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  1. Maybe it could be used like a random aoe. Like say if counselors decide to circle Jason and chain stun/damage him it could set it off in a splatter of his blood splattering everyone and randomly marking one counselor? You wouldn't know who got marked. It's a bit out there I know but maybe something along those lines? might be a bit op though. Idk just throwing out ideas.
  2. That was the main thing that prevented me from getting it when it came out. I was excited when I first heard of it, but that turned me right off.
  3. Sounds interesting. If I was "infected" I would probably just get as far away from the other counselors as I could. Let them know that I was marked and to stay away. That's just me though. In a random lobby with strangers all bets would be off. I would probably just pick up a weapon and go at Jason since he wouldn't really want to kill me. I kinda like it, it's not op since you would have been dead in the first place. I wonder if they could do it in a way that the counselor player wouldn't know that they were marked. That would be cool but I'm sure the player base would be upset lol.
  4. It is too early to judge anything. I jumped the gun on that. I saw the weapon choice and went right to part 3s two handed ax. That pig splitters handle looks huge so I figured two handed, but I'm not up to date on slaughter tools. Hopefully he won't be as bulky as part 3.
  5. So in essence it sounds like it's part 3 re skinned. Was hoping for a one handed. Something different for the "live" Jasons. Still cool though.
  6. Once as Tommy and assisted with the sweater a few times.
  7. Raccoons knocking over trash cans for a jump scare, maybe alerting Jason in the process with a high circle ping in his view? Just an idea.
  8. Been busy and haven't been able to play for a bit but I swear that there are ambient sounds, at least on PC. Birds, crickets, branches cracking...maybe these are false memories lol. Gotta play again soon.
  9. Yeah I agree. If they were going off the movie they got it down pretty good. He should have a long lasting stalk and short cooldown. He was always popping up. It just didn't really transfer very well over to multiplayer I think.
  10. Hard to say. I've been mainly playing as a counselor. I've seen people suck and dominate with each Jason. For me though I guess it's 7,3,8,9,6,2 and Savini. Been using him as my undead and Part 2 as my live. 7 is my absolute favorite from the movies so was a little disappointed playing with him. But like with anything I guess practice makes perfect. I'm not that great with shift grabs yet and that seems to be a must for undead Jasons. I chose part 2 over three because I felt that with 3 the stuns were taking way too long to recover from and part 2 can morph like no other. I picked Savini because I like his destruction. His morph cool down is also shorter than part 8.
  11. Yeah I rarely ran into someone on Steam shooting someone out of the blue. Team killers as well. Maybe one in every ten or so games someone would take a swing at someone. If someone got shot, from my experiences, it was usually because they were harassing, exploiting or running their mouth. Ah well doesn't matter anymore anyway.
  12. I understand that aspect. It is unfortunate. It was always tense when you had the gun and were trying to target Jason with other counselors running around him. You didn't want to shoot them by mistake. Idk feels like that tension will be gone. Don't get me wrong though, I think this was a nesessery step in order to stop people from ruining public matches.
  13. Glad they did away with the melee team killing. Kinda wish they kept the gun able to kill people though.
  14. I would like to see just some Halloween decorations up. Maybe a jack o lantern environment kill.
  15. This may sound like a dumb question but, if there is no host, who chooses the map in a public match?
  16. The dots are going to make a picture of Roy's hockey mask when you put them all together. Never mind. That's not going to work lol.
  17. My guess is that the circles represent the 6 holes by the mouth area of Roys hockey mask. The blue is part 5 since that's the only number in the franchise to use that color on the mask. Just my guess.
  18. I agree and could see this as a way to bring fear down. The makeout feature just seems out of place since Jason is already killing everyone. I also would find it creepy and uncomfortable.
  19. Composure: 5 Luck: 4 Repair: 5 Speed: 4 Stamina: 4 Strength: 4 Stealth: 9 i guess I would be best at trying not to be noticed and get help.
  20. There has been some Jason quitting at the start because they don't want to play as Jason but not a lot. I seem to be encountering more Jasons "glitching" after people escape in a full four seater. 🤷‍♂️
  21. I'm omw to SanDiego for Comic-Con. I'll keep my eyes open!!!
  22. Yes, yes you can...
  23. Not sure if this is the case for everyone but after the nerf I've been seeing a lot more "slashers". Seems like since counselors are not as strong anymore it's easier for Jason to just hack away.
  24. Whatever is going on it should be fixed. This happened on Steam btw. I was playing a public match and I found the fuse. I went over to the box and I kid you not part 2 Jason put all his traps down there. I told players over the walkie that calling the cops is gonna be rough. Someone came on and said leave it there we will do it. Jason appeared and started to chase me so I dropped it and said good luck. A few minutes later the cops were called. I was shocked and apparently so was Jason because he warped over. Making my way to the road I noticed the house with the fuse box still had all his traps intact. Two counselors were laughing as Jason was chasing them. No idea how they did it but it was obviously an exploit.
  25. Ah ok. Hopefully it is only for thick skinned. It does make me question some of my epics I have equipped not really being epic.