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  1. These are PC numbers. Can't say what consoles are like for sure. Could be less, the same..I doubt they do much more than 2000 daily, max. It's a sad state of affairs. But they're not wrong. Their game gets the attention it needs. I don't love the gameplay. I much prefer F13's variety compared to DbD. But DbD also isn't buggy. It does what it's supposed to do quite well. Things are gonna get even tougher with Last Year: The Nightmare out in the summer (PC only). If that game turns out to be good (and I've read good things out of PAX about it) this game is in big trouble. Those plans Ben told us about better start to appear quick...
  2. Rain on Grendel?

    I really can't wait for the update. Then all the stupid threads can stop and we can all just go back to bitching about problems in the game - like the good ol' days.
  3. lol...I'm not minding it too much. I run around the nothingness and do my thing, and escape while everyone else dies. I've died a handful of times in my last 50 or so rounds.
  4. Happening a lot on PC too. I guess the game has gained some new players during the lull. It's crazy how you can be 5-10 minutes deep into a round and NOTHING has been done (not even a Tommy call, not a single part marked on the map - nothing). I played a quick round this afternoon (benchmarking stream - getting a brand new PC this week :D). But I was playing as Deb, found keys pretty quick, someone else eventually died close to the 2-seater with the battery. So I put that in. It was Packanack and the 2-seater was at the lodge...Run into the lodge and immediately find gas - gas up - start car - escape. I heard Jason's music once the entire round. It was down to me and one other counselor when I escaped, and when I did, spectate showed the other counselor hiding under a bed and Jason couldn't find them. The Jason player's skill is the "difficulty setting" for a round in this game, and it's stupid easy when you have a new player playing as him.
  5. Stupidest Thing You've Done

    On more than one occasion, I've just sorta been like "fuck it, I'm going out this window" completely aware that Jason might he using Stalk, and it turns out he is. I just hand him my ass. It is what it is... edit: Oh! and a couple accidental but very costly team kills in private matches.
  6. Yeah, not sure if you're talking about Xbox but it's been especially bad since the sale. Lots of new players learning. Some are fine, because they ask questions/take advice. But there's also a lot of clueless players right now too.
  7. Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Well said. The sooner people set their expectations to May 26th, the sooner their anxiety will subside. Whoever saw "April, at best." and thought "Oh, so April then!" hasn't been paying attention to this game's development. I say May 26th because I think there's no way they let us hit the 1 year anniversary with this buggy version. But then again, who knows...It might not even be ready by then. It could very well take til Summer. Either way, I don't want any more rush jobs. Just get it right or the game will die.
  8. Tomorrow's Thursday!

    People really are just getting impatient at this point. The info, while small bits, has been fairly regular. While I'd love more in-depth info and previews of the new engine, I'll take the info they're putting out. Shifty did tell me that the new engine is something that has to be seen to truly be appreciated - So hopefully we see something soon. If not, I think we're about a month away from the update...We've been through worse.
  9. Friday on Thursdays Xbox group

    I'm good for Thursday nights. But I'm only on after 11 EST.
  10. Hey Campers! I've gone ahead and created a twitch channel specifically for the forum community. It is a FAN RUN channel and not official by any means. It will be a shared channel for anyone here who would like to and is capable of streaming. If we eventually have to create a schedule, we'll do so. But for now, we'll go on a first come, first serve basis. The channel can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/forumf13game This channel will never become affiliated and therefore will never monetize anything. No subscriptions, donations, or bits. The idea behind the channel is just to give those hanging out here another place where they can discuss things, and in a live chat setting. We can just shoot the shit while someone streams as background noise and to keep everyone entertained. We can also use this channel as a way of providing live support and testing. If there's a question about how something works, it can be demonstrated live. There's a lot of good we can do with it. If twitch isn't your thing, that's perfectly fine. But I think it can be a cool place for members to hang out other than sitting here refreshing threads. No one is by any means expected to join. It's simply another option and space for discussion and fun. If you would like to stream on the channel, you'll require some broadcast software and a stream key, which I will provide. Just PM me. You'll also notice the channel hosting different streamers at times. This will be used to fill gaps while no one else is streaming on our channel. I've added the official F13game channel and other F13 streamers to the auto host list. So there should be something going on there most of the time. I know I'll probably idle on the channel a lot. So anyone who wants to chat, just come hang out! Let's have some fun with this.
  11. Complete Loss of Objectivity

