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  1. Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!
  2. Yeah my guess is Kenny, Jenny, Chad and AJ for starters.
  3. Haha I get that. Seeing a community of others all wanting the same things definitely eases the waiting stress!
  4. Now I just wonder what counselors we start with and which have to be unlocked...
  5. I'm trying so hard to distract myself, but I always end up back on these boards at least once or twice a day checking for new news or pictures. I feel like I've never wanted a game so bad.
  6. Ahhh the grind... good times. Frustratingly tedious. This game is tons of fun, I would only grind if it's a much faster method to unlocking all the counselors. Once I have Tiffany I'll be good to go.
  7. I want to play her more than anyone else. I never got to in the beta so I just stuck with mostly Deborah and sometimes Vanessa when the rest of the room was her. I think Vanessa should be last.
  8. I hope she's not the last counselor we unlock like she was in the beta.
  9. Oh god... if that's true then Tiffany would be the last counselor we unlock. Ugh
  10. Literally miss outbreak so much fun. 2 of my best friends and I would all use 3 way calling and play together! Ugh so much fun! I hope Vanessa is the last counselor you unlock. Her and Bugzy are gonna be in every match I bet. We shall see though. I'm so pumped m
  11. Yasss outbreak was amazing!! Cindy was also my favorite! I would still be playing if the servers were up.
  12. Yeah I'm not looking forward to the long grind to unlock Tiffany. The game was fun enough where I had fun playing whoever though. I just wanna know who we start with.
  13. Oh thank goodness! So happy!
  14. I always morphed to the car where there was usually 2 counselors spawned near it I could off in the first minute. I'd usually let them go if they weren't a Vanessa. Vanessa's got no mercy.