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  1. Feeling a little bored, so I compiled some ideas regarding about what I feel about some statistics either being perceived as underpowered (Composure, Stealth, Strength) and overpowered (Luck): Composure: One of the weaker, if not the weakest statistic that really needs to provide an additional feature or two to give players more incentive to pick high composure characters such as Jenny. For starters, instead of Luck, it's the Composure statistic that affects the time it takes to start vehicles and boats once they are repaired. Perhaps filling in fuel should also be dependent on the user's Composure instead of their Repair statistic as well? Luck: Looking at how the Luck statistic works, this one statistic offers too many benefits when it ends up overshadowing the other statistics. The ability to start cars/boats faster should definitely be transferred over to Composure instead, as it's already an unnecessary bonus added to the already strong Luck statistic. Perhaps the weapon durability being tied on the Luck statistic should be reworked a bit, so that it only affects the chance to add an extra hit or two once the carried weapon almost loses all durability, as opposed to just flat out increasing the carried weapon's durability by multiplications. Stealth: Since this statistic is proven to only affect 'sound pings' and nothing else, I feel that more could be done to make high-stealth Counselors worth using more. I have a controversial idea that I'd imagine that most will disagree with. Perhaps a Counselor with a high Stealth stat will have an innate 'Sense avoidance' feature that prevents them from showing up when Jason uses his sense ability...but only if the Counselor is in a calm state, and once they start to grow anxious, they will lose this feature until they calm themselves down again. Obviously, this feature is not available for those with lower Stealth such as Vanessa, who will always show up in Jason's Sense rage no matter what, unless she has a perk equipped. Strength: I'm hearing rumours that the Strength statistic now affects the stun duration time when a Counselor strikes Jason with a melee weapon, and I'm hoping that this is the case as it would give players more incentive to use high-Strength Counselors outside trying to kill Jason. Another feature to add to make the Strength statistic more valuable is either giving high-Strength Counselors innate 'Thick Skin' or 'Swift Attacker', albeit weaker forms than the official perks. ...That's about it. Any thoughts?
  2. Losing my nerve or getting overconfident at the worst possible moment, and then making poor decisions that gets me killed. That, and Jason players or the host leaving the match at the beginning.
  3. Definitely. It's a good pick for A.J. and Deborah players to gather the supplies and high-tail it out of there as quickly as possible. It also helps that Jason can't reliably place traps on the pier by the boat, unless the group is on Crystal Lake and the boat is on the left of the map.
  4. Jason cannot reuse or find more traps of his own, once the trap is disarmed or set off, that's it. So as long as a small group of Counselors use Pocket Knives to disarm traps or deliberately step on them and heal up afterwards, they can either run away and force Jason to waste another trap to protect the Fuse Box, or stand guard while letting one Counselor start making repairs, and have another Counselor get ready to make the call. Trying to call the cops on your own when a Fuse Box is trapped is not a viable strategy. It's much more efficient to have two or three friends backing you up.
  5. I had once match when a Brandon player snitched everyone out and tried to use their body to block windows and doors, while luring a Jason player to them. What I've learned from this is that they tend to move around too much and don't always keep still to effectively troll others. I was able to slip by them a few times and survive the match thanks to their constant fidgeting.
  6. I'd definitely be that one quiet Counselor who tends to stay out of everybody's way. The only Counselor so far that seems to fit this trait of mine is probably Deborah or A.J., they both seem to be the kind of people who keeps to themselves.