    I'm talking PC. But I'm sure Xbox is even worse at the moment.
  12. Complete Loss of Objectivity

    100% what I noticed while playing over the last couple nights. Playing as Jason is stupidly easy right now. Counselors just run up and try to stun you all by themselves. It's really funny. They don't even run after stunning you. They just stand there to try to do it again. As a counselor, for the most part, I was the only one completing objectives. Best thing most can be asked to do is mark items on the map for other people to pick up. I lost it on some dude who was Tiffany, picked up the gas and battery in two cabins right next to each other, then RAN AWAY from the parts like he was fucking allergic to them. Jason wasn't there. He just wanted to run to the next cabins a.s.a.p. But all in all, Jason players and counselors are both just terrible at the moment. Lots of low level players playing. Not sure if they're new or just people who play extremely rarely. It's fun when you find other veteran players playing though.
  13. Upcoming Patch

    I really suspect they're eyeing to have it out for May 26th for the 1 year anniversary. Really huge missed opportunity if they can't hit that deadline. I figure they're gonna want us playing the new version for the anniversary. Would really suck if it takes longer than that.
  14. Upcoming Patch

    They've been dropping little bits of news on Thursdays.
  15. You're welcome to join. Add Aldermach XI on Xbox
  16. Super Mega Baseball 2. Huge fan of Extra Innings. Great baseball franchise on Xbox even with the lack of MLB license. It's a fun, arcade style baseball game. This new version also made player models look less like bobble heads and the gameplay better/faster. Added online play. Just played a game in the beta. It's great. That's pretty much it. Last Year: The Nightmare will be interesting to try out, too.
  17. Are you on Xbox or PC? Or PS4?
  18. Upcoming Patch

    Could easily be SP Challenges content. Doesn't mean it won't be released as a CP too. But I kinda doubt it. I think the pajama stuff is for SP.
  19. Still too many pocket knives

    I'm in. Although Thursdays are usually my later nights at work. Usually home by 11:30-midnight EST.
  20. That's why I bump up the thread whenever the channel is gonna be active. Gets some new eyes on it.
  21. You can watch without signing up. But you need an account if you want to participate in chat. I held out for a long time on twitch. But I've grown to like it. There's a lot of silly riffraff on there and stuff that really doesn't deserve any attention. But there's also some really cool, chill, and knowledgeable streamers out there. The aim of this channel is to have a place to discuss things in a live chat setting with other forum members while one of us entertains the audience with some background gameplay. But it really is intended as another place for forum members to hang out and chat. There's also a lot we can do with it, when the time calls for it - Live bug testing, testing strategies so many people like to argue about on here...etc. There will be a lot of live testing happening on the channel when the new engine drops. Lots of stuff coming.
  22. Sounds good. Tonight will all depend on turn out. If we can get a full lobby on either platform, great. If not, I'll go with whichever gets more members online and we'll just party up and hit QP as a group. Can go Jason hunting.
  23. Cool. Add me on Steam if you haven't already: AldermachXI Usernames don't usually match up between here and Steam so I never know who's who. @Slasher_Clone - This channel is for anyone on the forums to stream to. Anyone using OBS (or other broadcast software) can request a stream key from me and can stream to the channel. Anyone is allowed, unless we start receiving complaints about certain streamer's content. Unfortunately it's not possible sign-in and stream directly from a console without me giving people the sign-in info for the twitch account, and I'd rather not do that, in case someone isn't exactly trustworthy.
  24. I'll be streaming on the channel later today if anyone wants to drop in and chat. If we can round up enough Xbox or PC players, I'd like to host a stream lobby full of forum members. So if anyone is gonna be playing on Xbox or PC today, let me know.