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  1. A friend of mine is having the same issue. I don't know what to tell him. Did you figure it out?
  2. Ive been having a problem with "combat mode" I can't seem to "lock" on Jason. Still just swinging wildly.
  3. I saw $ God.... and it doesn't even work lmao!
  4. I'll hold off on PS4 and probably jump over on Steam soon then until things have been fixed.
  5. I got to play him once so far, I was terrible but had a blast.
  6. Ah ok cool. Was just curious. Lot of stuff going on it seems.
  7. Ok I found my PS4 codes but does anyone's Savini and clothing pack not work? The game is downloading now for me but my other packs keep telling me error. Is this something being fixed?
  8. Lumi was hilarious. When we all got into the car and took off and kept trying to pick her up and she kept trying to get in yelling, don't leave me! Then someone else jumped in and we had to leave. 😂
  9. I haven't laughed that hard in forever. So much fun!!! Was a blast to play with you guys
  10. You guys are lucky. I still haven't gotten my PS4 codes. Only Steam. They keep on sending me the same damn code for Steam labeled as PS4.
  11. Ps4

    I got an email saying redeem your PS4 code. But when I opened it's just my steam codes. Trying to get answers on what's going on. i purchased everything for Steam and PS4. Steam loaded fine, PS4 I'm very confused.
  12. Ps4

    I'm having a problem getting my PS4 codes. Been emailing support but the emails I keep getting keep saying redeem PS4 but when I open it I get the codes for My Steam purchase.
  13. Is there a link about the patch? I can't seem to find anything about it.
  14. Quick question. So did they kill only a certain Jason with whatever method they used with the sweater (trying to avoid spoilers) Did the same approach work with say Jason 3 or 6?
  15. This is going to be interesting to see how far it actually goes.
  16. well good to know codes are being sent out today. Waiting on mine. I wouldn't be surprised if it hit at least $50
  17. Well I'm glad that I bought a controller for the pc version then. Did it just to be on the safe side since I can't use the WSAD keys to save my life.
  18. See that sucks. Very disappointing but at least it sounds like it's hard to do in an actual game.
  19. If these are actually the case then all you would need are a mix of Bugsys and Jennys. All the other counselors would be unnecessary. Bugsy to wear him down and Jenny to finish him off. Im trying to look on the positive side of maybe the sweater won't spawn all the time. I feel like if that's the case more people will play the game how it was intended, survival horror. Actually that would work out great I think. have it be a rare spawn or something so it's not in every single match. Ive been avoiding the videos and details on how to do it so sorry if this sounds dumb.
  20. I feared this as well as I'm sure everyone else has. I popped over on FB this morning and there was a video up on how to kill him. I didn't watch it but now I feel like I have to just because everyone else will know and have a leg up on me if I'm Jason. Killing him was something that we were told was very hard to do and now it sounds like it going to be happening quite a lot. So now instead of survival horror like it's supposed to be, it's going to turn into a Jason hunt, something that I've dreaded and spoke about since I joined here. Maybe I'm jumping the gun on this but from the bits I've been hearing from you guys it really doesn't sound dry good for Jason and quite honestly irritates me a bit. Is Jason no longer the killing machine we all wanted him to be? How many of you watched the videos or read how to do it?
  21. Welcome!!!