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  1. I don't like combat stance door strikers. I just use the intended animation because that factors into the penalty/perk of destruction and door fortification, as well as the bonus in Rage. But that said, I've seen two times where Jason has gone flying across the map due to baseball bat (referred to as the "Home run" glitch). One was a clusterfuck as they were getting the 4 seat car going. I grabbed a guy and got hit with the bat. I sailed across the map and the guy in my hand got stuck under the map and died. What was weird was that, apparently my body hit the car during my travel, so when I came back to find the car, it had been flipped and the people in the lobby after the match said the car "flipped for no reason".
  2. That's pretty much what I am for. Get all the jasons and pamela, THEN we could do stuff like the remake jason and Roy.
  3. I'm not too keen on part 5 due to it not being Jason or Pamela, just a dude using Jason as a scapegoat to get his jollies.
  4. The pamela tapes are in the game? Been playing PC since the beta and right around level 60... No tapes.
  5. I was gonna ask if the tapes are even in the game...
  6. As of late, I've been trying so dang hard to get the "Unlikely final girl", which specifies that you need to "Play as Tiffany Cox and be the only survivor of a match". It's been proving near impossible due to what I would say is bad luck and her incredibly terrible repair skill. Still, I did manage a few matches of close calls, but my problem was in a specific round; I had managed to fix the boat by myself (somehow Jason didn't find me) and I managed to escape. I was called back as Tommy. As the match continued, I died as Tommy and so did everyone else, ending with Jason having a 7/8 score, making Tiffany the only survivor, but I did not get the achievement. Another time, I escaped as Tiffany and also came back/escaped as Tommy, but again, no achievement. Does this achievement actually mean that you need to be the only surviving person still on the map when time runs out or have I encountered a glitch?
  7. I got the chad is a dick achievement. Oddly, I was Deborah and I fixed up the 4 seat car. There were only 3 people on the map, one being Tommy. Tommy was the only guy I was close to, but turned out the guy who spawned as him was AFK and so I just hauled out of the map, getting it because tommy was AFK. ... I suppose I really could be a massive douche for a couple matches to be the only survivor, since hiding doesn't work.
  8. I'm fond of kills being tied to objectives counselors would be willing to go towards. Smash someone into a generator to break it. Strangle them with the phone (or garrot them) Windows should have 3 different kills depending on them being open, closed, or broke. Closed: Tossed like normal. Open: Shove head in window, slam shut, kills counselor and breaks window. Broken window: Slam counselor's face into the broken glass and make it stick there With the car not repaired yet, a kill at the open hood should be one. That said, a closed hood could be the "slam their head against it", but adding a car honk horn to it. And yes, a beartrap to the face. Maybe Jason smashes the back of their knee getting them on the ground before grabbing one of their arms in a hammerlock and then forward face slamming them into said trap. Might be harder with the last one as it requires a non-stationary item that may or may not have enough room.
  9. I know part 9 has an enhanced Stalk, though all Jasons have an intense stalk if you stant still. Walking/running burns it out faster. A trick I picked up is to walk out of view of a window/door, activate shift, hit stalk, then cancel shift. Most players will assume you morphed and you can grab them when they hop out a window. Sadly, I want to do two more things in this game and they just are near impossible. 1: get the sleeping bag kill. I seem to be the only person who has a character with a sense avoidance perk for being in a tent and even frequently will hide in tents and LET jasons murder me. 2: Be the only survivor as Tiffany. It just doesn't happen. I once time got the phone working due to a jason being a slasher jason and called the cops. I managed to stay away from jason and escaped, with only one other survivor around, who was tommy. Sadly, he also managed to escape via cops and I was so damn salty that I'm certain it's impossible to be the only survivor as tiffany. Either jason gets his 7/7 8/8, or I escape WITH someone else. Nothing else.
  10. Yes, I've done a similar thing. I'm finally in the seat of power and I wanna make it good and fun. Two seat car I generally don't guard much and I'll only usually go after the boat if it is someone I was chasing or it's early in the match. The phone I guard, but I do it differently. Namely, I'll go to it and I'll knock down the door to the building and then trap the box and the doorway I opened. I hear a trap go off there, I'll go INTO the building and stand by the phone, activating stalk if possible. The screams of people who don't expect you to be there is priceless because they thought you'd come running when the trap was set off. This is especially awesome at Higgins due to how far the phone is from the box. I will fight to keep the 4 seat car on the map and the phone. Also, I've taken to not killing the person in the phone building should I find someone has spawned in it. I may break the door down and trap the box, but I leave it at that. For these reasons, I usually play 9 for that sweet shift + stalk enhancement combo.
  11. Can I get a source on this?
  12. Lets not forget that, unlike knives which can be replenished, traps have a set number of uses, so you get one for the phone, one for the engine of the 4 seat car, one for the 2 seat/boat and at that point ,several jasons are now out of traps, the ones who aren't, has only 2 more left and it's near impossible to use them in an inventive manner. But lets also remember that if you DON'T trap the cars/phone, then you have no warning when they are in the process of being repaired unless you either babysit them or hear them being activated.
  13. Yeah I got some perks with her as well for hiding. I have a general avoidance perk for it and a bonus for hiding in a tent. I had another that bolstered it for being inside a cabin, but I started having issues where Jason would hit me once or twice and that was that, I was pretty much dead, so I have a "tough skin" perk.
  14. Oh, I thought I was the only one. I've been victim numerous times of finally getting to play as Jason, hopping near the phone, cutting the closest power box, trapping said phone, and then I hear a car start. I go after the car? I'm hearing the phone getting connected. Some players are sharp enough to know when Jason has morphed away and then do something, knowing he can't possibly get back to where he was, be it triggering a trap or connecting a car part. Probably my most disappointing match was a recent one where I finally got to be jason (part 9). Naturally there was someone who dropped out of the match as soon as they saw they weren't jason. I grabbed my two knives and warped to a power box not far from the phone. I hit the power box, broke a few doors, then got to the phone, trapped it, broke a couple windows, then headed to Higgins Haven for where a car was. Was the 2 seat car, but I could see someone in the building so I made my way inside, trapped them on the top floor and threw them out a window and they promptly rage quit. DURING the animation, someone got into the cabin. I eventually morphed nearby and... there was no one there. I went in the cabin, around the cabin, nothing, and the sweater wasn't even gone. Well I'm trying hard to get the sleeping bag kill so I warp over to the far east group of buildings and... I hear a car start. I wait a bit for the car to reach a spot and I eventually morph and shift but can't stop it, so I sense to see that there are two people in the car and one person near a lodge. The car stops for them and I grab one of the passengers out of the car, who naturally had a pocket knife. During the recovery, one of the other counselors hops out of the car and as I start to move, I see that she is wearing the sweater somehow. At this point I did a quick check to see the players and found it was just me and the three people in the car, and so I struggle to snap out of the animation, only to find that I had no chance to catch them. It's not like I was playing poorly, but everyone left and the people who were still there were sharp as tacks. On another note, Tiffany is literally impossible to be "the only survivor". You either die first, escape WITH someone, or it's a match where Jason is gonna do a clean sweep and you just happen to be the last one on his list.
  15. Generally I will damage them until limping and then grab them. I generally will also stop trying to fight if weakened to that point myself. Just grab me and give me a good death. I won't even struggle, take me to a nice kill spot.