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  1. Jason doesn't have shift in the first minute, he has morph. He can morph right onto you but then, he has no way to catch up to you he doesn't have shift this early in the match. A very advanced tactic to escape a walking/jogging Jason who can't shift is : running away.
  2. If she is in, I hope they find a way to not make her not supernatural. Sound blimbs work, but sense morph and shift would be out, and she would be more focused on stealth, like many people said already. I have always LOVED Pamela Voorhees and find her kind of tragic, because she's just a loving mom who went off the rails when people let her son die. The source of her strenght to me was always her love for Jason, even though it was corrupted by her anger and insanity to make her a killer. That's what makes her so compelling to me, so I hope they don't go and make her into a Zombie monster or Supreme of a coven of witches or a devil worshipper or whatever.
  3. Ok so after 32 hours played (ouch i need to stop pulling all nighters xd) I have ONLY encountered bad Jasons. Has it perhaps occured to you, that you bad counselor?
  4. Maybe there could be a mechanic where the wheelchair counselor benefits from other counselors' help. Like if you enter/leave a cabin by a window, you become prone, on the other side of that window, and other counselors could either (1) roll your wheelchair to you by using the « action » prompt (2) lift up the wheelchair and give it to you on the other side of the window. Of course that would open up a whole new way to troll : wheelchair counselor enters a cabin by a window, steal his wheelchair, start rolling his wheelchair around and roll it into Crystal Lake, he's stuck prone for the rest of the game lol
  5. Boy you better patch out your attitude haha
  6. Jason Takes Manhattan
  7. I think it all comes down to practice. I'm currently level 25 and I find that shift-grab is extremely powerful when I'm Jason, but easy to avoid when playing counselor, which means that when you actually understand it and how you're making yourself a target for it, it is balanced. When I play killer, I've pretty much mastered the shift-grab, not that it's particularly hard to do against clueless counselors, and every game I get one or two guys calling me a faggot and whining that all I can do is shift-grab. And...yea...if you insist on being in open ares with no items to protect yourself, I'm not gonna let you run around the whole game and just look at you menacingly. I'm gonna shift-grab you and kill you. It's up to counselors to either adjust their playstyle and not make themselves vulnerable to the shift grab by staying inside and stocking up on items, or by outmanoeuvering it with mind games and feints. As a counselor, we don't have stats on survival rates but I have played a disgusting amount of games in the short while the game has been out, and I survive easily more than half the time. It's all about planning ahead of Jason and and being smart about when to take risks. Don't venture outside unless (1) you can juke (2) you have items (3) you know Jason is away thanks to walkie-talkie communication (4) you have stunned him (5) you are around other counselors who can help you. Oftentimes, I find the most powerful counter to the shift grab is to actually make a stand in the cabin you are, get the drop on him, stun him, run to another cabin while he is incapacitated. Playing counselor is all about managing risks. If you're getting killed by being shift-grabbed so much, you're taking too many risks.
  8. Can you imagine if to actually « collect » the tape, you need to pick it up, but also survive the night with it in your possession?? Im up to the challenge haha
  9. i had to You always have enough time before Jason unlocks shift to search at least one cabin. If you're unlucky on this first search, and Jason has morphed to your location, all cabins have minimum 1 weapon, so you have a fighting chance, also, you can juke the shift. if you're just running in straight lines in predictable ways, good Jasons can land shift grabs easily, try to run around fences or rocks, make sudden turns, etc... Get to the next cabin, lock, search, repeat. Flare guns are also an easy way to counter Jason's shift and they are extremely common. Jason's shift is near useless inside, so when you get to a cabin with a flare gun, wait until Jason bursts him, shoot him in the face, take the time where he is stunned to go to the next cabin, that way tbe time where you are most vulnerable to shift, when running outside, becomes perfectly safe. Lastly if you really are not confident in your ability to juke, aim and escape Jason and you really fear dying early, when the game starts, don't just enter the first cabin you see, look around to see if there are objectives nearby and if there are, run away, good Jasons use the first minute and a little more as prep time to trap certain objectives.
