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  1. Today, I played a Quick Match where I was able to kill Jason as Tommy. A player had already acquired Pamela's Sweater, and I make the decision to de-mask Jason. Only problem is at the time, or at least I had thought so, was that had only got an iron poker as a damage weapon. I didn't want to risk running away to search for a better weapon while getting the Pamela Sweater girl killed, so I decided to give the weapon a go. Even though the recent update had made that weapon stronger than it was before, would it have made that much of a difference anyway? ...Turns out I de-masked Part 6 Jason in just three quick hits. With an Iron Poker. I then made a mad dash to find a Machete, and once I had found it, I was able to kill Jason for the first time. Feels satisfying to use a weapon that was once considered to be a 'joke weapon' to play a role in successfully killing Jason.
  2. Jason is a freaking joke.

    I agree that, as of right now, Jason is not as intimidating as he should be in the current patch. The main problems I have so far is what I believe is holding Jason: Counselors can climb or leap through windows, and Jason cannot break the window to damage them until the Counselor's animation finishes due to an invisible wall. You could use a throwing knife, but it's a waste of a knife when they're better off used against a Counselor running outdoors in a panic. Tables/Furniture cannot be destroyed or moved to allow Jason corner a Counselor using it to keep their distance from him. I understand that performance issues would suffer because of the debris left behind, but there's no option to have them fade away instead? Jason cannot do much against a group of experienced Counselors ganging up on him without using his buggy melee attack or throwing knives. Grabbing a Counselor leaves him open to attack from behind, certain kills cannot be performed if another Counselor is in the way, and that's before the hostage uses a pocket knife to escape. Fear doesn't really do much beyond reducing Stamina regeneration rate, blocking the mini-map (which can be prevented with a perk), and causing Counselors to stumble for a second more frequently. It also has little to no effect on combat, which clashes with the idea that Jason is meant to be an unstoppable killing machine. I don't think Counselors need a drastic nerf without making Counselors frustrating to play as, but I do think that Jason needs more tools to help him overcome the more experienced Counselors beyond just baiting one Counselor into missing an attack and relying on awkward melee attacks to retaliate, while watching behind them to see if another is trying to sneak in an attack.
  3. Tiffany and AJ change?

    Rearranging A.J.'s stats is harder than it looks, that's for sure. We have a stealth-fighter in the form of Shelly, and we have a fighter-fixer in the form of both Adam and Fox, and Deborah and Eric are both stealth-fixers, whereas Deborah can actually jog silently while Eric is better in emergency combat. The only archetype we haven't got so far is a fixer-runner, but that combination is dangerous to have unless that Counselor is average at running and fixing to balance things out right now. Kenny does fill in that role technically, but he's meant to be a true jack-of-all-stats. Anyways, here's my revision that I made out of boredom: Composure: 6/10 Luck: 3/10 Repair: 6/10 Speed: 5/10 Stamina: 5/10 Stealth: 6/10 Strength: 4/10
  4. I've received x2 EXP just now. They should be ready for everybody now.
  5. Tiffany and AJ change?

    Not sure why you're bringing this up when I only stated that I just don't see A.J. as a Stealth focused Counselor. Fine, Deborah cannot sprint even with a Lightfoot perk while A.J. can (thought Tiffany supposedly cannot for some reason), but she can still jog silently and that's generally enough. If my idea of giving A.J. more speed bothers you, I'd be happy to change my mind and place them in either Composure, Luck, or Strength. They're just ideas on the suggestions board.
  6. Tiffany and AJ change?

    A.J. being described as 'tough-as-nails Rocker Chick' seems weird given when her statistics implies that she'd be hiding under a bed when things goes south, and is a worse fighter than a quiet girl who spends her time reading books. I mean, we already got a female Stealth and Repair Counselor, and that's Deborah. A.J. just feels redundant with Deborah around, and I think A.J. would stand out more if her statistics were adjusted to better fit her archetype.
  7. Tiffany and AJ change?

    I think that Tiffany is well balanced and doesn't need changes in her statistics, except perhaps by taking a point off of her Stealth to increase her Luck or Repair instead. I do feel that A.J. needs more of an overhaul instead considering that her current statistics doesn't really reflect her 'tough-as-nails' character, and Deborah already fulfills the female Stealth/Repair character and performs much better overall, even in combat with her atrocious Strength thanks to her superior Luck. I'd be more inclined to give her the following statistics that I feel suits A.J. more: Composure: 6/10 Luck: 2/10 Repair: 6/10 Speed: 6/10 Stamina: 6/10 Stealth: 5/10 Strength: 4/10
  8. Shelly's stats

    I wonder if Shelly is meant to be seen as a 'joke character', considering how his archetype is The Class Clown?
  9. Shelly's stats

