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  1. It is what happens if you are spamming a kill immediately when grabbing a counselor by a window.
  2. Any speculation on what it may be? It looks similar to the other ones, but with a blue dot in the first spot.
  3. Grip strength is a cop-out trait for both positive and negative traits. I don't think he needs changes, but I think that a decent setup for him would be: + Water Speed + Stalk + Morph - Shift - Traps - Can't Run It would make him good at getting picks off on counselors, without being oppressive with objectives like Part 2.
  4. I love them. My friends all hate them. I'm like the only person in a game out of 8 that cheers when we have a small map. Lol.
  5. I don't think it would be a good addition. It is already pretty easy to lock a car in place while it is restarting anyways.
  6. Coordination is key against even the best Jason players. Trigger simultaneous traps over walkie talkie to make him choose one objective over the other. I've even taken to triggering traps on the phone right as he morphs away from it in the beginning of a match because at the very least, he will come back to waste more traps and time on it.
  7. Yeah, I found that out a few days ago. Strange bug, since retro Jason pops up if you have that skin selected.
  8. Nope. Uninstall the game only (keep the DLC), and then insert disc to install from disc.
  9. I'll suicide when I think a Jason hasn't earned the kill.
  10. Savini Jason gets stuck on the bloody version if you select it. Bloody skins can not be used if you select random Jason (you need to select a Jason for the skin to appear bloody, otherwise you just get a normal Jason without blood).
  11. Edited: I thought the DLC wasn't working. Bloody Jason skins do not appear when you select a random Jason. FYI.
  12. Not lucky enough apparently. I have them selected as equipped skins, but they don't appear in game.
  13. We do need this. Or at the very least we need a way to avoid players. I am finishing spectating in a match right now because someone was literally running Jason around to show him where everyone was. These people shouldn't be able to play this game. It ruins the experience for all 6 other players.
  14. I agree. Part 5 is not Jason. At this point, other than Uber and Part X, I would rather see the developers make new Jason concepts like Savini.
  15. Well, yeah, but why does Jenny have that ugly one with the smiles? Why not just a flat color? I pattern glitched characters like Tiffany for a black bikini, or Kenny for a better print.