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  1. I think they should let Roy run in the game. Mostly because he is one of the few Jason's I think they could even give that ability to. Besides part 4 there really isn't any other Jason Gun has the rights to that can do this. Yeah he didn't run in the movie but I wouldn't find it that weird to see him do it in game. I'm just thinking he's one of the few chances they have to balance out the number of Jason's that can run vs the ones who can't.
  2. 1. Implying I'm less honest for liking him? 2. Because I don't have a hang up over the the copycat thing, and have a different opinion then you. 3. 4. The only difference that plays in the game is whether they can run or not 5. I have been suggesting unique weapons based on what he used in the movie and Roy's outfit stands out just as much as any other Jason (more then part 3-4) with his jump suit and blue markings 6. There is no reason to give him the same kills/weapon as part 3 unless the designers are feeling really lazy( again I could say the same for any of the Jason's) And they look different enough to me
  3. Hell why do we even have any other Jason's, I mean its mostly the same mask, same kills, and same character. might as well only use part 3 and pretend it's one of the other designs. After all whats the difference? Seriously though I want Roy because I liked his movie and I believe he would be easy to implement. I don't know with your on about with the "true fan" thing, Your not a truer fan for disliking him. I'm just asking for another skin to represent a part of the series and giving suggestions to make it lore friendly. If you don't like him or part 5 then good for you. But I shouldn't have to explain why your "just play part 3" suggestion is flawed.
  4. Yeah, I'm just tired of repeating myself.
  5. Not surprising, I mean come on they would have had to rework the whole game to make her work. And not because of the teleporting (that is not a in lore power) but because they can't make a little old lady lift people up by the neck with one hand (among other feat of strength needed for the basics game mechanics) At the very least they would have to 're mocap everything for her because Kane's animations will not translate well to a smaller model. Also I don't think this means anything for Roy's chances. Roy was Jason and people can nitpick the small differences but in the end they really only need to reskin Jason and it would work fine And again the teleport in the games logic is just the VHS tape screwing up not magic powers.
  6. I just listened to them on YouTube because these things were poorly implemented. Seriously, rare rng drops (that may or may not only work one day a week) in online matches for audio logs? This should have been saved for the single player as hidden objects you find during missions. If the Friday requirement is true then I doubt I'll ever get one since I work all Friday. So f*** it I heard them online and their fine but not worth the time it will take to get all 20.
  7. I still don't understand why they decided against the weapon select. Jason is seriously lacking in customization and once you unlock part 9 there is nothing to look forward to in terms of unlockables. Maybe in the future they can pull out weapon selection as an update to bring interest back to the game later.
  8. I also wish it was in alphabetical order like Yooka-Laylee was. Hated that game overall but finding my name in the credits was really easy at least. But for this game if I'm in there (And I know I should because I remember specifying my middle name being Jason for it) I couldn't find it.
  9. Remember guys "tomorrow" translates to at least a week in Gun time. I hope I'm wrong about that but this has been a trend.
  10. https://funko.com/products/mystery-minis-blind-box-horror-classics
  11. There are like multiple toys of this guy so I figured wound't be that hard to get him.
  12. There is no reason to have two killers in a game where one is already overpowered. Roy does not need new mechanics or game modes to be in this game. He just has to be what he already was in his movie, a Jason stand in.
  13. Yeah, as I dissuced here I suggested that the sweater should be replaced with an item related to his son Joey, like his hoodie. I also suggested that the narrator for Roy should be Joey's voice as he is his motivation. Just like how I would expect Pamela to hear a young Jason's voice in her head if they ever make her playable.
  14. I would like to have a full model viewer for both the Jasons and Counselors in the customize menu. Something like in the Arkham games. I feel that Adam especially needs this so you can actually what's on the back of his jacket when you select one. This would in general help with Counselor clothing customization.