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  1. The only time I would ever consider teamkilling is when someone else swings at me first. After that, all bets are off.
  2. These guys I played with yesterday wanted to start the game with just 4 people, so we did. When I killed them, they repeatedly called me the n-word. The salt was real.
  3. That's odd. When I had my preference set to Jason, I would get him every other round unless another person had their preference set to Jason too, in which case I would never get him.
  4. It shouldn't be like that though. Often the base counselors don't have many survivable benefits at all (looking at Bugzy and Vanessa who are both notorious for being high targets without making up for it in many ways). And no, perks are valuable for counselors, with many of them giving stats over 20% (my epic heavy hitter is 40% more stun time and I can see and feel it when Jason gets stunned). When you get epic level valuable perks, they change the game completely, but the purpose of the thread is that some of these perks have not popped up at all and other perks pop up repeatedly. Your lotto example is facetious. At level 101 when your CP slows to a crawl, I shouldn't be punished for trying to roll better versions of the perks I am seeking. The random aspect of rolling a perk should come from the rarity. Making both the perk AND the rarity random leave many players feeling as though the whole purpose of perks is a waste of time despite epic level perks being game changers.
  5. Because I actually enjoy playing the game and surviving. Pretty sure that is the purpose of playing the game as a counselor. And during the grind, you kind of need to be able to survive to get the most XP. I was just saying that my playstyle has changed at max level because now I can have fun and do stupid stuff and instead of focusing on getting the most amount of experience in every game. I just have a dissenting opinion, and I don't think that prestige belongs in a game like this.
  6. Prestige is kind of silly. The grind for leveling up is so boring. If anything, I'm glad I'm done with it and that I've hit max level. Now I don't worry about surviving every game. I can just have fun with it and sacrifice myself or give someone else the boat/car to escape. If the CP is what you want, maybe have your XP total keep going up, but every set value you get a bonus set of CP like you would for leveling.
  7. My usual saying is "What a cheap grab" because the grab radius is ridiculous. When someone gets a good grab on me though, my response varies on kill type. "Choke me daddy Jason" is a regular one.
  8. Level 101. Me and a buddy found Pamela tapes in the same game on Packanack earlier. He was playing AJ, I was playing Vanessa. Another buddy found a tape solo on Higgins in a private match just a few games ago. This would be my second tape. The last one I found was the day of the very first update on Xbox (June 14th). So 2 months and a few days to get another tape.
  9. I've been trying to play all day today, but every other round the game disconnects and "the connection to host has been lost." Anyone else experiencing this on Xbox?
  10. Lachappa better have a speedo as well. I would love to see AJ & Deborah in a one-piece. I have a feeling that Adam, Bugzy, and Kenny are all gonna have normal trunks.
  11. I did the same thing for a bit, sitting on 17 Epics, and I ended up selling most of them because I use specific perks. My issue/concern is that I'm getting the same ones no matter how many times I roll perks, and I never get the one I am looking for. I wish I could upgrade the ones I have or something. I don't know either, but it seems like there are some perks that just never appear no matter how many times you roll for them. I would agree. The random aspect of perks kind of kills the perk system in the game because I just keep getting garbage, useless perks or poor versions of perks I already have epics for. Like I mentioned before, I would like to see an upgrade system for perks. I have the perks I want based on what I've rolled, now I just want to make them better, and instead of wasting 10k in CP to randomly roll perks, maybe I could use 1k or 2k to upgrade them up a tier or two to make them better.
  12. To preface my post, I understand that rolling perks are random, but I've noticed a few things that make me think that it's not working as intended. I hit max level a while ago, and have been rolling perks every so often just to see what things that I can possibly get from my CP. When I roll perks, I'm getting the same things multiple times in a row, or the same bunch of perks, and never see other perks. I received my Medic and Hypochondriac perks a while back (pre-Retro update), and have been looking to get better versions of them because I run them on Jenny, but right now they are just Uncommon and Rare. I have rolled probably a good 100 perks since then, and not once seen those perks. Instead, I get the same perks over and over (Marathon, Heavy Sleeper, Heavy Mover, Escape Artist, Tinker, Thrasher, Spatial Awareness). Are some of these perks unavailable to roll? It seems like I haven't been able to roll perks like Medic or Hypochondriac at all. I actually have quite a few perks that I've been trying to get better versions of, but can't because rolling perks gives me the same things over and over.
  13. I figured the dot clue was for something else, but on the website I did notice a pattern that the 28th was often their update day.
  14. Damn those consoles for making sure that developers put out working games.
  15. I'm not crazy over the idea of a leaver penalty because of the state of the game currently, but this will discourage repeat offenders that leave when they die.