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  1. My girlfriend looks exactly like AJ 😁👍 just with longer hair, that's currently not dyed
  2. Part 8 his destruction is OP and average morph/shift so he has no problem jumping around the map. I always use Stalk mode, and try to scare people. and his swimming speed has saved my ass many times with near boat escapes. Plus depending on the map I utilize the water to get around fast
  3. I agree. lots of good strategies, and hiding the whole game is possibly the worst one. Only good at the start, when Jason enters rage its not gonna save you. It's important for high stealth/Composure characters to use the first 10 minutes of the game pre-rage to arm them selves, find pocket knives,firecrackers and hopefully get a car or boat fixed, or at least get the cops called, after rage they may have to survive a few encounters, but hopefully they used their first 10 minutes wisely to have some escape options.
  4. To further ad. The people who say "pack strategy is low risk" yeah maybe against a low level Jason. I've gone against packs of fighters and almost always do they end up dead. I don't think I've had a whole pack escape. They come close, but always it's the high stealth high composure characters that escape more often. I remember as part 8 after I just earned my sense, and I wanted to check in the car, so I morphed to the 4 seater. And 2 AJs and Deborah repaired the car and was driving off. I haven't even earned shift yet, and I just burned my morph. By far my worst game as Jason. if that was Chads and Vanessa's they would still be filling the gas while I simply stayed back and practiced my throwing knife technique into Chads back. I would simply block any attack with a bat till it broke. also Vanessa's noise pings would of brought my attention to to car earlier, as I remember taking my time breaking windows, and not feeling urgent need to go there, as there where zero pings in the direction of the car. So that's why when I hear people say stealth is no good, or pack fighting is the only good strategy is completely full of it. Both are good strategies. Although in my experience stealth characters working together over radios is slightly higher on my so called tier list.
  5. Agreed. I've gone against well coordinated groups of councilors Vanessa's, Chads, buggzys, armed to the teeth with bats and pocket knives. Roydogs whole strategy is to fight jason and kite. As Jason I just block their attacks, and eventually even Chads bat breaks. I have an easier time shift grabbing Vanessa's especially in the open as her noise pings are like following a trail of bread crumbs. His whole strategy is high luck councilors grabbing stun weapons, and finding pocket knives. Both of which are never a guarantee to even find, bats are usually plentiful, but there's only so many per map. According to Roydog Stealth and composure are bad due to their limited usefulness after Rage kicks in. Well most matches rarely last the full 20 minutes, so yeah I'd say both are useful for most of the match. He also says noise pings are difficult to track, no they are not. As Jason I always morph to the noise pings, it's mainly common sense, I see a ping. I look at my map. And morph to the cabin in that direction. I have no problem with people fighting Jason, but that whole tier BS and what strategy is best comes down to personal opinion
  6. You can practically say any stat is only useful when jason is chasing you? Lol luck is only useful when directly fighting Jason speed is only useful if you're out far away from cabins. Same as stamina. Low stamina and low speed characters have little problem cabin hopping given there close proximity. You can also buff AJ or other stealth councilors with stronger weapon perks and chance to stun. also I'm not saying fighting Jason isn't a good strategy. There's lots of great strategies.
  7. Woah there. How can you say stealth and composure have no value when they sure do help in the first 10 minutes of gameplay pre-rage? In most games that's gotta be 90% of the match since rarely do they last the full 20 minutes. composure also keeps your character from stumbling, screaming out loud and losing your mini map. I enjoy fighting Jason, and I need to be aware of my surroundings at all times, so I can cabin hop. Because of well placed cabins it's easy for low stamina characters to juke Jason.
  8. I usually play Jenny. I like that she can fight, and her composure keeps her from stumbling and screaming
  9. I'm aware of that. I'm referring to the white circles. Vanessa leaves a trail of them. I enjoy fighting Jason. Which is usually why I play Jenny with her decent luck, and I like how she can fight without losing her map or darkened screen until at least Rage mode.
  10. I disagree. I see lots of AJs working with other councilors Theres lots of ways to juke Jason rather than just putting up a chase. Most cabins are close proximity to each other, and AJ has enough stamina to hop from cabin to cabin. She is great at slipping away undetected. AJ can benefit from Vanessa's, as typically Jason's can get distracted by Her, so when I play stealth I love rolling with low stealth characters, cause I know I can juke, and hide while Jason gets distracted. Team work is key to survival. Not hiding the entire match,
  11. Haha let me add that rarely any councilor escapes, but the last councilors are the high stealth, composed councilors The occasional time they do, it's usually AJ, Deborah, Jenny. That boat escape is high tier 😂 Sure maybe blocking is broken, but it's a major setback for high luck councilors trying to fight so Chad, Jenny and Vanessa lose Out. speed and stamina is overrated. Especially with a councilor with low composure and stealth. They are easy targets pre-rage. Just use Stalk, morph, sense, wait, home in on Vanessa stomping towards you and Shift grab her. Done. The above becomes even easier during rage, due to sped up cooldown of stats. which is why fast, low stealth, low composed councilors have a big disadvantage pre-rage, and their stamina/speed won't save them during rage. Assuming they even last that long? stealth and composed councilors have home field advantage pre-rage, and most games rarely last the full 20 minutes.
  12. Rydog when I play Jason I have no problems taking out Chad, or Vanessa. Vanessa especially due to the noise pings. Luck is great, but I block Chads attacks, so eventually his bat breaks. your tier list points out some interesting facts about stats for sure, but the real evidence is in actual real world gameplay, and Jason can easily outsmart a group of fast councilors looking to fight, it's not that difficult. A group of stealth/composed councilors pose the biggest threat pre-Rage I don't think I've ever had a Chad or Vanessa escape from me, it's always AJ, Deborah and Jenny
  13. Because Composure keeps the councilors fear down, so you can avoid Jason and complete objectives, or work together as a team. Speed and stamina stats are good, but most cabins are well placed apart, so even low stamina characters can hop between cabins with out the need of high speed or stamina, so I feel they aren't as important as it's listed in the tier list. I find the first 10 minutes of the match to the most important to complete objectives before Jason hits Rage, if nothing is done, and Jason rages most games end poorly for the Councilors. To call the composure stat useless because it has little benefit after rage seems wrong. Especially when it's very important in the first 10 minutes of the game, and let's be honest most games don't last more than 15 minutes. It is kinda a race against the clock as Jason gets more powers, and rage is very OP. plus Composure still keeps your councilor from stumbling and screaming when Jason is near by even after Rage. I appreciate the effort, but I find many flaws in the play style that list seems to be encouraging.
  14. Perhaps you've seen this video, its after the beta, but still things could of changed lots before release. heres the link, at the 36:00 minute mark Ronnie Hobbs discusses composure, Fear and Jason's sense ability. What I find interesting about your tier list, is it seems to favour surviving the night, and not escaping. What I mean is you blow off the composure stat as useless. When it clearly has advantages pre rage. I mean how many games actually last 20 minutes? Most my games on average last 8-12 minutes. Plus composure still affects stumbles, loss of map, and character screams. That right there seems pretty valuable depending how you like to play.
  15. Jenny rarely stumbles, or loses her map. She also doesn't scream when jason is near by, so for me that's a big advantage over the Chad. you definitely found some flaws in the composure stat. Although I'm curious if that could be improved in a patch. Also do you think there may be difference or bugs from console or PC regarding stats?