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  1. On a one-to-one fight, Jason will undoubtedly win. But if he is up against more than one Counselor, his ability to Block will not be as useful if his opponents are aware that it makes him invincible to everything but a shotgun blast, and chooses to not attack him until Jason gets bored and stops guarding against attacks. Besides, there's a time limit, and the more time spent on blocking attacks is basically less time being spent on killing Counselors. He can't stay in Block mode forever, especially if Counselors are smart enough to not take the bait and just wait for the perfect opportunity to strike once Jason lower his guard to try and get an attack in or grab someone.
  2. Wow, that's ridiculous. In that case, making Jason harder to kill is definitely top priority. I wouldn't know what to suggest to improve on this, but this does make Jason appear less of an imposing juggernaut than the game have you believe if it's this easy to overwhelm and defeat Jason. This also makes the Counselors' objective priorities completely backwards as well, isn't their objective to escape meant to be easier to accomplish than it is to actually work together to go and kill Jason? I'm not saying that escaping as a Counselor should be made easier as a whole, but Jason being this easy to kill seems to diminish the purpose of the Counselors' main objective of the game: to either escape by police/car/boat, or survive the entire match for 20 minutes. Granted, killing Jason means finding a well coordinated team actively working to help each other at all times, but still...
  3. No, but I can recommend looking up @Rydog commentary and his guides to have a better understanding of the game's current gameplay mechanics. I'm confident that he knows what he's talking about, based on his research. From what I've gathered, Jason is surprisingly easy to take out with a well coordinated team that take turns stunning and damaging Jason until his mask falls off, especially if the team manages to contact Tommy Jarvis and have a female Counselor go fetch Pamela's Sweater. If the team knows hit-and-run tactics, using the right kind of weapons, and stopping Jason from going for a kill animation if he grabs someone, chances are Jason is going to struggle with killing Counselors working as a team, and will have to rely on separating them to ensure that they won't interrupt him from killing them off one by one. If you're trying to take out Jason alone or with a group that aren't confident or smart enough to work together, then trying to kill Jason at that point is pretty much impossible. You're better off focusing on calling the cops, or getting the cars and boat ready to drive away to safety, and that's ironically more difficult than taking out Jason himself, given how the current gameplay mechanics favors killing Jason more than trying to escape from the match.
  4. If people are determined to kill Jason, it's surprisingly easy to do so if at least two people know what they're doing, and if the Jason player doesn't take advantage of combat mode to block Counselor's attacks. I've had a match where two players were this close to killing Jason, but the Tommy player had the wrong weapon and the Tiffany player activated the Pamela Sweater too early. If anything, it should be more difficult to kill Jason. Right now, it's rather ironic that killing Jason is the easiest task to accomplish to win the match as a Counselor than actually trying to escape. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
  5. Sometimes I get a +50 xp point on the screen that says "Show Yourself!" with a Jason's mask icon for no particular reason. Does anyone know what it means? I've looked around but I couldn't find any answers. Thank you.
  6. I think my point is being misunderstood. I'm not saying penalize people who quit matches if they die. That's fine, not everyone is keen on spending the next 15 minutes waiting for the match to end. I'm saying penalize people who frequently and consistently quit several matches right at the beginning once they realize they're not playing as Jason, or at least come up with a compromise to raise the chances of becoming Jason under the right circumstances. I agreed with @I Hate Spectate point about the preference system being re-worked, so that a player's chance to be Jason should be much higher, if not almost guaranteed, if you specifically choose to spawn as Jason from the Spawn Preference screen, while everyone else chooses None or Counselor from their Spawn Preference screen. Suppose if there are more than one players who set their Spawn Preference as Jason, then there could be some form of a gamble system where these players can bet to see who will be playing as Jason, since there can only be one. And if you don't get to play as Jason in one match, you'll receive a 'point' which you can use in the next match to increase your chances of becoming Jason if you come across another group of players wanting to become Jason. If you have that 'point' and no one else does, you're guaranteed to be Jason. But sometimes you'll just have to accept that you cannot consistently become Jason in every match, as you'll face a group where most will want to be Jason. Eventually you'll become a Counselor, and instead of quitting right at the start, you can gain that 'point' to use in the next match if you just stick it out and play until you die or escape.
