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  1. Most games include some form of early access for the public too. Whether it be from pre-ordering, buying a certain "edition" of the game, or by buying their Premium / Season Pass... Very few games give access to streamers who will be "in the wild" with us. Those aforementioned "press keys" are rarely used once the game actually launches. It's a weak excuse.
  2. It won't. I've been told by 2 of the devs now that there will be no stat wipe. They say they never wipe "press" accounts for any games in the industry...
  3. Ah dude! You're right! So there's an upside! Especially since I intend to play mostly on Xbox One (PC will have hackers in no time). Thanks for pointing that out!
  4. Because the business decision is giving them early access to get eyes on the game. I think anyone can get behind that. Letting them keep their progress in a game where perks and other unlocks count for a ton...not so much. (sorry for double post. I don't know how to merge / delete)
  5. Yeah, I can't watch any of these guys anymore except for @CharminEXSoft. wife can't stand Laphin's voice and she kinda shattered the glass for me on it too. His radio voice really is annoying. Won't be re-subbing to him lol.
  6. This is really the only thing that is bugging me. I tweeted Wes and Randy about it, and then Wes came onto the discord to clear up the matter...But it's still shitty that these guys have such a head start. It matters in a game like this, where perks and unlocks can count for a lot. is what it is I guess. But this is actually the only thing I'd say the devs dropped the ball on. Wes used the excuse that all games do this with Press...but I disagree. They usually have Press accounts they either don't continue to use at launch, OR early access is given to the public willing to pay for it (ala Battlefield - Early access for buying certain editions or for "Premium", etc) It's probably only bugging me this much because I'm a backer AND a streamer, yet don't have early access. Although I'd want me stats wiped for fairness at launch.
  7. Codes can't go out until the game is either on the marketplace, or at the very least - very close to being on the Marketplace. Codes aren't published until the game is too...
  8. I have the streams on in the living room so I can hear it..but I haven't watched much. This game isn't really about watching people anyways. It's about experiencing it and working with your fellow counselors.
  9. lol I hope so...If it gets figured out before launch, it's gonna be really lame. I hope it takes a long time for people to figure it out. But something tells me a half decent Jason will be able to avoid / stop it from happening pretty easily.
  10. Definitely too late. They either approached streamers themselves or were contacted through various social media channels. Viewers, followers don't seem to matter. I stream too. I've been hyping the game. I asked...didn't get a reply.
  11. Gun announced a Day 1 patch long ago...Plus, 9 out of 10 games have Day 1 patches now. It's pretty much standard. Games typically go "gold" a month out from release. Plenty for devs to patch in that time...
  12. Savini Jason won't be out until launch.
  13. That's the worst part of watching twitch right now...Awful streamers. Make sure to check out my channel guys! I'll be streaming this starting Friday, obviously. I'm laid back, like to discuss game mechanics, things that need patching, etc...No putting on an act for tween viewers. Just the same old critical me Doing a giveaway for platform of choice on Friday too!
  14. I'll ask... edit: Chad, Kenny, Jenny, Vanessa.
  15. Exactly...I normally wouldn't be one to complain about this. But having characters and perks unlocked way ahead of everyone else seems really unfair.