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  1. I did a search and couldn't find this topic. So Jason apparently now has a HP meter? The only way I could see this working is that it has to do with the ability to stun him. Knock down his HP to zero and he goes down. Each Jason has a faster recovery time and each one can take different amounts of punishment before they are knocked out. I really don't see any other option. It CAN'T be like a generic hit point meter where once he reaches zero he's "defeated". Any thoughts?
  2. I bet they have a new Jason in the works that will be available a bit after the launch. It would be interesting to see how people would react considering everyone was losing their minds on not being able to get the Savini skin that was available for over a year. I'm sure it would turn into another bitch fest. Damned if you do damned if you don't. You offer something and people hmm and haw over it, take it away after a period and they loose their shit.
  3. I completely agree. This has to probably be my #1 question and current obsession lol. Giving Jason an actual HP meter would take away so much of what Jason is. He's supposed to be an unstoppable (not completely though since there is a way apparently) killing machine. I loved in the beta how you just didn't mess with him. If you saw him you ran. It's Jason For gods sake! Sure you had traps and weapons which did help you out. It was satisfying to actually land a hit to stun him or get him with a knife or trap. But if you got away your main purpose was to get out alive. You're right that the combat was for the most part pretty useless in the beta, but I kinda liked that. Gave you a false sense of security. Final thought for now is that the HP meter is for something else other than the actual health of Jason. It just has to be.
  4. I just feel that if Jason gets a HP meter that is an actual countdown to his demise, it's going to take a lot of terror out of the game. People will just go on Jason hunts and there goes the survival aspect of the game. Hopefully we get answers soon.
  5. Probably should have high luck since she's not running around eight months pregnant.
  6. That's my biggest concern. It just can't be the case. If that's true then it's going to be a huge disappointment. Not gonna jump the gun in it though. Has to be a logical explanation.
  7. I did manage to grab it before they pulled it. It's just like the start screen from the beta.
  8. Are they going to have a TV spot now that there is a release date?
  9. What was this about Jason having HP? This makes me very concerned. Maybe that's kinda like his stun bar? Each Jason can take so many hits before he's knocked out for a few seconds?
  10. Thank you! I wasn't kidding when I said I'm not tech savvy lol.
  11. Heh need some help. So I just purchased it for $0...where is it now? Can't seem to find it 😳
  12. I remember them saying that. Just not sure if Jason still drops after being hit with the flare. Maybe the undead Jasons react differently. Ah well who knows.
  13. Did they change how the flare stuns Jason? I remember seeing him fall I think after he gets shot in the face from a previous video. Maybe it's a false memory. The new video with the Savini Jason doesn't show him drop, looks like he's just standing there stunned. Not a big deal just curious. Of course Tiffany didn't stick around long after shooting him. I think they also said they increased stun times for the showing of the new stun abilities of the flare and fireworks in the old video.
  14. Maybe a notice about release on Friday and have the game out on Tuesday! That's my hope 🤞Wishful thinking.
  15. People only complain and say stupid shit on Twitter because they have no real voice of their own. It's all me me me bitch and moan. I tried Twitter, don't understand it lol. Tweets and followers hashtags and likes. Uhg get off my lawn, rant over lol.
  16. Yeah I'm not understanding why people are throwing a fit that they can't get the skin now. They had the chance for over a year! The best is people saying they didn't know about, how could you not?!??
  17. Yeah I really doubt they willl. I do see them creating another Jason down the road once the game is out.
  18. Got a dumb question. I'm kinda figuring it out but for new content in I have to use the >> to get to the end of a long thread and then have to backtrack? Has to be an easier way I'm not seeing.
  19. Awww what did the other one get locked?
  20. Am I really that stupid that I can't even figure out how to put up a profile pic from my phone lol. Or do I need to be on a computer. By this point I should have at least figured this out.
  21. It looks nice. I have no idea how to navigate through all of this yet though lol.
  22. The devs said that they wanted to stay as true to the movies as they could for a game. Tommy did technically kill him in 4, but didn't the devs say "defeat him" not kill? If that's the case then a regular counselor could do it as in parts 2,3,7,8. It's all speculation at this point and we won't have any idea until it launches and we all play.
  23. You're right. At this point with everything we won't know until we play.
  24. I've watched the video a few times now and when you first see him pass outside through the window he seems to be walking pretty fast. It didn't look like running at all but maybe his walk is sped up, which would be awesome. It's been a while since the beta and I can't recal the undead Jasons moving that fast.
  25. Maybe somehow that's the key in stopping Jason? Another player has to somehow distract him/give up their life while the other goes in for the kill? Long shot I know but could be a part of it?Seems to always be the case in the movies. Ali saved Chris. Paul saved Ginny. Tommy and Trish tag teamed him.