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  1. Feel free to talk about it as much as you want. I'm referring to how some people are acting as if it's a fact that it's delayed, that's something different
  2. Or, the more likely scenario, it was closed because ya'll can't handle it and keep saying stuff like "the delay" despite the fact that they keep reminding us over and over again that the "early 2017" is still the plan.
  3. Well they've already been keeping us updated on the cert process so the only statement they could make that would provide new information is letting us know if they'll send out keys asap or if they're going to need a day or two to organize a simultaneous launch. Everything I've seen from them is telling me they're still trying their hardest to meet that 'early 2017' window though, so not sure why people are assuming the worse at this point. \
  4. Because besides telling us "early 2017" they've also told us "simultaneous release". A lot of the kickstarter backers are going to be playing on console from around the world and it's not right to leave those earliest supporters behind. That's the situation they're trying to avoid right now
  5. If we want the game sooner rather than later (which we all do) than we have no choice but to deal with vagueness regarding the release date. If we insisted on a solid release date written in stone then it would've ended up being a date in June or even July. That's why it's not bullshit
  7. Once it gets approved by Sony Europe what will the turn around time be for releasing the game? ASAP or taking another day or two to finalize the details of a simultaneous launch across multiple platforms?
  8. I vote for rage Jason simply walking through them without a prompt
  9. We can talk about that when it's no longer "early 2017". Right now it still is
  10. Just not ambush in the woods apparently
  11. So based on Wes' "when you see it" screenshot tweet, implying that the player would likely not be noticing Jason in that situation, but because the model is technically loaded into the game client side that means Jason wouldn't be able to stalk and his music would be playing. Correct? I see that as a problem. Or is the mechanics designed so that stalking is never intended to be used outside hiding in the woods?
  12. Here's how it'll go down. (everything that follows is speculation and if you take it too seriously that's on you) The 25th is the last Tuesday of the month. That'll be the release date.... BUT, 4/20 is a pretty dank date so that's when preorders will open up on Steam with a preorder bonus of getting early access to the game right away. The keys will also be sent out on 4/20 to everyone that already purchased the game on the backer page or kickstarter "But isn't that essentially the same as releasing the game on 4/20?" Don't question the complex intricacies of release dates. It's all very technical.
  13. PISS AND MOAN ABOUT RELEASE DATE GUYS. oh wait, ya'll already tried that
  14. Yeah I tried recently watching The Void too but I quickly lost interest
  15. Wouldn't change the title but I would put "Make Crystal Lake Great Again" on the back of the box in big giant letters