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  1. In the big wing cabins, between the opened door and the stove, after the powers has been cut. You are practically invisible, 95% of the time Jason players will just run past you and then give up. Also in the cabins with the shelves in the middle of the room, when done properly you can run around the shelves without Jason noticing you. Also works better with the power cut off.
  2. The game runs on Unreal engine. The engine is quite hard to properly optimize on consoles with multi million dollar AAA titles let alone indie crowdfunded game like this.
  3. I had no idea what was going on... I honestly thought they wanted to wait for other players and stun Jason in the meantime. The moment I realized they waited for Jason (he stealth shifted to the car and grabbed me out immediately) it was already too late.
  4. I just had a game with a team of Russian players. I was Chad, fixed the car entirely by myself, found the keys etc. Started the car and went around the map picking up other players. Few meters before the exit, they started screaming at me to stop... so I did, not knowing if we were full or not (Jason stopped us few times, people jumped in and out of the car). They all came out of the car, stood at the front and the back of it and blocked me (I did not want to kill anyone), waited for Jason to come and kill me. Fun times... these players and their tactics are getting much more elaborate.
  5. Also sometimes the trap at the phone box is way too close to the wall and you can disarm it without actually tripping it.
  6. The difference is very visible. You can notice it even without stopwatch... just drain your stamina and stop and start crouching / standing up. The change in the speed of the stamina bar is extremely noticeable. I can 100% confirm that on both PC and PS4, stamina regenerates slower when crouching, It is much quicker while standing.
  7. It worked with a machette for me. Not sure if it was just a lucky hit but it did work.
  8. Tommy can stun Jason too... just run behind Jason, smack him, run in front of him, hit "E". Done. All sweater girl has to do is stand still and "Q".
  9. There are also very very very rare instances where a quick play all random lobby comes together and you get grouped with people who actually all want to communicate, cooperate and have fun. It is very rare, but it happens sometimes!
  10. Lately, at least in public matches, I had people run into the cabin, leaving the door open, randomly check two or three drawers, jump out of the window and run away. I can't count how many times has that happened... usualy Vanessas or Bugzzys. When I die and specate these players, they are acting erraticaly and do completely random bullshit... like picking everything, dropping it at random places etc.
  11. I prefer playing with mic. But I have the worst of luck and... 1) Whenever I do have a mic, often no one else listens nor cooperates. 2) When I say fuck it and unplug the headset because my ears hurt, the very next game there are several players with mics willing to communicate and I cannot do anything because I have to quit the game for the headset to start working again. 3) I plug it in and the next game again no one listens, or someone teams up with Jason or squeakers... or whatever... Rinse and repeat.
  12. Aren't you over reacting just a little bit? The physics (more detailed door breaking, extinguisher falling over etc.), denser vegetation and fog would just skyrocket the HW requirements. I am sure they wanted the game to be like this but it just was not possible. There is a slight fog on Crystal Lake and Higgins maps and it brings the FPS down by like 15 frames. Can you imagine what would happen if the game had to render and work with more complicated and graphics heavy maps?
  13. Oh no you must have misunderstood. The match ends normally, the problem for me is the fact that it weakens the counselor team and prevents normal players for being Tommy'd.
  14. There is no workaround. I cannot possibly "work around" the fact that Tommy has spawned but no one is actually playing as him. It is exactly the same as if Tommy did not spawn at all. It still screws up the rest of the match either way you look at it... gives the counselors lesser chance at survival and cooperation, and blocks other, non rage quitting players, out of playing Tommy themselves. Some people could even be saved from the grab, but they rage quit so quickly there is no one to be saved.
  15. Ah okay so he exists but is not visible on the map... got it. The point of the thread still stands though... even though Tommy spawns he just as well did not have to.