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  1. The reason they probably went with the Pig splitter over a regular meat cleaver is so Jason can hold it like other weapons already in the game, reusing animations for swinging, breaking doors and what not. Since they decided each Jason only gets one weapon they are going to have to make some weird, non canon choices for the sake of variety. (I'm personally fine with this compared to that battle axe) I mean what are they going to do for future Jason's? As far as ones they have the rights to we have Roy, Jason X, Uber Jason, and that part 5 dream Jason if they want to scrap that barrel. Their is not a lot of options for large weapons these guys can use that haven't already been taken. Looking at a list of the weapons used in part 4 we have Surgical Saw (probably to small and would look awkward hitting a door with) Scalpel (same as above) Knife (same as above) Harpoon gun spear (we already have a spear) Corkscrew (...) Cleaver (same as first three) Machete (taken) Giving that cleaver a longer handle was probably the best they could do with the system they already made.
  2. I still hate that each Jason is stuck with one weapon. I mean love Savini Jason's design and stats but I ****ing hate the kills on that pichfork. Weapon selection should have always have been a option in the custom menu, not having it is just limiting options for one reason.
  3. Seriously? I never really bother with them, and I never see any one else use them either. Anyway maybe they should let the gun or a pocket knife spawn near them since those are items most people would want, and would make sense to find at a camp site.
  4. Had a match today on a small map where everyone was trying to get in the four seater. I was playing as part 8 Jason, and there didn't seem to be any way for me to stop them. Because every swing I made missed and they would just save each other and stun lock me if I grabbed. Made me feel pretty powerless. Hit detection has always been pretty bad in this game but this was ridicules.
  5. I don't like the vote system, in the Left 4 Dead games toxic players could also use it to help get more of their friends in the game or screw the team. This can allow trolls to completely take over a game when they group up. It also really sucks to join a game and have everyone vote you out immediately because your a random.
  6. This would be a nice touch to the intros. The counselors are the only thing that has no real continuity with the match itself (not counting the guy who dies)
  7. I hope we can get TKing back. Not just so you can take the law in your own hands and kill jerks. But because it add to the games atmosphere. I mean we call it team killing but we're not really a team, it's every man for themselves. And that makes the possibilities more interesting. Unfortunately bored children had to abuse it. Agian I want it back but only if there is a way to properly deal with serial killers.
  8. I can't help but think of a trite but true saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" There was nothing wrong with the way you broke windows in the past. It felt natural , attack window, brake windrow. So why was this something they thought needed to change? It's less natural feeling, its slower, and its completely pointless. I'm very curious what made them think this needed to be changed. I have not played a game yet (just seen on youtube) but if the counselors are immune when climbing through a window then what the hell is the point of jumping through them anymore if Jason can't attack you regardless? (edit) Ok so they changed it because some people where missing the windows when trying to attack it. But if I was playing someone like Part 7 (who's swing can hit the wall instead of the window) I would always just switch to the combat stance so that he would do a over head attack, which makes it easier to hit them. So what was wrong with just doing that instead of locking Jason into a animation?
  9. New character, even though I would be one of the first people to admit 4's design is not that different from 3's. It still was its own movie and should be represented as such. Also I don't think we should be giving any more new characters to part 3 as skins.
  10. I almost always have a mic on when I play an online game. Gaming is one of the few places I feel comfortable talking to people and I love how the in voice mechanic works in this game. But I'll admit recent games are either dead silent or the only other person with a mic is some kid who thinks swearing a lot makes him sound cool and mature.
  11. I'm just glade you can rotate the model now. For Adam this is pretty important since you can't see the designs on the back of his jacket when you can only see him from the front.
  12. Same reason I can't believe Batman can teleport even though because he can disappear in a instant the moment someone stops looking at him, even if hes in a room with no quick exits, hell he apparently moves so fast and silently even Superman doesn't notice he already left when he turns around. The only logical way Batman could do this is if he knew instant transmission, despite that I still don't accept he has super powers Also suspension of disbelief only goes so far. I can believe he really strong, I can believe that a lightning bolt brought him back Frankenstein style, but I can't believe said lighting bolt turned him into frickin Nightcrawler. If Jason can teleport why didn't he just BAMF himself back onto New York's street to avoid that toxic slug? Why did he swim to that boat to climb up it if he could just Morph himself onto the deck?
  13. No those are errors on the movies part. Like Jason fake stabbing that guy with the pole or slitting a guy's neck with the wrong end of the knife. Plenty of other slashers are guilty of this, even Michael Myers.