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  1. This is true. Same on Xbox. Rain drops FPS all around.
  2. Note: Matches on dedicated servers still end when Jason quits, which has been happening a lot lately due to all the bugs effecting Jason. Matches ending on PC used to be a lot less common. But now, with the combination of bugs and terrible pings (regional search isn't working right, even though it was added to PC) you see a lot more Jason players rage quitting. Dedicated servers do nothing to help that. Doesn't matter if they're dedicated when you're getting 150+ ping.
  3. Meanwhile, at Illfonic...
  4. There's still a lot of divide on that subject...A lot of people wrongfully see this as a form of hand holding. They seem to ignore the fact that you still have to trek your ass all the way to the part, collect it, and then trek to the objective and complete the repair. Not to mention the fact that many players still ignore the parts, even when marked on the map. I agree that it should be optional in Private Matches, where teamwork and communication is a lot more common, and therefore this isn't exactly needed. But as far as Quickmatch is concerned, it's been a great addition. It's needed in order to compensate for the useless players. It's really annoying to have to re-check cabins that speed looters raid while leaving leaving valuable parts behind. There's still plenty of instances where that happens, too - where people don't even bother to pick up the objective, and drop it, in order to leave the part marked. It greatly reduced the no-nothing nature of Quickmatch. But I still see multiple instances daily where someone will drop off the fuse at the fuse box, thus marking it on the map, and NO ONE bothers to migrate to it and attempt a fix. Bugs effecting Jason have WAY more to do with the easier escaping than the parts being marked.
  5. Exactly. The solution isn't to remove something that works fine. The solution is the fix the issue with inaccessible rooms. (Not sure why this double posted. Admins, please delete)
  6. Exactly. The solution isn't to remove something that works fine. The solution is the fix the issue with inaccessible rooms.
  7. Hadn't thought of that. You're right.
  8. But have to almost admire the dedication to trolling. I judge the other players for not finding anything more than the trolls, honestly.
  9. I've actually used it since the beginning, when I didn't know the maps, and never bothered to change it. It helps when you need to know certain things too. I just learned to roll with two other perks, usually heavy hitter, sucker punch, the one that speeds up your melee. I don't use medic or thick skinned...The nature of how I play, I rarely have to use sprays for myself unless I'm tanking a trap. I rarely go into a limping state before I die. When I die, it's because I've ran out of offensive and defensive resources, and Jason grabs me. Those tools do nothing for my game.
  10. Meh...I'm everywhere, so I get the info within 15 minutes either way. I've always dismissed the importance of them posting here. The members here do a good enough job of getting the info out just as quick. What does bother me is the long periods where we don't have any info to report from anywhere.
  11. Can we see a picture of the PC case, by chance? Also...disc or code inside?
  12. I found his reply hilarious. Why wasn't it posted on twitter (it was) and this is the OFFICIAL forum. Some people, I tell ya...
  13. Thanks for the update. Nice to see the exclusive covers are there...I think (some) Backerkit backers were expecting an Exclusive cover though. Seems there was a lot of confusion there. As you can see from the massive thread on the subject, we tried to do our own research, which was difficult in itself. Either way, hopefully this situation is now rectified and the focus can turn to fixing the laundry list of issues with the game. Patches need to stop taking steps backwards, otherwise none of this even matters. (Will PC physical editions include a disc? Or just an empty case with a download code?)
  14. Yep, which is what I think makes it properly balanced as it is now...The bat is basically a guaranteed stun, but it only works once or twice, and has better range. The wrench, while having a smaller range, can stun Jason more times than the bat. They're balanced. It's up to the user to decide which is more efficient for them. I know I personally grab either. But I'll go with the bat if I have the chance. I typically only let Jason get close to me once or twice anyways.
  15. You know how I feel about Stalk...I think swapping it with Sense is the best route. You find counselors organically in the early game...You're supposed to be trapping/prepping at the objectives. You're gonna come across a counselor regardless of if you have Sense or not. Sense is more important later, once the herd has been thinned out. I fully agree with you there, although we differ on implementation (you think Jason should just have it from the start. I say give it 30 seconds or whatever it is, like Sense now). This at LEAST gives that poor sap who spawned at the Fuse Box cabin a chance to run away. The 1:30 thing makes no sense to me, frankly. I think you're asking for too much with that. It would be lame to put so much damn work into getting the cops called only for them to leave after a minute and a half. Decent already guards the shit out of it once they show up...That's enough. I'm not trying to be contentious with you, either. I just think the big picture needs to be considered. It's still a video game. There needs to be hope for the counselors, otherwise it's just boring. Nobody wants to play a game where they only succeed 1 in 10 tries. All of this "it's too easy to escape" stuff stems from bad Jasons compounded with bugs that make it harder to play as Jason. It only became painfully apparent when they nerfed his grab. I'll stream next time me and the club play...You'll see what I'm talking about. Playing with randoms is night and day.
  16. Agreed. It's night and day. Textures are way sharper, lighting is better, etc...Not a huge difference in the counselors themselves, though. That's true. But the sharper image combined with 60+fps makes a HUGE difference. FPS is my biggest thing when it comes to games. F13 doesn't even seem to maintain a solid 30 on consoles. It definitely dips.
  17. When the grab range wasn't nerfed, it was basically as hard as it needed to be. There's a bunch of us that would only let 1, maybe 2 escape on average. A lot of Jason players just don't know how to priorities the objectives. For example...if they're on the phone and a go for the car. Most of us do everything we can to avoid the 4-seater getting started, as that is usually the easier way to let 4 counselors slip away. The call to the cops being made isn't the end of the world. There's a countdown and then they still have to get there. I really don't think there's anything that needs changing other than the current broken grab / hit detection. If you stop the 4-seater and the counselors mob you, start swinging - don't grab. They'll all be limping to safety in no time...
  18. Shift grabbing is a necessary evil. You can't catch savvy Vanessa, Tiffany or even Chad players reliably without it. I can still pull it off now, but it definitely takes a few more tries to grab them successfully. If that happens at the wrong time (as they run to the cops) it can lead to an escape that you would have normally been able to stop. I agree with the hiding though. There needs to be more reliable ways to avoid Sense. I think hiding should be one of them. If you're actually IN a hiding spot, Sense shouldn't detect you, ever, unless all power is down and Jason has Rage. Jason's map cursor needs to appear a lot less too. He should really only show if a flare is close enough to him. Looping is made easy when you can see where Jason is and the direction he's facing. Still haven't even fully figured out what makes Jason show up on the map. There's a lot of different theories on it.
  19. Breaks too easy. Wrench is better overall. Pots are highly underrated too.
  20. Yep, and it's another bad match up for him. Another wrestler. I'm pretty sure he's gonna get choked out again.
  21. Absolutely...I'm glad he's back too. I used to be quite the critic of him. I found he lacked killer instinct...that ability to flip the switch and go for the finish, especially considering we could all see the skills were there. He really impressed me with the Bisping fight. He showed killer instinct and toughness in overcoming all the blood - something that would have usually broken him. I think they were intentionally subdued in the clips, media training sessions, etc. They wanted Bisping to think he was gonna be soft. And I HATE Bisping...He made me cringe in the entire lead up to that fight. Corny and pompous. Two of the loudest cheers I've ever let out watching MMA was when Henderson knocked him out and when GSP choked him unconscious. There's just something really satisfying about it. He acts like a (delusional) bully. Great to see him lose.