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  1. Sometime today. Likely sometime this afternoon, like they've done with most updates. Somewhere in the next 6-8 hours if I had to guess.
  2. Good question. I have the trophy/achievement unlocked on Steam. But I also have Savini Jason...
  3. My game has been crashing a lot since Patch 1.03 (June 16th). PC version. Usually happens on loading screen after lobby, sometimes during a match. Game freezes, makes PC completely unresponsive. Can't even control task manager to kill the game task. Only option is to completely reboot PC. Between this and the god awful "teamwork" from Counselors, it's been a pretty rough week for the game...
  4. lol...I saw the tweet about the guy saying he can still pick up maps when using the "spawn with map" perk. They claimed he could do this in order to troll other counselors...yet when you don't use this perk, you can only pick up one map. To me it reads a lot like they took the discord mods and put them in charge of a twitter account. Same kind of misinformation.
  5. lol I grew up watching this. Thanks for sharing. Tried looking up the episodes a few years ago and there wasn't much at all out there.
  6. Pretty much like the title says...Game is crashing, can't control task manager once brought up, therefore can't simply kill the game process and start again. Requires a full reboot of my PC. Goes without saying that this is really annoying to have happen while streaming the game...
  7. lol...again, no. I'll wreck face with J6 a lot quicker than I do with Savini. Keep reaching...
  8. lol I don't even care about the "pay to win" crying with Savini Jason anymore. I just laugh and tell them to ragequit like the bitches they are.
  9. People don't get suspended from Xbox Live for not playing how you'd like them too. They won't even be suspended for constant team killing. They'll only be suspended if there's some sort of offensive text / audio messages, and even then, they can usually still play. They just get cut off from using voice / text chat.
  10. lol shame to see a game die before the general population even learned how to play it... Counselors have been insanely bad over the last couple of nights. It's like playing with complete noobs again. Working together and completing objectives is at an all time low. Even Day 1, you had a ton of hyped up players who had watched a ton of beta or early access footage, so they knew how to play the game to a degree. But the last couple of days have been pathetic in terms of mic use, teamwork, etc. Definitely reaching that point where it's only worth playing with a group of people you "know". Public matches are terrible.
  11. That stuff is coming. They're working on more clothing (and likely a new Jason/map) now.
  12. What does talking about it again bring to the table? If people were paying attention, they know why the skins turned out the way they did. The devs explained the technical issues that come with completely new outfits and clothing. The only "wtf" about it is how this was $9 and Savini Jason was only $6. To be fair, I've never cared for cosmetic changes in games though. I've barely looked at the Counselor clothing. I just play.
  13. I realize you just got to download it now...But holy shit you're late to the party... This was bitched about and beaten to death by day 2. No need for another cry thread.
  14. I've been using QM since the patch yesterday with some mixed success. I get put into empty lobbies where I'm the "host" at times, but it fills up pretty quick, or I get put into lobbies that fill up pretty quick. Seems a lot better than before.