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  1. I play with a controller on pc and the use sweater button is the same as my emote screen. So I think that’s what’s messing things up.
  2. That’s what I always thought. Thank god they patched it so people can’t do that anymore.
  3. Been playing since launch. Last night I repaired the phone after stepping on a trap and someone was inside going to make the call. I opted to stay outside to try and keep Jason from breaking it since I knew it was only a matter of time before he morphed over. He shows up and grabs me in front of the box. I figured I was dead and hopefully they can get the call off in time. Well, something happens and we both seem to glitch out for a second and I somehow break free instantly(maybe has something to do with breaking the fuse box and performing an execution in the same vicinity). We were both surprised. The call gets made and his tone changes. He starts yelling accusing me of “body blocking” the phone and that I was a real piece of shit. He did apologize for losing his cool at the end but said he hated people that did that. Now was I in the wrong for doing this? I don’t really see how, but it got me thinking. What do you guys say?
  4. That would be an awesome kill. No idea why that hasn’t been done. I take that back, I’m not surprised.
  5. Yeah out of all the games I’ve played I’ve never seen this happen. What always happens is that they get grabbed or hacked. This has to be a new thing.
  6. I’ve done the same. I though it was just his stats. Grabbed plenty of Mitch players to have them seem to instantly escape.
  7. Gotcha. Wow that something they really need to fix. Kinda a big part of escaping lol. Is this a recent bug? I can’t remember this being a thing before.
  8. That’s pretty much what happened. I was already out of his trap though. He did mention what you said about killing the counselor against the box.
  9. I honestly had no idea that was possible. Now I kinda feel bad. Maybe that’s what he meant. But he did grab me and we both seemed to glitch...
  10. That’s what I was kinda going for. Have him hurt me instead of the phone.
  11. I was very confused and it made me second guess what I was doing was frowned upon. Never had anyone go off on me about that before.
  12. That’s all I did. I was confused as to what I was doing “wrong”.
  13. On PC. Last night I was playing as Deborah with a group of friends on the Jarvis map. I was putting the fuse in when Jason morphed right in back of me as I finished fixing the box. I tried to juke him but he had me kind of pinned up against the outside cabin wall. The camera angle went all glitchy and I could hear him trying to grab me. After I got free from being between him and the wall I noticed I somehow had unlimited stamina. It lasted the remainder of the game and nothing seemed to bring me back to normal. We all had a laugh at it but it’s something to look into. It’s just I have no idea how I did it. Also last night we had a random join us playing as Chad that seemed to “teleport” away from Jason. He was the last one left and we all saw him “blink” away when Jason would try and grab him. ?‍♂️
  14. I completely agree. The button prompt also messes up Jason from time to time. I’ve been unable to swing my weapon after trying to break a window and only being hit or grabbing a counselor can free me.
  15. His kill are my favorite and I like the destruction. I found myself going back to part 2 though for bigger areas. I like the short morph cool down. Easier to try and control the map.
  16. How did his friend manage to block you? They patched that.
  17. I bet a random counselor is picked as the killer, when they are found out they become Roy? of course being found out as the killer wouldn’t be very difficult...
  18. I was playing as Fox. Maybe since she’s so new, she may be a little glitchy?
  19. Yeah happened with our group a few nights ago. Mask was off and everything was set to go. I ran around like an ass holding, tapping and mashing Y lol.
  20. Same here with the sweater. Y button brings up the emotes and it shows hit Y to use the sweater. Tried mashing all the buttons to see if it got switched but no use.
  21. Both sides have good arguments. It’s nice to see an objective item on the map after Jason killls someone who was running in the middle of the woods. There have been times where I don’t find a radio and I’m far away from anyone and I find a part and get killed. But I figure eventually someone’s going to come across my mangled body and grab what I found. Dropping the fuse by the box is like a becon now for counselors which seems a bit lazy. Before communication was key, now it’s starting to feel like they are catering to the non mic players. This makes no sense to me since this is a team game where you need to communicate verbally with others. If I jump into a lobby of randoms I’ll pretty much know if we will even have a chance at escaping by if people have mics or not. If no one is saying anything I leave because it’s going to be a slaughterhouse. I guess if people just used their mics and didn’t troll none of this would be an issue. But we can’t live in a perfect gaming world so maybe it’s for the best. Idk.
  22. On Steam. I noticed that I can’t change Fox’s outfit. I go to highlight what I want and it won’t change. I though maybe it will change once in match, nope. I use an Xbox controller when I play. Last night I got the sweater and when I went to use it on Jason the emote screen popped up when I hit the Y button. I ran back and tried tapping and holding the Y button but just got emotes. Even tried mashing the Y key on the keyboard. The Y button has always been the sweater use button and it still says to hit Y, I’m very confused.
  23. Never thought of that before. A counselor that can get the mask off and wear the sweater. I think we may see a spike in Jason being killed.
  24. Melissa is exactly what I’m hoping for. ?
  25. Not really sure what I think about these costumes. I guess at least I would laugh at seeing Deborah get hit by a car in a bunny suit.