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  1. Here is a review I ran into on YouTube Sadly its not positive
  2. Gregory Horror Show (PS2) But it was only released for Japan and PAL regions.
  3. I didn't even mention how Freddy trys to kill Ash with a robot with razor claws (that look like Michael Bay designed it)...that I guess the American government just has laying around. Oh and his Daughter Maggie is the one who helps him lure the survivors to DC because she's evil now (she even lets Freddy make out with her and reach down her pants...yep) And no they don't give a reason for this heel turn, but Tina does crushes her with a Tank later. This is not a dream by the way
  4. After the last comic series where the three fought Freddy has pretty much absorbed the power of the Necronomicon and wants Jason's help to take over Washington DC and kill all the people that survived their movies...and Ash (who he lured there because he wants to eat their souls) Anyway Jason agrees to help Freddy because he wants to kill Tommy so Freddy uses his new powers to de-zombifie him, fixes his deformity, and makes him a general of an army of deadites to invade Washington DC...yep
  5. I've brought this design up once or twice before in other topics, definitely a fan Always thought this version looked like Rick in the later SplatterHouse games
  6. It's simple really Freddy Vs Jason was my gateway into horror movies so it was how I first experienced the character. And outside the moives I kept seeing this look for him like in the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash comics, or the mini Funok figure of Jason I have (same set as my avatar), and if you type Jason Voorhees into the search bar on Deviant Art a majority of the images have a coat (link) In the end it the its just the one I got more exposure to and the kind of design I personally like more. I think of this Over this Don't get the wrong idea I'm not bashing his old duds or anything, its just my own history and taste with the character.
  7. What if they make it so that what ever you have equipped for the character in the multiplayer is how they appear in the single player? Like if you have your Chad set up with a white shirt then when he shows up in the single player missions he will be wearing that color shirt.
  8. Its reusing assets so it can't be about budget. If I had to guess, they probably did it to make the Jason's feel more unique from each other.
  9. ...If they can reuse the kill animations they can reuse the "running around" animations just the same.
  10. Reskinned? Labor intensive? Its just reusing animations and assets they have already made, and they have already done it in early trailers. Part 7 using an axe Part 2 using pitchfork & spear, Part 3 using pitchfork & pick axe
  11. Took me a moment to see what you did there. : P
  12. The way I see it as long as the crossover is something that touched the series I would not mind seeing them, since they are a part of history in a way. So long as they don't overshadow the Friday the 13th content. Sorta like how that one Predator game (concrete jungle) had Aliens show up as a enemy for one level. A fun cameo that doesn't over stay its welcome.
  13. Ok that first vid definitely doesn't count lol.
  14. I agree, if this game was to have any crossovers I would prefer it to be someone that has at least met Jason before. And Ash is the only guy I can think of who wound't take the killer role.
  15. I never really thought about his clothes from a practical point of view since in this case I'm talking about a zombie who just never changes clothes. Once hes undead I don't think Jason cares what he wears anymore (except for his face). *shrug* Guess I just like the style of the coat more.