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  1. Ouuuuuh, this is a treat! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. I do find it weird that male counselors cant pull off a key step to killing Jason. Especially since I'm pretty sure Chad wearing the sweater would look more like Mrs. Voorhees than Vanessa wearing the sweater. Also when Tiffany wears the sweater she looks like she's cosplaying Sexy Mrs. voorhees and I find that hilarious
  3. I love how it was discovered by people who don't even know anything about the game. First girl thinks everyone playing Chad will stop Jason from entering rage mode because of Luck and second guy is just discovering you can dash lol
  4. I feel kinda bad saying this but yea, the « multiple intros » was one of the things I was the most psyched about, to set up the mood, give counselors personnality, but now that we saw them, I could honestly do without
  5. Jeff as playable counselor DLC?
  6. There's a perk called « Grinder » that augments your xp gain per match, so I'll be praying that you roll it early
  7. Oh I really don't want that xd I want everyone to be able to play who they want, I just can't watch anymore Vanessa gameplay. All will be well once I actually get to play myself and I'll stay away from her forever
  8. I tried to watch a few different streams, but seems like it is a Vanessa-fest, again... I find it to be such a boring playstyle to play and watch, so now that I'm glad to have seen that everything looks gorgeous, I'll wait for the actual release
  9. So to play with Tiffany you need to be 18 or over?
  10. I'm currently looking at a Twitch Stream of a game on the Crystal Lake map and I'm close to tears. I want to be murdered there so bad
  11. Same! And I wanna see how the Map Item, the fuse and the boat look!! I,ll hate myself but whatever
  12. I just really hope Gamespot gets someone who will explain the basics of the game and makes it seem approachable by new players, so that some undecided players could get drawn in, but I hope they get someone whose actually knowledgeable about the game to play. The thing I hate the most in these kinds of first peeks is when they get completely clueless people to play it, it's frustrating to watch for the people who actually know about the game and it's confusing to watch for the people who don't know about the game
  13. Either I voted wrong or people didnt understand the question? I thought it was which counselor would you be if you were in an F13th scenario,like what trope do you fit into? I voted Jenny cause I'm a prissy goody-two-shoes. And I'm going to be playing her the most so whatever the question actually was my answer was the same.