  7. Here's a copy-paste from another topic some time ago: Composure: 5/10 (I like to think that I'm a brave individual who doesn't easily break under pressure, but I doubt I would cope all that well in a Friday the 13th setting) Luck: 3/10 (I don't consider myself very fortunate in most cases, but I do get a stroke of good luck every now and then) Repair: 6/10 (While I'm a quick learner with general DIY duties, I've never fitted a car battery, fixed a phone box, or replaced a boat propeller, so I can't imagine that I'd do well with these repairs while knowing that a killer is on the loose) Speed: 7/10 (I'm quite fast on my feet and I have been known to walk faster than average whenever I go out and about) Stamina: 5/10 (Though I exercise regularly, I tend to neglect my cardio sessions in favour of weight-lifting, which explains my rather mediocre endurance rank) Stealth: 1/10 (Not an option, as it is easy for anyone to sneak up on me due to a hearing disability I have, and I doubt I would be aware of how much noise I would make when moving in-game) Strength: 8/10 (I weight-lift frequently a week, and I've got a similar build as Adam Palomino, so I'd imagine I would be as strong as he is) Looking at my stats, I seem to be a mix of Brandon/Adam. Not sure if that is a good thing.
  8. Survived a match where a Jason helper had ratted out everyone's current location, destroyed a working car, and tried to block other player's way with their body to let Jason catch up to them. Thankfully the Jason player wasn't all that good, else I wouldn't have been able to last the entire match. Besides the helper, I was the only survivor.
  9. While I'm fine with team-killing being excluded from Quick Play, I'm not opposed to the idea of bringing back accidental killing in some form. Perhaps friendly fire should be turned on if Jason grabs a counselor? It would give Jason players some incentive to use his hostage as a shield again.
  10. I can't help but feel that Jenny and Kenny should swap statistics, and make some adjustments here and there to better suit their new roles: The way I see it, the Final Girl are generally more flexible in roles than others and tend to live longer because of their versatility, and aren't always the most composed of all archetypes. Head Counselor requires being able to work under pressure to help watch and maintain the campsite, and it's not an easy task for the easily stressed, hence why I think someone like Kenny is more suited to having 10/10 Composure than Jenny.
  11. I could have sworn I saw her profile picture change posture since the update, as she is now facing more to the right instead of towards the camera. Her head also doesn't line up with everyone else's portrait when you switch between them. I'm not complaining, I just found it funny that Tiffany decided to look away now due to her newfound shyness.
  12. Personally, I think Tiffany could use up that one point on her Luck or Speed statistic instead of Strength, as Strength is practically useless when it's not used to try and de-mask Jason for a kill.
  13. The main downside with Kenny, if I recall, is that he's one point behind in Luck when it comes to enduring a trap activating without being crippled. He absolutely needs to carry a First Aid Spray whenever he gets caught in a trap, otherwise he's as good as dead. Other than that, I do think that Kenny's 5/10 Repair stat is just about high enough to reliably repair anything without missing a skill check, so as long as the player knows how to manipulate the mini-game RNG for a more favourable skill checks outcome. It'll take some quicker reflexes and more confidence with Kenny, but it is doable to have him repair if Adam, A.J., Deborah, and Eric are not nearby to take over, and unlike the four Repair-focused counselors, Kenny can definitely run away and grab the nearest weapon should Jason draw near even if Kenny didn't miss a skill check. While Deborah and Eric are no doubt the best with repairs, I feel that after the more crucial repairs are finished, they need to rely on others to protect them in order to survive long enough to escape, while Kenny would likely have a little extra time to take care of himself before regrouping with the others. His 5/10 Luck, much like Eric, also gives him a favourable advantage over Adam, A.J., and Deborah when it comes to surprise-stunning Jason and regaining lost Stamina. And considering how slow Eric is, Kenny is more likely to successfully evade Jason for long enough to waste his killing spree time. Granted Kenny will definitely be overshadowed by Chad and Vanessa with their 'kiting' skills, but I still think that Kenny can at least help fill in their Repair weakness if Kenny happens to be the only one available at the moment.
  14. I had a Part 2 Jason player follow me for roughly 12-13 minutes straight, determined to kill me as Kenny. He wasn't concerned about other Counselors that I ran to, he was not going to let me out of his sights the entire time. In the end he finally killed me, and this was after about ten successful stuns I delivered to him. Didn't feel angry about it since I felt that surviving this long while being chased was an accomplishment on its own. Did anyone find themselves being chased by a Jason who was this determined to catch you?