-or-nine times in a row with a 17% Sucker Punch perk, and I'm pretty sure that shouldn't be possible unless I happened to be super lucky with my stun chances.
  18. Tiffany and AJ change?

    Considering how easy it is for Vanessa to do repairs by herself if Jason is sufficiently distracted enough, I agree with the idea of having her Repair drop from a 2 to a 1/10, with the spare point being placed in either Composure, Stealth, or Strength. The changes for Buggzy and Tiffany is nice too, though I'd preferably reduce her Stealth to a 9/10 instead of having another 1/10 Strength character, since we already have Deborah and Jenny.
  19. Too hard to escape?

    I've recently had two games where two different Jason players were killed by a group of Counselors. I also survived 20 minutes on my own as Fox against Part 6 Jason, and I didn't have my one pocket knife used up once. Suffice to say, Jason isn't really that stronger in this patch.
  20. To be honest, I don't think I've noticed that big a difference with the amount of pocket knives I can find. I've found one inside a cabin, and I found one by a bonfire spot. The amount may have been reduced, but I don't think it's as rare as most make it out to be. They can still be found, you just need to be the one to find them first before anyone else can. And hey, Tommy Jarvis still spawns with a pocket knife.
  21. Tiffany and AJ change?

    Yeah, that's another problem I've had with trying to change A.J.'s stats. It's not easy to try and change A.J.'s stats to better suit her image, when the Fox's 'Biker Girl' is already similar to AJ's 'Rocker Girl' image, so chances are they'll end up with similar stats in the end. How about this?: Composure: 5/10 Luck: 3/10 Repair: 7/10 Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 6/10 Strength: 4/10
  22. If the slower Counselors feel too slow after the patch and need a slight speed buff, why not readjust the scaling of the Speed ranking system a bit? There isn't a Counselor with a 1/10 in Speed, so 3/10 is considered the lowest by default. Why not carry the original Speed value of 3/10 to 1/10, and then re-scale the values up towards the 10/10 Speed value? That way, Vanessa and Tommy will have their speed remain unchanged, but Jenny/Eric/Mitch will be slightly faster as a result.
  23. Morph, STALK, Shift, Sense

    Why not have Jason players choose what abilities to have in order before the match begins?
  24. Upcoming Jason Balance Changes - 1/25/18

    I like the changes that Jason will be getting so far, even if they are small steps. I was hoping that he will be able to strike Counselors crawling or jumping through windows again, just as he did last year, but alas. Maybe this will return someday in the future?
  25. An 8th Stat: Dexterity

    I've already covered this in my message.