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  1. Feel free to ad me psn- dandop
  2. Ps4

    I got my ps4 codes, and trying to get into a game, but got kicked out as soon as the cut scene was over I also got an email for my DLC but it's the same code as the game?
  3. I haven't watched the video, and i don't intend to give that streamer/Troll any coverage, so it's probably best we stop talking about it, as that's what that troll streamer wants, is views. So that being said. Damage is done, but I feel we all knew that Jason would be killed first day by some trolls who exploit the game, and team up with Jason to figure it out. I don't think the developers owe us an apology. I think thats stupid. But I do wish they told the streamers "No private matches to kill Jason" and Jason "can't be in on it"
  4. I refuse to watch the video, so I'm just speculating. Maybe it takes the female to distract him with the sweater, and a male character to deliver the kill shot?
  5. Looks great. The dynamic hair is a big improvement. I also like how fast Stamina regens now on Jenny.
  6. countdown

    I agree, it's frankly not fair. I think it's outta guns control and it's Sony and Microsoft being jerks. I really hope they find a way to get the backers hooked up first. We funded this game. I understand there's rules or whatever, but this is a serious problem , and may backfire on future devopers from crowd funding a game.
  7. That's great! Does that apply to all platforms?
  8. I believe 8 will start with 4 traps, and they can't find new traps. Kinda sucks for part 7 and 9, as they only have 2 traps total. At least other Jasons can find throwing knives, but part 6 has a big advantage.
  9. Part 2. I like the trap and morph aspect. I plan to litter the exits with traps, and wait for the cops to come, and laugh as I trap and kill people next to the finish line >:D Part 6. shift + sense + throwing knifes. Vanessa you will never troll me again! part 8. Probably my favourite. Destruction and Stalk makes for a scary combo Also Savini. Because I paid for it
  10. Thanks I'll give that a try. So we can both play at the same time, in the same lobby?
  11. Are you sure. Because in the past we couldn't both be logged into the same account at the same time on our two ps4s?
  12. I voted for part 4, as the game needs more running Jason's however I do hope we see both eventually. for Jason stats Part 4 jason is arguably the scariest, he's rarely seen on screen until the end. He always gets a jump scare on his victims before killing them. for stats I'd give him + stalk + sense + can run - defense - traps - stun resistance This Jason does get stunned from a TV, so that's why I'd give him that weakness. For weapon I'd give him a hunting knife, as many of his kills are by knife
  13. My Girlfriend is a fan. But not as much as me. I bought the game as well as savini jason and clothing pack. We plan to take turns for the first few weeks, and because I ordered the physical copy we will get two versions of the game. We also have two ps4s, so we plan to play against each other when the physical copy arrives.
  14. I also have a ps4 pro, and they stated no pro support at launch, so maybe down the road we will get a patch. I'm also curious if the frame rate is locked at 30fps, as we may get a slight boost using the enhanced mode