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  1. I think traps are "okay" currently as well, but I would like another way to disarm them like you suggested.
  2. There is a human element to Roy. He would have the same issues as Pamela. They could both be killed easily because they are human. As is the same reason why neither of them could have abilities like shift or morph. Humans don't just up and disappear into thin air like Jason does. If anything, Roy has more in common with Pamela than Jason. They were both out for vengeance of a lost child.
  3. I'm not entirely opposed to the idea, but I'm not a fan of Roy being added (as has been voiced many times by others here). He would need drastic changes to his abilities to make any actual sense. I don't want to see Pamela for the same reason, with the addition of the fact that she is dead already in this timeline for the game. I don't mind the idea of some of the later movie locations as maps, but I would really like to see the developers come up with an original design of a part Crystal Lake for a map. Maybe something a bit darker and spooky.
  4. That was my initial reaction as well. I would grab it to act as a distraction and pull him off of objectives, especially when I didn't have any knives. Now, it isn't worth it.
  5. I would love to see an Uber Jason, but I would also like to see some original designs for Jason.
  6. Basically. I really did like Adam's 46 (or 48, I can't remember) jacket. It's pretty cool.
  7. Clothing options. And they are much better as you level up further.
  8. I was playing on Packanack earlier and I grabbed the sweater from Jason's shack as a last resort of protection. As I was heading to the police exit, Jason was swinging at me (not connecting his hits though) so I tried using the sweater several times to stun him. I pressed the button several times and got nothing. Eventually he grabbed me and it still didn't work. I died with the sweater because it wouldn't consume its use. I'm on Xbox One. Was playing Tiffany and was the last counselor alive. It was a Part 7 Jason. I wasn't sure if the sweater was messed up, or if they changed its use to prevent using it when grabbed.
  9. Just played 2 games today where this happened. On Higgins, I started the car and started driving as Jason threw a knife, and the car flipped 20 feet into the air before landing on its side. Then I played one on Packanack, where the car bounced several times before becoming "stuck" on nothing. We could get in and out, but it would not move.
  10. Combat isn't a focus, but it is still an important part of the game, otherwise the developers would not have put it in the game to begin with. Sometimes you are forced to fight to survive, but most of the time you die anyways because combat sucks and everything Jason does cancels anything a counselor attempts.
  11. Or the combat system is too clunky and awkward to actually defend against melee attacks from Jason.
  12. I think it would make a decent private match setting (being able to set limits on how many duplicates there can be in a lobby). I only agree with this though because there games I have played where literally everyone chooses A.J. Mason. That's not fun.
  13. Over half of the male counselors need their own voice overs.
  14. I've been following a lot of the threads, today especially in hopes that some good news would drop about the update. I'm beyond the point of being bummed. I love this game, but I'm thoroughly disappointed with the prioritization that the developers are taking towards fixing the issues. That being said, I'm not throwing a fit, or threatening to uninstall my game over this. I said this in another thread as well: Sure, [Free] DLC is nice and all, but you need to iron out the issues first. Why add new content to an already unstable game? I don't know what everyone else is upset with, but I know I am more disappointed that there hasn't been much of an improvement on the XB1 playability, than I am about the new content being briefly delayed. Also: CP is cool for people just starting the game, but 13000 CP is useless to me because I'm full on good perks and I have all of my Jason kills. Unless they plan on adding clothing or something that you can purchase with CP.
  15. I actually didn't even notice this until you mentioned it here. How does that slip by? Each of the female characters has their own unique voice, and now I'm disappointed that the male characters don't. Then again, I only played Chad and Adam really. That sucks.