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  1. lol @Pappus is such a tearing bag of shit...
  2. Definitely must have increased the frequency or something. Resident4Rising just posted a video of herself finding one right off the start of a match. No special conditions could have been achieved at that point. Counselor Lineup was Bugzy, Adam, AJ, Jenny, Tiffany, AJ, Tiffany. This would have been a Private Match, too.
  3. Hmmm...I know I saw a few threads on this somewhere...
  4. Lobby is full (Internet Connection dropped and modem is boot cycling. I'll be back on asap)
  5. I'm jumping on now and slowly gathering up the troops. Let's do dis.
  6. I'm assuming an invite? I'm not too familiar with Steam groups or if you can search them. Give @Definitelynotjason your Steam ID and he'll get you sorted, I'm sure.
  7. @Definitelynotjason got the Steam Chapter up and running. Let's get all the PC players joined up and added to each other's Friends Lists.
  8. "There may be posts about this...But I'mma create a new thread anyways." Thanks for repeating what's been said a thousand times already. Find me a game with no glitches and no abuse of said glitches...
  9. I'll be on again around 8 or sooner tonight. Day off tomorrow too so I can play all night.
  10. Yeah, had a great time playing with everyone last night. Will definitely be fun if we can keep this up and continue to grow the community.
  11. The trap icon will be the outline of a diamond shape and empty when the trap hasn't been deployed. When it's gone off, the diamond shape icon will fill in red.
  12. Deployed traps have a filled diamond in the middle. Set traps are hollow.
  13. We're still going. Some have left to get food with the promise of returning. Still waiting on a certain "sleep" situation...But the stream will continue as long as people are playing.
  14. We've got a full lobby right now. Good matches going on.
  15. Friends of Crystal Lake is the best of both worlds