  7. That, and there also needs to be some kind of system that penalizes player for quitting the game early too many times, so it basically persuades player to stay in the match for longer than half a minute and only quit if if you are killed and not wanting to wait until the end of the match. Say, prevent a player from playing Quick Matches for about an hour if they leave a match with about more than 19 minutes left of game time, three times in a row.
  8. I meant when they quit early in the match because they're either not Jason, or they didn't want to play because of low connection. Anyone unlucky enough to approach an area where someone left the game prematurely will still freak out at the sight of their corpse, even though Jason didn't do anything to kill that Counselor. This basically screws over players in another way since they're being affected by another player's actions who have left the match.
  9. What also screws other players over is how your Counselor will always react to a rage-quitter's dead body and build Fear early on, especially in the first minute of the game and don't have a large map to tell you where every Counselor in the game is yet, so you have no way of knowing that you're about to run into their rage-quitting corpse until it's too late. This annoys me to no end when it comes to rage-quitters spoiling the fun out of matches.
  10. I'm not entirely sure about this, but I'm pretty sure that the Sense cooldown time can be shortened if the Sense ability is deactivated earlier and manually before the ability wears off on its own, so theoretically Sense can be used more frequently in a match than usual. If this is true, then this is the only problem I have with the ability. If not, then I am fine with how this ability works for the time being. If the Sense ability does work this way, then I think there should be a longer cool-down penalty for a Jason player who tries to take advantage of this feature by disabling Sense before it wears off on its own. Can anyone confirm that this feature with the Sense ability is true or not?
  11. Then that's fine, we've both reached an agreement. No harm, no fowl. I'll be looking forward to hearing about the results soon.
  12. How else should I comment on how I now understand what Fear does from what your previous message had explained, without you feeling that you need to repeat yourself about what Fear does to me when I play as a Counselor? You're just repeating yourself at this point for no reason, and likely with the assumption that I'm still misunderstanding you and misinterpreting the true purpose behind Fear, Stealth, and Composure when up against Jason using his Sense ability. And as for the game stating how having high Stealth means Jason needs to be closer to detect you, then it definitely needs to be rewritten since it's currently false.
  13. Shame, I was under the impression that being detected by Jason's Sense would be avoidable early on if I had kept my fear level at a minimum, which gets harder to go as the game progresses. Then that means the majority of my playthroughs as A.J. were just flukes at best, since Jason didn't detect her simply because she was out of his Sense range and her own fear level wasn't high enough to start making her fear-radius expand and eventually start interrupting Jason's Sense radius (which I'm aware that it starts off small, but gets bigger as the match progresses). I did wonder why when I picked up Sense while playing as Jason, I've already found a Counselor or two near the beginning of the match without doing much to make their Fear level go up to begin with. Now it makes sense, they were always meant to be found as soon as they were in Jason's Sense radius.
  14. This appears to be a major design flaw to me, and I'm hoping that it's unintentional and will be fixed soon. If it was intentional, then I'm at a loss at how this is supposed to be a wise decision to make. Jason has already got many tools available for him than he needs to kill every Counselor in the game, but this is feels like outright cheating at this point. Why not just label every Counselor's position on the map as if you were a Counselor player while you're at it? You've already made it so that his Sense ability is guaranteed to work unless a counselor has a perk to avoid it, and that if they're lucky with getting the ability with a generous percentage to begin with. Hell, I've even read up somewhere that it doesn't matter anyway since a good Jason player can just deactivate Sense and reactivate it over and over until the Counselor's perk fails. I've been open-minded of the game's flawed gameplay mechanics since the beta, but I simply cannot agree with this particular game mechanic the way it is. It needs to be reviewed again.
  15. It's a damn shame to realize that A.J. is not as good as we think due to the mechanics of the Composure and Stealth statistics either not working as intended, or just not being as useful as we had thought to begin with. Regardless, I'll still play as A.J. due to how much I enjoy playing as her.