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  1. I'm over whatever these mean...I'm not even gonna entertain this anymore. Whatever it's getting at, it's taking too long to the point that it's just annoying now.
  2. Yep. But I can handle scrapping and starting over. All I'd have to do is work those up again, and I see a lot of fun with that. It's a lot better than rolling for perks at 500 CP a pop and getting a lesser valued perk that you already have over and over until you finally get something you want.
  3. So no backers have received physical copies yet? None?
  4. To counter the ceiling, they could easily implement a "Prestige" style system. Reset whenever you want and complete all Perk Challenges in order the level them up again. They could even use Friday the 13th style numerals to indicate which level of that a player is on. Also, with the system I'm suggesting, each character would have their own progression. So you could pick and choose which perks are worth leveling up for each character. Some characters would automatically be better suited to complete some challenges over others - For example, you'd be more likely to level up Stun Perks with a character like Buggzy since he's more capable of stunning Jason. Leveling up Stun Perks would be a lot more difficult with characters like AJ or Debra Kim. You could obviously still do it. But it would be more difficult to complete the challenges with some characters, obviously. It would add an extra challenge to unlock each perk's Special Ability with all characters.
  5. If people really wanted to keep what they have, I see no reason why they couldn't make it an optional reset for those who would like to earn/level up perks under the new progression system. The perks people already have could be grandfathered in to the new system - you could then attempt to max out your Epic ones and earn their Special Ability. They could either call it a "Season 2" or "Year 2" like many games do, while adding new content. Ideally they would call it "Part 2" for this franchise. But I digress...Point is, a revamp of core systems isn't unheard of in today's game. Rainbow Six Siege has undergone this several times. It's what they do instead of releasing a new game. Do I have my doubts that Gun could pull this off? Absolutely. That doesn't mean I and I'm sure many people wouldn't like to see them do it. I've gotten to the point that perks are basically inconsequential to me because they have no effect on the way I play. It would be nice to have things to complete in order to earn/level up perks instead of pissing away CP at random for things you'll sell 95% of the time.
  6. lol...No. Jason doesn't need any more help. The question is ridiculous, frankly.
  7. So we were having a discussion in the outer realm last night, and I brought up an idea that the other guys suggested I post here: A complete revamp of the progression system. So the idea starts with completely scrapping the current progression system and starting everyone from scratch. No need to reset Levels. But all perks would be removed, as would the useless perk rolling system. Instead, perks would be arranged in a progression tree. So you start by selecting a "base" perk, then you would upgrade said perks by completing assignments (which are currently tied to badges). For example: - Heavy Hitter would require "X" amount of Jason stuns in order to level up to uncommon, rare, epic, new max level - Grease Monkey would level up with "X" amount of repairs/car starts - Run "X" amount of miles to level up Marathon And so on...The requirements for leveling up a perk would be relative to said perk. This helps create more of a play style for players/counselors and add the replay value and some form of real progression people have been begging for. I also suggested adding new skills for counselors, which would be unlocked when you max out a certain perk's progress (i.e. A skill to disable traps with any weapon for maxed out Tinker, maxed out Grease Monkey could allow the counselor to hotwire the car - no keys needed but takes longer to start, etc) I also think some sort of stat screen would be nice at this point. I realize the game isn't competitive. But I just want to see things like Escape Ratios for each of my counselors, Jason Kill %, Number of Escapes with each method, etc...Just something that highlights all that sort of info. No need for leaderboards or whatever. Just a stat screen for personal reference. I think this is the key for longevity for the game. Maxing out new perks would also require players to go outside of their comfort zone and use different perks than usual, and the process of leveling up would require them to complete assignments they may not be used to doing...All good for replay value. I realize this is a tall order considering many of the perks don't even work correctly a lot of the time (still don't know the status of a few). But I think a system that requires the player to complete something in order to level up perks is a lot better than the random perk rolling system we have now. Hopefully Gun can put some consideration into this and even provide their thoughts on it. I think it's the next step for this game. If there was ever a sequel, they would have to do it this way.
  8. lol you sure? Because if you Morph to one of the objectives, they're usually around...You'll still see the pings they make without Sense too. I dunno...I guess people still need their training wheels to play as Jason.
  9. Spawn killing is indeed a myth. I've never seen it. I only see counselors who don't know how to run away. And I agree, first isn't ideal. I think swapping Sense and Stalk is the way to go. Morph will always have to be first.
  10. I just think Sense makes it really easy for advanced Jason players to narrow down a counselor's position. At least with Stalk and Sense swapped, Counselors have to be more careful and Jason has to legitimately find a counselor rather than get a glowing beacon. May seem "neutered" to you. But I think playing as Jason can use some neutering. It's way too easy right now.
  11. Exactly. I mentioned that in my post. Jason doesn't need that security. It's pretty simple...there's one of three objectives to defend as Jason. Once you've Morphed to each one and set traps, you'll likely already have some idea of where the Counselors are. You'll still see the pings of where they are. You just wouldn't be able to use Sense and make them glow red until later on. Seems completely fair. Especially since counselors lose sense of where Jason is since he has Stalk. Perfect trade off.
  12. I did stream. But my VOD is disabled since I sometimes play music on other streams and doing so disables the audio of the VOD clips.
  13. This is why the idea of swapping Stalk and Sense is a great idea. The early game would see Jason able to Stalk and add more importance to barricading doors and looting carefully, while Jason would have to find counselors without the Sense ability. I think that creates a fair balance. Jason would then have a little more guess work involved in his decision making as far as objectives, too. He wouldn't be able to snap Sense on for a second and see if the objectives are being messed with. He'd have to actually Morph there to check in, all creating more opportunities for the counselors. Which the game sorely needs right now with all the do-nothings playing lately.
  14. I agree. Stalk would be a great tool to add right from the start. Would take away a lot of that sense of safety counselors have until Jason gets Shift, and you'd really want to make sure you barricade doors. Without the Jason chase music you'd have no idea if he walked in an unlocked door.
  15. Devs are aware and investigating.