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  1. I'm omw to SanDiego for Comic-Con. I'll keep my eyes open!!!
  2. Yes, yes you can...
  3. Not sure if this is the case for everyone but after the nerf I've been seeing a lot more "slashers". Seems like since counselors are not as strong anymore it's easier for Jason to just hack away.
  4. Whatever is going on it should be fixed. This happened on Steam btw. I was playing a public match and I found the fuse. I went over to the box and I kid you not part 2 Jason put all his traps down there. I told players over the walkie that calling the cops is gonna be rough. Someone came on and said leave it there we will do it. Jason appeared and started to chase me so I dropped it and said good luck. A few minutes later the cops were called. I was shocked and apparently so was Jason because he warped over. Making my way to the road I noticed the house with the fuse box still had all his traps intact. Two counselors were laughing as Jason was chasing them. No idea how they did it but it was obviously an exploit.
  5. Ah ok. Hopefully it is only for thick skinned. It does make me question some of my epics I have equipped not really being epic.
  6. I rolled for some perks while waiting for a match and finally got an epic thick skinned! Well turns out this "epic" is only 18% damage in the heck is that epic lol. My group at least got a good laugh out of it. Anyone else have bad luck like this with rolling perks?
  7. This is the thing. It's -1000 xp per betrayal. At the end of the match the person doing the killing will still get 1 xp, it won't drop into the negatives. So if he kills one there really isn't anything to stop them from killing more. You still get that 1 xp if you kill one or 6.
  8. Hmmmm, could this be a new game mechanic?! 😂 Using teammates as shields? I could see this causing lots of issues though lol.
  9. Accidental car TKs are my favorite. Can't stop laughing.
  10. Had that happen before. Was about to kill someone when they blurted out, "They're hiding in the big house!" Shameful. KIlled them without hesitation.
  11. I feel like they should keep the ability to block the flare gun in combat stance. Just fix the trap and firecracker blocking.
  12. I haven't been able to play yet since these rules came about. Was wondering if anyone has noticed a change in players behavior. Is the threat actually working or are people still being jerks? I've been pretty lucky so far before with only encountering a few trolls but I know some of you have been plagued by them.
  13. Ran into a similar situation yesterday. I was in quick play and everyone for some reason was focused on fixing the boat. I noticed the car in Blairs cove going untouched so I said I was going down to try and fix it. I managed to find all the parts and said I was leaving. All I hear are people yelling about the dumb boat so I just take off. Jason starts to chase me and I hear people yelling telling him to stop me because I'm taking the car alone...😐🙄.
  14. Long story short I was playing as Jason and this random guy started killing people saying, "Jason don't kill me I'm helping you! Let me live!" He walked right up to me and said,"I did good right?! You will let me go!?" I killed him right away of course but felt bad for the other players. Public matches will always be full of crazies.
  15. I'm surprised they just haven't made it so that if the host leaves in a public match the person with the lowest ping just becomes the new host.
  16. So I've made an observation. I always play at night on Steam and the only real issues I seem to have is crashing. I had some time today to kill and jumped on the game. Jesus it's a damn war zone. Everyone being aggressive and team killing. Had some guy go after a player and just tormented her. Of course they both seemed agitated once the game started and came in contact with one another. I heard all this play out over the radio. After they both died(and me as well by Jason) he told me it was fun for him. He was so calm it sounded like I was talking to a sociopath. Really creepy. He proceeded to tell me he normally quits when jason starts his kill animation so he won't get the points and loves to harass people. Lots of rage quitting and host leaving also. I disconnected from the host so many times I was shocked. I could only play a few games because I had stuff to do but wow. Just wow. I'm on Central time and normally play around 9pm. After witnessing the daytime mess I'm sticking with nights.
  17. Last night our group had to go public because no one from our friends lists were on. We play on Steam btw. Think maybe around five or six of us were playing so we had maybe 2 randoms playing with us per match. We knew there was going to be a problem with one guy when as soon as he joined started yelling and making all these noises over his mic. Easy fix since we all muted him, but figured this guy could be trouble. Sure enough as soon as a few of us got our radios we found out he was "trying" to team kill. I say try because he was so terrible that he didn't manage to kill anyone. I think after beating on him he rage quit as our Jason was killing him. Now we were lucky that we had a group in public, if we ran across some idiots we could take care of it. At the start we knew there was probably going to be an issue, if I was alone and I came across this I would simply leave and join another lobby. Best way to avoid jerks. Reporting I feel just won't do anything. Has anyone even been banned for acting like an idiot? I guess by this point I feel that people should have some friends they've met to play with to counteract all the crazy ones in public. In my experience 9 times out of 10 everyone gets along and just plays.
  18. If I enter a lobby and everyone is screaming or acting like total idiots I just leave. I've also been noticing that the "adults" act more like fools then the kids.
  19. It almost always starts out that way in the beginning of the game. People come at you with bats and have their knives and laugh at how terrible a Jason you are...eventually their knives and sprays run out and you can pick them off one by one lol. I've said it before but there is something so satisfying about grabbing an obnoxious counselor and with a snap or slice, have them go silent.
  20. I completely agree. My heart pounds more playing as Jason. If you have a good group you're up against it makes things so much harder.
  21. I was having trouble with the perks psychic and preparedness(map one?). Someone mentioned that if you removed all your perks, save it with none and then go back and re equip it may work. I have to try it.
  22. Same thing happened to a friend playing as Jason. He glitched and couldn't swing or use abilities, he could only grab. He just told us to call the cops to end the match fast.
  23. from what I've experienced, AJ is pretty damn good at avoiding Jason's sense. I had sense activated and was chasing a highlighted counselor when I saw AJ a few feet away not lit up at all running with a battery. Happened a few more times only with AJ. Maybe they had some really good perks equipped? Normally if I'm around as Jason everyone will light up, I was just surprised she didn't. I know she's high stealth, but could she of had a crazy composure perk as well?
  24. And the backlash from these people is insane or they will just rage quit so you don't even get the kill. I've chased people around for forever just to have them suddenly collapse. I just pretend that they had a heart attack lol.
  25. I've noticed that if a counselor stops running from me, they probably have a knife. So I'll hack them down and 9 times out of 10 a knife or two will fall out of them. The best part is that the person says, "Oh we have a swinger everyone." as all their knives drop to the floor. 🙄