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  1. lukesurvival is my Steam. Joined the group.
  2. Or maybe it is some kind of perk that Jason can roll?
  3. I think most people just expected something quite different (Perhaps Resident Evil: Outbreak style cinematic introductions). This is not a high production values game... to be honest the intro was probably never going to look any better. Ideas like this always sound better, but the execution is lacking. And I firmly believe anyone would be sick of these intros after 10+ hours of playing the game.
  4. I do not mind not having any variations of the intro. In fact I would not mind if the game just started without it...
  5. For the negative people here... this is an indie, multiplayer game. Bugs will always happen. Bugs will happen even in AAA multiplayer games. They cannot predict every possible situation therefore they cannot predict the outcome.
  6. I am pretty sure those were not the noise pings but circles showing Jason where the throwing knifes are. I watched quite a bit of streams yesterday and I do not remember actual noise pings showing without sense being activated.
  7. Wow... that is a new level of low for Streamer "reviews" I guess.
  8. I noticed the Part 8 Jason music last night on 72hrs stream. Manfredini certainly stepped up his game with the music here.
  9. The key to working Pamela is stealth. She would not have enviromental kills and she could be killed easily, but she would be undetectable and completely silent She can creep behind the counselors and kill them on the spot and she could sabotage the phone / electricity / cars etc. It would bring a new dimension to the gameplay, especially if she could spawn just like Tommy.
  10. The stairs are visible several times throughout the movie IIRC. When they go down to the lake swimming for example.
  11. I guess we will have to disagree there... Though I still find the editing in Parts IV & V to be the worst of the series imho. Part IV is great, but the editing is horrendous. The movies were made on a very tight schedule.
  12. Love the series. There are some extremely dumb and bad episodes (the mormon episodes come to mind), but the characters are always likable and charming and when the show is good, it is good (The Scarecrow!). I strongly recommend this book for all fans of the show.
  13. I love the entire series and can't just "pick" a worst film... however... Worst movie of the franchise (editing, writing, direction) - A tie between Manhattan and Part V. Say what you will about JGTH but it is much better put together movie than ANB / JTM. In the end every entry is memorable and fun to watch for me. Though I have to be in a certain mood to properly enjoy Jason X and JTM.
  14. I enjoyed all the House movies. The first one is definitely the best, Part 2 is middle of the road horror comedy that is not funny nor scary but it is fun to watch. Love love love Part 3 "The Horror Show". Part 4 is the most forgettable I guess.
  15. Once Jason hits Rage stage, no safe zone is permanent.