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  1. Car Officially Broken

    Using an emote doesn't matter. I used emotes and the sweater in the same round. It doesn't break the sweater, as some have suggested.
  2. Welcome to never escaping if I'm Jason. That would make things way to easy for any above average Jason player.
  3. What generation are you?

    I feel the same being born in '85. I consider millennials the ones just under my brother's age, and he's '90.
  4. I achievement tracking in general seems off on Steam right now. I've actually been trying to complete some just for something to do. I don't usually pay attention to them. So I was at 95/99 for "Windows 99". So I jumped through 4 windows in the next round I played. Not only did I not get the achievement, but the counter only went up to 96/99. I've jumped through more windows since, and it's still at 96. "Smash Bros." - hitting Jason with a bat 100 times doesn't seem to be going up properly either. I'm somehow only at 71, even though I've been playing since launch...I guess I don't use bats enough. I usually go for the wrench, axes, or shotgun/flare. Still figued I'd have over 100 by now though. I'll play a little later tonight and see if it goes up. On another note, "I'm on a boat" is evading me (9/13). Usually if I take the boat, I'm driving it. I've had 3-4 rounds now where I've fixed it and let someone else drive, but in all the time I waste waiting for someone else to come drive, Jason ends up catching us. But after those 3 achievements, I only have the 1000 Counselor rounds and 500/1000 Jason rounds. I feel like I've played as Jason quite a bit. But apparently it's only 240 times now. If you look at the picture below, you'll also notice that the unlock dates don't exactly make sense, given what the achievements are. So steam has been acting strangely with achievement unlocks since launch. I remember getting the Ph.D in Murder achievement when the game booted up. Must have been after they fixed it...Looking at my unlock dates on Steam, a bunch of them make no sense. Killed 13 counselors on May 28th, 2017. But I also killed my first counselor on June 28th, 2017, according to Steam.
  5. They're in over their heads. I'd probably be quiet too. I don't think they're excited about what they do anymore. It's obviously turned into a job now. They had all these plans to pump out a decent amount of content but it's like they didn't leave any room for actual game improvement. Now they're in a position where the content counts for nothing because the game is so broken.
  6. Doesn't need to be a different mode (and won't be). It'll be the same mode it is now, but the Grendal map will have some different functions. Counselor clothing will likely default to some sort of space suit, ignoring the player selected clothing. Uber Jason will be playable on all the maps, too. Like he said...It's really not that hard to wrap your head around. A different mode for one Jason/Map would be stupid.
  7. I've been having a lot of fun with the game again over the last few days. I've given up on trying to Grab as Jason. It's just not worth fighting the game mechanics anymore. Until the devs fix the grab, I'm just gonna resort to slashing everyone to (near) death. I'm doing this even more since the new patch, which added a gun store to every camp site in the game. Thing is, slashing is also creating more fear and tension in the match than before. People really freak out when you use Stalk + Shift slash. It just hits them out of nowhere and creates jump scares. Anyways...I had this round last night that is a PERFECT example of why I slash as opposed to grab. I hope you enjoy watching...This round has it all: Broken grabs, pocket knives in abundance, how to deal with it, and a pretty great ending Hope you guys enjoy! and here's a video from Randy's last twitch stream, where I was Jason for the final round of the night (feat. @Tattooey). This was a pretty intense round too. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211816719?t=138m33s Hope you enjoy these clips and everyone is enjoying the holidays!
  8. Yeah. That happens all the time. Slash them to limping, so you figure you're good to go for the grab...pocket knife! At least it doesn't matter because they're usually not gonna get far. But it just proves why you're right for slashing in the first place.
  9. Customized Bots

    What difference does it make when the bots are completely brain dead? Priorities...

    Yep...the good ol' car rubber band glitch.
  11. Stream is back tonight. Playing on PS4. Apparently Larry Zerner will be joining him a little later. Good spot to shoot the shit with fellow fans. https://www.twitch.tv/fridaythe13thgame NOTE: This thread will be bumped EVERY Friday when they go live.
  12. Too many med sprays has never been an issue when slashing people to death. Can usually manage to slash them again right as/after they spray and it basically negates it. The only time they're a problem is when the person is smart enough to wait until after you grab them and they use their pocket knife. In that case, they get proper use of the spray. Otherwise, they barely even get an opportunity to use it.
  13. Shifty streaming would be pretty great...
  14. I don't know if it's lobbies going for the kill or what, but I keep getting rounds where all the counselors try to do is fight me. Weird part is they're not fixing anything when they do manage to knock me down. Most of the time they don't even go for the sweater. So I'm not sure what the plan is. I guess some people are just playing to knock Jason down as many times as possible before they die. It's fun slashing people who run at you and watch how quick they try to run after. Then you toy with them when they're limping.
  15. The funny thing is, Jason still can appear to be a slaughter machine in some lobbies...You know the type. The ones where you're 5 minutes in and there's maybe one part marked on the map, nothing is fixed, Tommy hasn't even been called, and there's no communication whatsoever. It's usually pretty easy for Jason to kill everyone one by one, even with all the pocket knives/med sprays.
  16. Agreed. I've been saying the same in all the "best counselor/perks" threads...People are putting all this stock into Sucker Punch. Why? Nearly every counselors stuns Jason on nearly every hit, as long as it's a weapon with decent stun. But things like the machete and even fire poker are stunning at a higher rate than they should. It's to the point that I'm assuming that the entire system is bugged. Because no perk should create a scenario where Jason has a 90+% chance of being stunned. That's exactly what a well-timed shotgun or flare is for. Looking at things at face value while playing, it doesn't seem to matter which counselor I use, if I hit Jason with a bat, wrench, 2x4, pipe, pot, pan...basically anything besides a machete or fire poker, he stuns. And I don't even use any form of stun enhancing perks. I don't think that should be the case. It's another thing the devs might want to look into.
  17. Agreed. I still either wipe lobbies clean or at times 1-2 escape because shit happens...But if the counselors played properly, the majority could get away pretty easily.
  18. Game sharing is just part of the deal. You share Xbox Live gold if you have an xbox set as your "Home Xbox" too. So in a way, you can assume that every piece of content sold can actually be in use by two different users...That's nothing that's gonna create an overwhelming amount. You also have to consider who is actually willing to share their account with random people.
  19. Yeah...probably people who are gaming sharing. I doubt Gun is paying attention to any of that enough to actually enforce whatever rule they have in place for that. I wonder if it's a piece of content, where once installed, you can keep it even after the "home xbox" has been changed. I know some small DLC like that for other games can continue to work.
  20. If he was the best Jason, you'd have a point. But since there are no less than 3 better Jason options (J2, J3 and J8, specifically), it's really not "pay to win". People just got the impression he's OP because most of the people who have him are actually good Jason players. But back before the gimped grabbed and terrible hit detection, I'd wreck house with J6 a lot faster than I would with Savini... With the current state of Jason, Savini is useless.
  21. Next Update?

    Question is, does it suck though?
  22. lol...can't believe you still can't do that on PSN.
  23. Basically what you said in your OP...People used to play high repair characters more. Now the meta has shifted to "battle" loadouts. It's a shame. Hoping the next couple of patches makes people shift back to an objective-minded loadout by giving Jason the necessary buffs.