    There might be a chance that the screenshot with Shelly's statistics was faked, but I doubt there would be time to make up a fake one when the PS4 update was only just released.
  10. Shelly's stats

    Composure: 6/10 Luck: 1/10 Repair: 5/10 Speed: 4/10 Stamina: 4/10 Stealth: 8/10 Strength: 7/10
  11. Ah, my mistake. I read 3pm EST on a live chat and assumed it was for the update, not perk event.
  12. If the update is live at 3pm EST, it'll be live in the UK at 20:00. Two hours until then.
  13. I think it's more to do with how Jason has been nerfed to the point where he's no longer the credible threat he originally was, and it's especially notable if you play as Jason with a less than adequate connection. It's funny that I used to think that Jason was horribly overpowered, whereas before the nerf, a group of Counselors could easily work together to take him out. Nowadays, it's a playground where Jason is the one kid that everyone picks on.
  14. Counselor Rebalance Ideas

    I forgot about Fox's stats, and you're right, the stats I provided looks almost the same as Fox. I'll change it up a bit: Composure: 7 to 5 Luck: 1 to 2 Repair: 7 to 6 Speed: 4 to 5 Stamina: 4 to 6 Stealth: 10 to 6 Strength: 2 to 5
  15. If the boat start-up notified Jason, a smart player would never consider using a boat to escape since there is no way to escape if caught in the water. Against an experienced Jason player, only A.J. and Deborah can benefit from using the boat to escape. Tiffany can use her stealth to deliver the parts needed to fix the boat, but she won't be able to make the repairs on her own. Everyone else will make sound pings by where the boat is parked, which will give Jason enough clues that someone is planning to get out by boat.
  16. Counselor Rebalance Ideas

    Personally, I think her current stats don't really reflect her character/archetype well. Everyone else is pretty much perfect the way they are, but A.J. stands out to me because of how unfitting her statistics are. For someone who is described as 'tough-as-nails' on her profile, she has terrible Strength and Luck. With only 3 points in total, this makes her the worst combatant in the in the game. I think these changes would benefit her more than it would now: Composure: 7 to 5 Luck: 1 to 2 Repair: 7 to 6 Speed: 4 to 5 Stamina: 4 to 5 Stealth: 10 to 6 Strength: 2 to 6
  17. I wonder if these changes would make Stealth overpowered?: A score of 6/10 and above grants a Counselor the ability to not show up on Sense, as long as their Fear is at base level. A score of 6/10 now allows the Counselor to jog silently, and a score of 9/10 now allows the Counselor to sprint silently. Again, they only work as long as Fear is at base level. As soon as they gain enough Fear to start looking around anxiously, these new abilities stops working until they calm down again. Once Jason reaches Rage Mode, these abilities stops working completely.
  18. This has to be the strangest death that has happened while I was playing. There were no traps on the other side of the window, I never took damage throughout the playtime, and yet I inexplicably died climbing through an unbroken window. My character was even standing idly as if nothing has happen, yet the words 'You Died' was displayed on the screen. Has anything like this happened in your playthroughs?. Share your strangest death encounters.
  19. Nope, he was busy breaking down the barricaded door where I climbed through the window of doom. There wasn't even blood spatter anywhere, not on my Counselor and not on the walls and floor. The window wasn't broken, and I didn't take a single hit throughout the level before this. I just...died, standing up inside the window while the game went on. Considering that I never had this happen to me since I purchased the game, I probably won't have to worry about seeing something like this again.
  20. The game was still playing at the time. Another player even climbed through the same window where I suddenly died for no reason a minute ago, and was fine enough to collect the things that I had dropped. I'm still trying to wrap my head around at how I even died in the first place. All I have to go on was the word 'Murdered' on the status screen, not 'Betrayed' or 'Smashed' and so on.
  21. Counselor Rebalance Ideas

