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  1. How dare you assume that dot's gender.
  2. 8 dots. 8 players. The dot keeps changing. It's host migration.
  3. I've had it when the host has a crappy connection that I can't hear any of the mics. I can see people talking. But hear nothing. Leaving that lobby and joining a new one fixes it for me.
  4. I don't think there actually is a trick. The whole tape thing is stupid. And they need to tell us how to get them. Or make them easier to find. How are we supposed to collect them all if you play for hundreds of hours and can't even find ONE??!!
  5. Really?? No CP??? Nothing??? What's the point then?
  6. I haven't bitched about one single gameplay issue. Because I know they are an Indy team. And I've waited my whole life for this game. I'll deal with the glitches. But I can't help but feel pissed about the Savini thing. And the horrible launch server issue. It just seems like one big unprepared, messy launch that still hasn't been resolved. There's only so much that I can say, "It's cool. They are a small team. They'll fix the bugs and glitches." I'm talking about the other issues. The ones that are more of an integrity and professionalism thing. I can't help but be upset about those things. Sorry if it comes across as bitching about the game itself. Because I'm not.
  7. No. It's not MS. It's the way Gun had it coded. You can't do that with other games. But Savini Jason still works on Xbox One for legitimate household game sharing. Like I have it, and so does my son on his Xbox. Since we have Family sharing.
  8. There was some type of exploit where users could use the same code to download him multiple times. Something like that.
  9. Correct. They patched the exploit. They've done nothing about the other users.
  10. I've seen no proof of this. Nor have they confirmed it themselves. I still see lobbies full of Savini Jasons. If Gun comes on here and confirms it, then cool. But they haven't. And zero has been done about the PS4 users.
  11. They can apologize all they want. They've still done nothing to remedy the mistake. Either time.
  12. No. I'm talking about the physical disc only. The preorder. Not the reward tiers.
  13. And because they've screwed over backers on multiple occasions. Savini Jason for free to non backers. Charging more for the disc. Non backers not only get the game cheaper, but also exclusive content. Etc.
  14. Ahhhhhh. Ok. I never noticed the different shapes. Thanks for explaining it!
  15. Sorry to sound like an idiot. But how exactly do the badges work?? It shows I have a certain amount of badges. Yet the meter isn't all the way filled. Like one says 7/13. Another says 16/28. But they are still lit up like I have them. Yet other ones that say 1/3, or 6/13 are not lit up and don't count as me having them. What's the deal??