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  1. I'm with you on this one. I've been playing random for everything for like the past 2-3 months and loving it. Recently I've truly gone outside of my comfort zone by turning the in-game music completely off. It sorta gives you a feeling like your actually apart of this word without the music present and keeps you on high alert at all times. NOTE: Only side effect is Jason Pt. 9, his music still plays regardless.
  2. Wow! No love for Crystal Lake. Haha. My favorite map has always been and will always be Higgins Haven. I just love how the river cuts through the map to separate it alittle, plus not that it matters but it's also got the best looking graveyard in the game.
  3. I will admit. I was honestly not happy when emotes was announced for this game but after trying them out/getting used to them and also resulting in so many funny deaths due to them, they are really growing on me and adds an extra element of fun to the game. Mitch Floyd invited us all for a party and he definitely was in a party mood last night. Here he is trying to get the guest of honor in the party mood...
  4. Happy Friday the 13th! Here is a little video I quickly put together for this special day...
  5. This probably isn't a big deal for the majority but I just started playing with the in-game music off {settings/audio/music(0)} and it's been working fine, however, when it comes to Jason Part 9 his music still plays when near me for some reason. He seems to be the only one that I've played against, all other Jason's chase music never plays during the matches. I am not sure if this was brought on by the latest update since I just started playing this way when the latest update was released. EDIT; Here is a short clip where his music does end up playing, even tho it's turned off in my settings. It did sound pretty creepy when it suddenly stopped when he went to another cabin.
  6. I love it! This was the thing I was most exited about and it did not disappoint from the few games that I've played last night. I even experienced this awesome moment where Jason was inside the vacation house with me. I can't hear his music due to it being off but heard his footsteps getting closer and closer so I went into the basement and around the corner just in time to see him walk by the doorway upstairs. Moments later, just when I think it's safe to leave I turn the corner and move my camera to face upstairs only to see him standing still at the top of the staircase and suddenly lightning hits outside which produced the quick flash effect around him. It simply looked awesome from my point of view. Definitely looking forward for more moments like this in the future. In my opinion this is the best thing they could of added to this already great game.
  7. By making them run straight into his arms with smart usage of the stalk ability.
  8. From the picture with Mitch Floyd clearly no rain is present. I'm just waiting for them to update the main F13 site for the official word...
  9. I just want to point out that unfortunately the rain has not been officially confirmed yet. I'm hoping it does come with this update since that is what I personally want more than anything. Let's just not get our hopes up and possibly get disappointed when/if rain doesn't get released with this update.
  10. I was thinking the exact same thing. It seems like server issues come with each updates, maybe have a disclaimer that states "Party might get delayed to October 16th" just in-case. Nevertheless, hopefully everything goes off without much problems this time around. *fingers crossed*
  11. It actually saves up to 30 minutes of gameplay. It makes it pretty easy to save an entire round due to it's 20 minute time limit. I've been doing that a lot to ultimately capture clips for youtube videos.
  12. I've had better luck at sending friend request to people within the community and sending messages/invites to them for private lobbies over posting in the community it's self to find a session.
  13. I couldn't find anything on this issue. I tried to play private matches tonight with friends but the game would crash mid-game for everybody almost every time, pretty much leaving the host by themselves in the lobby afterwards. I also talked to a few others and they said the same thing was happening to them for the most part. I suggested to a friend that we should try a party with eight people and search for a public matches that way instead to see if we could complete games, it was pretty much my(along with others) last attempt to play some games tonight. It worked and we played for about three hours without any issues, nobody disconnected, none of the games crashed and everybody had fun. If your having trouble on PS4 completing private matches at the moment, you might want to try and set up a party with your group and search for public matches together to see if this works and allows you to play the game.