  10. This is my only only disappointment with the game. I said it before, I'll say it again, I am NOT a Tommy fan at all. I am glad he made it in because I know he is beloved by many people, but I don't like him. I was fine with his presence in the game, but making him necessary to kill Jason was a mistake I think. The female counselors can all steal Pamela's sweater and have their Final girl moment, deceiving Jason and stunning him. Tommy gets to kill Jason. The male counselors get to... hit on Jason's face until his mask falls off. That doesn't feel special at all. Also I say the male counselors, because they are better suited to the task with their strenght stats, but anyone can do this step. I just really wish ANYONE could perform the kill on Jason. I'd love to see Tiffany or Chad stick a machete in Jason's ugly mug. Right now when I play female counselors, I always have a lot of fun and I always try to get the sweater, in case people try to kill Jason. I really feel like a Final girl, like the protagonist of the game. When I play male counselors I don't have anything special I can do, and as soon as Tommy shows up, I immediately get outshined. I never really get a Final guy feel and I kinda blame Tommy for stealing my thunder
  11. Just some ideas that I would like to come to fruition when the team figures the whole new clothing thing out (in the meantime im still rockin the current DLC pack though, i love it Camp counselor clothing pack : Would make our counselors feel more like counselors, in my opinion. Give everyone the Barry and Claudette Camp Crystal Lake uniform. Swimwear clothing pack : The Lake is such a big part of the earlier films, I think it would be cool to give the counselors some swimwear, some of them could get regular bathing suits, the Athletic girl could get a lifeguard swimsuit, The Nerd could wear a lifevest, Melissa's bathing suit could work for the Flirty girl or a future Mean girl character. Underwear clothing pack : imagine how scared you'd be, at your most vulnerable, having to run through the forest with a killer after you in your undies. The counselors could get a mix of actual underwear, of pyjamas for the more prudish girls or shy guys, and maybe the Flirty girl could get the Towel from JGTH. Would make sens if you were sleeping, just finished showering or doing it, etc... Slasher throwback clothing pack: The counselors could get iconic outfits from horror icons like Laurie from Halloween, Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street, etc... They could pay hommage without actually being so alike that they would need a license
  12. Shift grab is fair considering that counselors can (1) juke, (2) pop firecrackers right befroe Jason grabs them and he drops you right back down, (3) pocket knives). In my opinion, if you have no way to escape Jason,s grasp, you should be staying inside trying to find items. If you're out in the open and get insta-killed, you should have spent more time preparing before going outside
  13. I'm playing Tiffany every game now that I've unlocked her cause I'm so happy everytime she survives, she has died first long enough lol. My playstyle is usually to secure and loot all the cabins in the area where I spawn. If I find items to complete objectives, I do objectives and I'm out. If I'm unlucky, I group with other people because I won't draw attention to them, because my stealth is great, but if Jason finds us, I know I can outrun them.... and then I group with someone else! Until people finally complete the objectives. When I thoroughly go through the 3-4 cabins close to where I spawn, I feel like I did my part, but it's so frustrating being grouped with people who loot cabins as though they were blind. I swear sometimes 4 people spawn like in Blair's Cove, when you finally group they're like : Omg we didn't find anything hurr durr. I stay with them until they get killed and when I finally get around to Blair's Cove I find like the keys and the gas, in their usual places.
  14. Because of the broken glass flying in your face
  15. I usually coordinate with a teammate if one is around so he starts calling as soon as I fix the box, or vice versa. Faster means less chance of being interrupted by Jason. Tip for you : On games where I really really want xp, or where I know people will object to me making the repair because I'm playing Tiffany, when I find the fuse, I won't tell anyone, I'll tell them the cabin is cleared with nothing inside, and then when they move on to other cabins, I make the repair and the call alone.