    Personally, I think some of the statistics' functions needs adjusting to make Counselors such as Vanessa and Chad seem less overpowered. For example, have a low Composure character take longer to recover from stumbling to discourage Vanessa and Chad from combating and 'kiting' Jason for too long. Once they stumble, the animation takes twice or thrice as long, making it easier for Jason to catch up to them. The time it take to start vehicles should also be measured with the Composure stat instead of Luck, making the two less likely to drive away in vehicles as quickly as they did before. Speaking of vehicles, why not also have the Composure stat be used to place fuel in vehicles instead of the Repair statistic? Granted it would give Vanessa a small buff, but it would hardly a huge buff worth considering, while making it even harder on Chad due to his abysmal Composure statistic. With these changes in mind, it would also make Jenny, A.J., and Adam more viable in play.
  22. I seem to be getting an issue with the camera being stuck on the ground once the match starts as both a Counselor or as Jason. While there were times that I could luck out and open a door to force the camera to move, but for the most of the part I had to quit and choose another game. Is anyone getting this problem on the Jarvis Map? It seems to only happen on that map and nowhere else.
  23. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Just for a little fun, I have a collection of different archetypes/classes for Friday the 13th and made a spreadsheet of different stats, especially the Mean Girl. My version of the Mean Girl ranked second place in Strength, scoring a 9/10. She was one point behind The Bully, who had a 10/10. I figured it was appropriate for both of them to have excellent Strength, considering that they would know how to bring out the pain both verbally and physically. Besides, I am wondering if we'll be seeing a Mean Girl eventually. If we're having a new Counselor in the future according to the RoadMap, might as well introduce one then.
  24. Though there were the one time when I quit early due to not wanting to be Jason, I'd just suck it up and not ruin everyone's fun. Just grin and bear it. You probably won't be Jason again in the next match.
  25. I've been enjoying the most reason version/patch of the game and I do think that the game is relatively playable and enjoyable for the time being. However, I still think that there are balancing issues on both the Counelors and Jason's sides, especially with the notion that Jason has effectively been crippled to the point where he cannot reliably defend himself against a mob of Counselors. On this topic, I'll start off with some ideas about the Counselors gameplay plan and then move onto the Jason gameplay plan: COUNSELORS The Composure statistic (and by extension, the Fear mechanic) needs a slight overhaul. The Composure statistic is lacking in utility, and having a high Fear level is not a big enough threat to warrant use of a Counselor with a high Composure stat. Composure: Will now affect the speed of placing Fuel in vehicles in place of the Repair stat, and affect the speed of starting cars and boats in place of the Luck stat. Fear: Will now influence the animation speed of stumbling. A high Composure will reduce the time it takes to recover from stumbling, whereas a low Composure will do the opposite. The Perk 'Spacial Awareness' will also now reduce the animation time instead of reducing the chances of stumbling. The Stealth statistic also needs a little overhaul due to only influencing the amount of 'sound blips' being made during Jason's view, and is only useful for Counselors scoring a 9/10 due to being able to jog silently. It also had no influence on Jason's Sense Ability, as it was always possible to Stealth: Will now grant Counselors scoring a 6/10 and above the ability to jog silently, while offering Counselors scoring a 9/10 and above to sprint silently...so as long as they do so on certain terrains that doesn't amplify sound when stepped on, else they will give out 'sound blips' that gives their position away. Sense: Will now allow Counselors with a 6/10 and above to have an innate 'Sense Avoidance'...so as long as they remain calm. As soon as they start to look around anxiously, they will no longer have 'Sense Avoidance' until they calmed down. Once Jason enters Rage Mode, this feature will no longer work. A.J., Deborah, and Eric needs to be more diverse as they are too similar to each other, they are all focused on Stealth and Repair and don't have that much difference other than Eric not being able to use Pamela's Sweater. A.J.: Swap her Repair and Strength. It doesn't make much sense to have the tough-as-nails Rocker Chick to be weaker combat-wise than Deborah, the more delicate Bookish Girl. If she doesn't need a 7/10 on Strength because of Fox, take a few points and place them on Speed and Stamina, or even Luck. Deborah: Her statistics are just about perfect. I don't think any readjustments need to be made. Eric: Take a couple of points off of Repair and Stealth to boost his Luck and Strength. Unless this mechanic was changed, it will allow him to eat a trap without immediately falling into 'injured' status due to having better Luck, and his better Strength will buy him more time when stunning Jason as it is now confirmed that the Strength stat influence stun times when attacking Jason. JASON Give Jason the option to destroy tables, chairs, and sofa/settees. Enough said. (And if there would be performance issues because of too many debris in one area, maybe have them fade away and removed from the level?) Give Jason an ability to help separate Counselors from ganging up on him. Perhaps introduce a new unblockable non-damaging attack where he can push a Counselor to the ground to separate one Counselor from another, and force them to get back on their feet with the Spacebar button? Give Jason an ability to surprise attack or grab nearby Counselors whilst knocked to the ground. If trap-stacking cannot return, allow Jason to reactive his traps. That way he would not need to worry about not being able to protect an objective due to not being able to re-trap it without wasting any resources. The drawback, however, is that reactivating his trap will a little time to prepare. Allow Jason to swap perspectives when throwing knives, or at least slightly enlarge their hitboxes to have them hit their target more reliably. Introduce a new statistic for all Jasons that allows them to change the speed of all Counselors when encountering Jason. One Jason (preferably Part 7) will induce Fear at a much faster rate than others, allowing them to ally more pressure when hunting Counselors down. Adjust Jason's grab rage so that he is more guaranteed to catch his prey at extremely close range. I understand that there are so many of these suggestions as of late and it's probably getting annoying at this rate, but I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts. I'm hoping to learn more about the right way to go about game balancing and learning how to understand the game mechanics a little more.