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  1. I was meters away from the police as Adam when I was killed by a Part 2 Jason, and this was after he was busy putting traps on the road by the exit to notice that I was aiming a shotgun at him. I shot him and he fell to the ground. I then made a dash for the exit since I was relatively close by. Next thing I knew, he Shift-grabbed me and I died just centimeters away from the exit. I didn't have anything on me, and I wasn't able to avoid the grab in time. I'm not sure whether I got very unlucky, or I got robbed, as I felt that Part 2 Jason seemed to have gotten up far too quickly after being shot down by a shotgun.
  2. Had my first betrayal kill. Reversed slowly to get away from Jason and ended up back into a tree, and I nudged forward slightly for half a second in a vain attempt to slip by Jason when he stops the car. At that moment, another Counselor was right by Jason trying to attack him, and somehow I killed him with the car when I was moving at a snail's pace. Saw the 'Traitor' message just as soon as Jason stopped the car. The -1000 seems too excessive over an accident, and a weird one at that.
  3. Hi everyone. I've decided to add my thoughts and suggestions of the game's mechanics to help out on potential future updates: First and foremost, I believe that Jason's 'grab' command and the 'Break Free' command needs reworking as in it's current state it is literally an easy-win button for Jason players, and it makes playing as Counselors more frustrating than enjoyable. Either increase the amount of Pocket Knives for Counselors to find, or make Jason work for a kill animation once he grabs a Counselor by weakening them beforehand and have his 'kill animations' work the same as it does for 'Break Free' but with less buttons required to press. Perhaps Jason player should be penalized for relying too much on the same kill method over and over by reducing XP gained. The range on Jason's 'grab' command should also needs to be halved at the most, as it is as long as Jason is tall if not longer. Jason being able to find Cars/Phone Box/etc. on his map is not a problem on its own, but being given the ability to Morph from the get-go means that an unlucky Counselor spawn makes for an early death and a good 18+ minutes of spectating, especially if a Counselor didn't know they were near a house with a Phone Box before their death. Personally, I think that the ability order should be reworked so that Sense is available immediately, while Shift is unlocked next, and then Morph. A skilled Jason would still have ample of time to kill every Counselors too slow to complete their objectives without Morph being available immediately. Combat definitely needs to be reworked so that there's a point in Counselors using melee weapons. Jason absolutely cannot grab a Counselor in the middle of an attacking animation unless they are in low health. Make it possible to interrupt Jason with a melee attack as he grabs a Counselor, not just when he carries them in the air with Jason ready to push a button for a kill animation. And finally, there should be a slight delay after Jason swings his current weapon to prevent 'cheesing' with melee attacks. Introduce Matchmaking via the player's current region and their current level to help encourage more Quick Session playing time. Also, ensure that there is a penalty for those who leave due to not becoming Jason too many times in a short period of time by introducing a system that prevents them from playing for some time. Allow Counselors to activate Jason's trap safely at the cost of their melee weapon breaking and alerting Jason that the trap has snapped, which will happen if they do not disarm it quietly with a Pocket Knife. With the game's current state, a low amount of Pocket Knife spawned in the area and with Jason's ample traps to use means that Counselors have no reliable way to contact the police without standing on the trap and risk being killed immediately by Jason and having the Phone Box smashed again and again. The Phone Fuse created to add another step to make Counselors work for contacting the police is sufficient enough, but with the aforementioned problems with Jason's traps and limited Pocket Knives makes calling the police to be unnecessarily frustrating. At the moment I'm still enjoying the game and I'm looking forward to future features upon release. I'm just hoping that there will be considerations for a re-balance check on the gameplay, as the problems I have found in the game are what I believe to be holding back this game from releasing it's full potential, especially when it concerns the audience and their willingness to play as either Jason or a Counselor. Thank you for your time.
  4. I'll take your word for it. Not that I'm complaining, just curious about how exactly the mechanic behind the stamina system works.
  5. There was a message from wes that had mentioned that: "...So just because you see Deb at 3/10 and say Vanessa at 9/10, don't get too bent out of shape. Deborah regens pretty damn quickly. Vanessa, not so much. So there are two characteristics relevant to stamina to consider." I understand that everyone's regen rate was bumped, but with this message posted roughly two months ago, I was under the impression that Deborah would have a quicker stamina regen rate to make up for her lower overall stamina value, while with Vanessa, it's the other away around. I'm just wondering if this was supposed to be made official, or this idea was scrapped before the official release.
  6. I've been playing and watching the game for some time now, and I can't help but notice that the stamina regen rate for all characters are consistently the same regardless of individual value. I was under the impression that Eric and Deborah would have a higher regen rate than Vanessa and Tiffany to compensate for having the lowest stamina value, but it appears that basically everyone regenerate stamina at roughly the same rate if they both stand still with the flashlight on. Was this intentional or an error in the mechanics? I remember one of the developers mentioning that Deborah would have an advantage over Vanessa when it comes to regenerating stamina.
  7. Hence why I said that it was a 'personalized Counselor Tier List' on a Steam Guide. It's subjected to personal preference because it is a personal preference.
  8. There was a guide on Steam that had a personalized Counselor Tier List, if anyone is interested: S: A.J. Mason A: Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson B: Deborah Kim, Tiffany Cox, Vanessa Jones C: Kenny Riedell D: Adam Palomino, Jenny Myers, Chad Kensington E: Eric LaChappa
  9. Well, I've made another stats readjustment out of boredom after having played and experimented with several counselors: Adam: -2 Repair, +2 Stealth Brandon: -2 Luck, +1 Speed and Stamina Chad: -4 Stealth, +4 Stamina Eric: -1 Strength, +1 Speed Jenny: -1 Luck, +1 Stealth Tiffany: -1 Stamina, +1 Speed I figured that Adam and Jenny would both need more Stealth to be able to work with and protect the more stealth focused counselors. I also decided to make Chad a pure speedster to better suit his character, and to give him a different utility as either a distraction or a scavenger instead of focusing on Stealth. Again, this was purely done for fun as I don't expect these changes to be taken into consideration
  10. I managed to call Tommy Jarvis, fix the fusebox, call the cops, and escape with the cops on my lonesome as A.J. It felt amazing that Jason had never found me once the entire time while I was carrying these objectives in the background
  11. Fantastic. There's definitely a few lousy perks I have no use for, so I'll be selling those once I figure out how to. Thank you.
  12. I've gathered a few good perks, and I'm hoping to make good use of them for as long as I can. Do they eventually expire after a few use, and do they get overwritten if I have too many perks on my screen? Apologies if this question was already asked, as I've checked 'Search' but wasn't able to find anything that could help answer my questions.
  13. @SexDrugs&Tea: Hopefully it won't be an issue for long, once more players realize that having as many Vanessa characters run around the map is not going to help them win more matches. Who knows? Maybe there'll be a system in the future that prevents the player from choosing the same character over and over by offering no EXP gains in the match?
  14. I'll be checking this out while I wait for the game to officially release this Friday. I've already pre-loaded it on my computer. I'll be ready soon enough!
  15. Eric does have the lowest Stamina value, yes, but the trade-off is that his Stamina will regenerate the fastest out of all Counselors so far. Vanessa can run for miles, but once her Stamina runs out she'll have to rest for a while to regain her lost energy before she can sprint again. I'd imagine that Eric will be quite difficult to catch if he is given the right perk that supplements his Stamina in some way. He may even be a danger to a Jason that is unable to run or has a handicap to his Shift ability.