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  1. Mitch never gets wet??..... Sounds like my wife.....
  2. He’s not wrong. There is no door to the basement in the Jarvis house.
  3. Dammit. Still haven’t unlocked him yet. Lol. Level 35
  4. If he has an axe wound on his head, which you have no problem with, why wouldn’t there be blood?????
  5. He sounds like Chuck to me.
  6. How has this not been fixed yet??! I’m tired of killing all the counselors and only getting credit for a fraction of them because the losers leave mid kill! Either make the kill register IMMEDIATELY, give us credit WHENEVER they leave the match, or remove them from the overall counselor count when they leave! This is ridiculous.
  7. Well what the hell???? I still can’t get in a single match!
  8. Xbox One?? Everyone on my friends list I ask can’t get in either. And the ones that can say that the lag is terrible now, especially with the rain, it just boots them a couple minutes into a match.
  9. It’s like launch day all over again on Xbox One since the update! Can’t join any matches! Quick match will be just me alone in a lobby for 20 min before crashing. Can’t join any private matches. All my friends can’t get into a match either! “Could not retrieve connection details” over and over again!
  10. Damn. Tommy’s bedroom is perfect!.... Now if only I can finish a damn match.....
  11. YES! They turned down the volume of the opening intros!!!!
  12. Where’s the rain?
  13. Just forced to update. Now database login failure. Nonstop. Screw you guys.
  14. Rushed?????! It was delayed for like a year!