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  1. An even simpler idea is to just have the window break anyway even if it's open when Jason throws someone through it. It gives the impression their flailing/clipping limbs catch and bust the whole thing.
  2. Hmm... The blue dot was in the lower right originally, now it's in the upper left... Wait, could this be some sort of passcode that will be part of the virtual cabin and they are just very slowly leaking out each button in sequence? I recall a similar thing was done with a mortal kombat video that was somewhat rare to find, during the credits of it, icons flashed on the screen. Remembering them revealed a Kombat Kode for MK3/Trilogy that was somewhat obscure even for MK.
  3. Actually ,there is something to add about this. I made a topic about a rage quitting jason who quit before Tommy's kill animation was finished, robbing the lobby of the exp and the achievement. Said Jason was trying very hard to ensure this glitch happened where the sweater didn't work on him while he was shifting. The person with the sweater used it and jason shifted a short ways away, seemingly uneffected, except one of the dudes playing as chad smacked jason and he fell to his knees anyway and tommy got the kill prompt. Basically, it stops jason from having his usual freeze, but if the person with the sewater is doing the "jason, listen to mother" bit and all the other requirements are met, the Jason can be knocked to his knees.
  4. Here is an example of an unintended glitch and a poor bystander. I was Deborah and Jason is chasing me at packanak. I got up into the second story and jumped out of the window, but at the same time, Jason hit me. This prevented me from getting the distance away from the window I needed to fall to the ground, and instead, I ended up on a flagpole. I was out of Jason's normal reach and I also couldn't get off of the pole. The Jaso nplayer could see me spinning in mid air and eventually came back with a bunch of knives and chucked them at me, eventually killing me, but I didn't leave the match, nor did I try to intentionally recreate it, but had the Jason not known to use knives, I could have been blamed for "reaching an unreachable area".
  5. Just include a breakable wall for Jason. Problem is solved.
  6. Not a bad idea at all. I'm all for unique Jason weapons with new custom created versions of Jason. Though I brought up the pitchfork due to folks who want the savii jason and feel they are robbed of unique kills because they didn't get him. That said... which scythe?
  7. Still waiting for an emote pack for Jason. Just mainly want the ability to do the head tilt when some weird stuff happens. I don't mind if that's the only one. But as for a Holiday themed idea, I want to revisit an old idea. Namely, that one idea to bring Jason back to life was to have his spirit take over a scarecrow. I would see this mainly as not only an Original Jason idea, but as a way to give the standard farm pitchfork to the masses.
  8. Exact issue I'm having. Can't even start up.
  9. I said it before, make it so that, no matter what ,when Jason throws a counselor through a window, the window shatters. The idea is that he violently throws you through and you're mangled, so if anything, it'd look even MORE painful if it broke when it's open.
  10. OP, if you're gonna complain, do it right. I personally tried to play today and couldn't get the game to start, this fatal error kicking in every single time. Does anyone know why?
  11. One concept that was had was that Jason would posess a Scarecrow when he came back. I could see that as a Jason that would have a pitchfork and share the same strengths/weaknesses of Savini.
  12. I personally think we'll get Uber, but we'll probably get a Manhattan map and not the space station map. We need more maps from the mainline movies and X was pretty absurd and shamelessly so. That said, from a video game standpoint ,I'd still like Uber as someone to play as.
  13. Earlier today I had a match that was rather interesting, namely that the people who were playing were pretty sharp as counselors while Jason wasn't going easy, though may have been new (Part 6). During the match, we got Tommy, he had a machete, the sweater was obtained, and his mask was knocked off, and after some careful work, we stunned him and Tommy started the kill animation. However, at that point, Jason rage quit and NONE of us got the experience for defeating Jason. I propose that as soon as Tommy starts up the animation of killing jason, the exp and achievement pops, to prevent rage quitting jasons from robbing the counselors of a victory.
  14. It's still just a skin at the moment. They may actually wait until they got the retro Jason fully finished before they remove the color swap. Still, it'd be hilarious if his three personal kills made 8 bit sound effects.