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  1. Eric does have the lowest Stamina value, yes, but the trade-off is that his Stamina will regenerate the fastest out of all Counselors so far. Vanessa can run for miles, but once her Stamina runs out she'll have to rest for a while to regain her lost energy before she can sprint again. I'd imagine that Eric will be quite difficult to catch if he is given the right perk that supplements his Stamina in some way. He may even be a danger to a Jason that is unable to run or has a handicap to his Shift ability.
  2. @SexDrugs&Tea: I think I will be using Adam the most, and I plan to use perks that are geared towards improving his low stealth to help him stick around other counselors without attracting too much attention. If I'm not lucky with the perks bonuses, I'll probably stick with Deborah and A.J. and use stamina/speed-based perks to help them escape into another building easier if Jason finds me.
  3. I've just decided to post on this forum after spending some time learning more about the game before the official release. Since I've enjoyed the beta, I'm really looking forward to the real deal on the 26th this month!
  4. Looks like the hard work with including hair physics have paid off. Well done! Now I'm picturing Adam's hair flowing in the wind if he had his longer hair in his concept art. The girls would be jealous, I bet.
  5. True, there would be no point to being Jason if the game makes it too easy to stun-lock or outright kill him as a way to win the match as a counselor. Jason is supposed to be overpowered after all. The most important part is that the goal of combat in this game is not to kill Jason, but to give counselors a chance to rescue captured friends, and to knock him out to buy some time to get away. Having every counselor go after Jason thinking that they can kill him would make for a short and boring match, so I can understand why most counselors don't even have their Strength statistics reach past 5/10 to give newcomers the impression that combat is not that viable a strategy. My intention was only meant to give certain counselors, namely A.J., a unique game-play plan that is not identical to another counselor, and to give them an extra reason to want to attack Jason if players are confident enough that they will be able to stun him in one hit. Not to kill Jason, but to try a last-resort attack in the hopes of buying more time to escape.
  6. And I've also noticed that Vanessa is ranked 4th when comparing every counselor's Strength value, and she's scores a 4/10! Out of all statistics, the Strength stat is the only one that I'm concerned about how it will play out in the final product, especially since only Brandon and Adam have a high Strength value, while everyone else besides Kenny and Vanessa are scored 1-3/10.
  7. Cheers. I always thought that it was a little bizarre that A.J. still has very low Strength and atrocious Luck in the final product, which makes her arguably the worst female counselor in combat considering that her weapon is going to break very soon and that she barely stronger than Deborah and Jenny (who both have the worst Strength statistic) to make up for it. I decided to give A.J. more Strength to help mold her role as a combatant/protector type, and to better match her profile as being tough-as-nails, which is also complemented with her high Composure statistic. While A.J. will have lost quite a bit of her Repair skill as a consequence, it's still manageable at a 4/10, so she can still fill in that role if the player is skilled enough with the repair mini-games. I also boosted Vanessa's Strength a bit more to help create another female character with an above-average Strength value. With those two girls boasting a higher Strength value than the original, it should help diversify the counselors a little more.
  8. @Vursoli: Bear in mind that my spreadsheet is not the official statistics for every counselors, as they are merely my suggestions for diversifying each counselor without making one or two a little too identical. And from my personal experience, I would think that Stealth, Stamina, and Composure are the more important stats than others at the moment. Speed and Repair is also worth looking into as well, but aren't as vital. Luck and Strength are the two stats that doesn't sound as useful considering how combat is a big risk to take, though that may change in the final game. It all comes down to your play-style. If you like to be stealthy, then A.J., Deborah, and Tiffany are your best bet. If you want to get to A and B as fast as possible and not be too concerned about Stamina, then Brandon and Vanessa is a good choice. If you want to do a little bit of everything, then Kenny is a good choice. It's up to you.
  9. I'm pretty sure that a match consisting of septuplets would still be manageable for a skilled Jason player. It all comes down to every player's play-style and how good they are at surviving, or how good they are at taking advantage of their Jason's abilities. The thought of seven Vanessa characters running across the map non-stop makes me laugh, though. Jason's Sense ability would probably be picking up their movements every time he uses the ability.
  10. Crash Bandicoot was a part of my childhood, so I'll definitely be purchasing the N. Sane Trilogy once it's out. I can't really remember whether it was my very first Playstation 1 game, but it was definitely one of the first games on that console.
  11. Cheers. Of course, my chart means basically nothing at the moment considering that not everyone knows exactly how everyone plays out in the official game, especially with the announcement that the stamina system has been reworked. We'll have a better understanding of how the counselors and game-play works after about a few weeks worth of playing once it's out.
  12. @JPops: Sorry about that. I was under the impression that any kind of suggestions or ideas were specifically meant to go into the 'Suggestions/Feedback' thread, which was why I posted there instead of here.
  13. I've compared the recent counselor stats, and I've noticed that certain counselors are either similar to each other, or are lacking in other stats that would benefit them more. Provided below are my ideas for every counselor in the game so far, in picture format: As seen on the table, no two counselors share the same perfect or worst rank. For instance, A.J. has a very high stealth stat still, but Tiffany is the one who has a perfect 10/10 and no one else. Brandon no longer has the lowest Repair skill, while Tiffany still retains her weakness to repairing electronics and vehicles. I also wanted to put more emphasis on the 10/10 scores by removing the 9/10 scores, as the one point difference would be almost negligible in game-play. The 8/10 score is still high, but the 10/10 score would yield a more noticeable result when used. Now, as for the changes I've made...I predict that A.J. will likely be the more controversial change out of everyone, and my reasoning is that she's a little too similar to Deborah in play-style as both have the exact same role (Repair and Stealth), much like how Eric is too similar to the two as well. I felt that it would make more sense that a tough-as-nails gal would be more focused in combat than repairs, hence the change. So basically, this was mainly done out of boredom and I don't really expect this to be taken into consideration due to the official release date having been announced ages ago, which I'm really eager to play once the game is released. What do you think? Any changes that looks better or worse?